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SSBB Character Guide - Jigglypuff


First appeared in: Pokemon Red/Blue/Green
Veteran fighter: Yes. SSB & SSBM
Class type: Light
Fighting type: Close Combat
Clone: No

How to unlock:
    1) After clearing SSE, clear Event Matches 1-20
    2) Play 350 Versus Mode matches
    3) Clear SSE, then play The Swamp to find a hidden door

A set:
    Damage: 3-12
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 9
    Damage: 10

A charged set:
    Damage: 16-22
    Damage: 13-18
    Damage: 12-16

B set:
  B: Rollout. Rolls across the stage doing impact damage. Can be charged. Can be controlled with the control stick.
    Damage: 0-18
  Side-B: Pound. Punches forward.
    Damage: 11
  Up-B: Sing. Puts enemies in the surrounding area to sleep.
    Damage: None. Puts enemies to sleep.
  Down-B: Rest. If close to an enemy, launches them up and puts a flower on their head.
    Damage: 12-43

Grab set:
    Damage: 3
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 10

Aerial set:
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 12
    Damage: 9
    Damage: 4-12

Final Smash - Puff Up:
Expands to a huge size, taking up most of the stage on small stages. This can push people off the edge, but more importantly if someone is to touch Jiggly just as it gets to full size, they take massive damage and are sent flying. Not all that great on large stages.

Jigglypuff has been severely toned down since last time around. Her rest attack is fairly weak, thought still the strongest of her attacks. Using a Sing Rest combo is about your only chance, so make the most of it. Her Rollout is also severely weaker, being able to be knocked out of it with a weak attack from another enemy.

Defense Strategy:
Just rush in and attack. Now, even if she does manage to hit you with Rest, it wont do that much. Being a lightweight, it doesn't take much to send her flying, so a couple dash attacks ending in an aerial smash should do it.


Comments for Jigglypuff

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if you be jigglypuff on the brige on eldon, when the brige is just about to form (with all the sparkling stuff) use her smash ball power and she will stay that huge size until you die. its pretty easy to go off stage, though.

Added 4th Aug 2014, ID #430650

You can also KO people with her WOP (wall of pain) tech.

Added 10th Jul 2013, ID #296323

The worst character in Brawl. Your only chance with Jigglypuff is to take advantage of it's flight and dodges and wait for your opponent's damage to rack up. Then you jump and KO with the rolling attack or the side smash.

Added 17th Jan 2013, ID #243668

I Hate how they nefed jigglypuff

Added 5th Sep 2012, ID #183572

When me and my friend were playing against jigglypuff she did a dance in midair next to my friend, playing as Wario, then a heart hit him and somehow they switched and my friend turned into jigglypuff. Is this a glitch or a secret move?

Added 31st Jul 2012, ID #170742

you should add those secret move things like where if you hold block on jigglypuff until it runs out she launches off the screen, or how snake can lay people down on the ground after grabbing them.

Added 11th Jan 2012, ID #105022

I'm really disappointed in the amount that they nurfed Jigglypuff in this game. Playing with her is a great way to give yourself a handicap, if turning up your damage percentage isnt enough.

Added 5th Dec 2011, ID #92888

Like playing as her alot. she is my pichu in brawl. =)

Added 5th Aug 2011, ID #64149

eu zsgvd

Added 29th Aug 2010, ID #10737