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by SPV999  

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SSBB Character Guide - Peach


First appeared in: Super Mario Bros.
Veteran fighter: Yes. SSBM.
Class type: Light
Fighting type: Close Combat
Clone: No.

How to unlock:
Starting Character

A set:
    Damage: 3-6
    Damage: 13
    Damage: 13
    Damage: 10

A charged set:
  Side-A: Frying pan is the strongest but the shortest range, Golf Club as the longest range, Tennis Racket is the weakest.
    Damage: 12-25
    Damage: 8-21
    Damage: 5-15

B set:
  B: Toad. Uses Toad as a counter.
    Damage: Double the damage of the attack.
  Side-B: Peach Bomber. Dives to the side and hits people with her hip
    Damage: 15
  Up-B: Peach Parasol. Jumps up with her parasol and opens it at the apex to slowly float down. Control her decent with the control stick.
    Damage: 2-15
  Down-B: Vegetable. Pulls a turnip out of the ground. Press A to throw. The meaner the turnip looks, the more damage it does. The girl turnip is the weakest at 6, and the zombie is the strongest at 34.
    Damage: 6-34

Grab set:
    Damage: 2
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 8
    Damage: 7

Aerial set:
    Damage: 13
    Damage: 15
    Damage: 12
    Damage: 4-14

Final Smash - Peach Blossom:
Puts all players to sleep. The closer they are, the longer they sleep. Further, a plethora of peaches fall to the ground. So you must choose: a relatively easy KO, or to heal yourself. Bear in mind that anyone can eat the peaches, and that they heal around 30 damage per peach.

Her Bomber attack is her most fierce, so use it as much as you can. Vegetable works well as a projectile, though it's rather slow. Don't forget to use Toad if you get in a bind. Her side smash is random, but can easily KO. She works best at a moderate distance, and is slow up close.

Defense Strategy:
Theres not much she can do to you up close, so rush in. you could also hail her from a distance, but given her light weight it's not necessary. When she uses Toad, dodge behind her and attack.

From Forum:

Here are some extra comments from the members of our forums for Peach...

The Royal Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's biggest target, Mario's often Damsel-in-distress is back for a second round of Smash. Although lighter and weaker than some characters, Peach's biggest strength is in her ability to recover from huge distances with her parosol. She can also use Toad as a counter technique and pluck and throw vegetables.

Special Attacks
Standard: Toad. Peach pulls out Toad, one of her loyal servents, in front of her. If Toad is hit by an attack, he releases spores that injure the attacker

Side: Peach Bomber. Peach lunges forward, rear first, causing a heart-shaped explosion if she hits someone or something. The move also causes Peach to go up slightly, meaning repeated use against a wall can eventually allow her to recover.

Up: Peach Parasol. Peach jumps up with her parosol, then using it to float slowly downwards. The direction of descent can be altered with the control stick, while pressing down will cancel it. Touching the parosol will injure opponents. If Peach is holding the Parasol item, she will use it instead of her normal parasol.

Down: Vegetable. Peach plucks a turnip out of the ground. The turnip acts like an item, so can't be plucked is she is already holding an item. The face shown on the turnips show how much damage and knockback it does. Peach will occasionally pluck a beam sword, bob-omb or Mr.Saturn instead of a turnip.

Final Smash: Peach Blossom. Peach starts to dance while two cut-outs of her appear on either side of the screen, blowing hearts. All characters on screen are put to sleep by this, the closer they are to Peach, the longer they are asleep for. A shower of peaches comes down with it, each one restoring health.


Comments for Peach

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Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #242025

[u][i][b][strike]Peach is best in the air[color=red][/color] [/strike] [/b] [/i] [/u]

Added 4th Jul 2012, ID #160484

If you squat and then jump you can float close to the ground and easily attack players with what would normally be air based attacks.

Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156860

funny my ID number changed and i would LOVE to have a light stamina match

Added 6th May 2012, ID #140001

Lol i am a VETERAN at Brawl and i actually recommend Peach for mid-skill players (my favorite character Lucario is a NIGHTMARE in my hands) And i am good with ice climbers BUT U NEED 2 BE AN EXPERT BEFORE TRYING ICE CLIMBERS CUZ THERE HARD 2 GET USED 2

Added 6th May 2012, ID #140000

Lol i am a VETERAN at Brawl and i actually recommend Peach for mid-skill players (my favorite character Lucario is a NIGHTMARE in my hands)

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139998

Fun part is Peach puts Solid Snake to sleep during Peach Blossom.

Added 24th Mar 2012, ID #125908

Before I read this, when I saw the toad attack in the game, I thought that toad was puking all over the opponent. XD

Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #112041

Be careful when recovering. She doesnt have much for virtical lift in her jumps, so it's often better to use her jumps earlier and float back.

Added 5th Dec 2011, ID #92899

best charactee in da game

Added 29th Oct 2011, ID #83782

I would like to get Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Christmas so I can play as Peach.

Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #66489

you can also pick up a beam sword and a mr. saturn

Added 6th Dec 2010, ID #20370

Lol I have allready pick up a Bob-Omb with peach and i have the picture!!!

Added 8th Sep 2010, ID #11943