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Follow the dark path or use the light
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Pack Shot

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Meta Knight

Super Smash Bros Brawl Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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SSBB Character Guide - Meta Knight

Meta Knight

First appeared in: Kirby's Dream Land
Veteran fighter: No.
Class type: Light
Fighting type: Mid-range
Clone: No.

How to unlock:
Starting Character

A set:
    Damage: 2-20
    Damage: 4-12
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 4

A charged set:
    Damage: 14-19
    Damage: 9-12
    Damage: 11-15

B set:
  B: Mach Tornado. Creates a literal tornado. Rapidly pressing the B button will extend the duration. Can mildly control direction with the control stick.
    Damage: 2-15
  Side-B: Drill Rush. Lunges forward, head and sword first, while spinning. Can mildly control by tilting the control stick.
    Damage: 1-7
  Up-B: Shuttle Loop. Lunges up, then pulls a loop, and glides back down. Can effect glide by tilting the control stick.
    Damage: 9
  Down-B: Dimensional Cape. Disappears, then reappears and slashes his sword. You can control where he reappears by tilting the control stick. To perform the slash at the end, you must hold down the B button until he reappears.
    Damage: 14

Grab set:
    Damage: 3
    Damage: 10
    Damage: 12
    Damage: 11

Aerial set:
    Damage: 12
    Damage: 3-10
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 9

Final Smash - Galaxia Darkness:
Swings his cape out. If the cape hits an opponent, the screen will turn back for a second, then everything will reappear and giant slash will be drawn diagonally from where you opponent was. 40 set damage and a high probability of a KO. Can hit multiple opponents if they are in the same area.

Meta Knight has to rely on shear damage to get by, as his attacks don't pack a punch at all. Try to master his Dimensional Cape, as it's easy to get people off guard with. You can also spam his Mach Tornado for high damage, but beware it's weak point: at an angle coming in from the top. If you get a chance, his standard moveset and smash attacks are extremely fast, so use them at close range.

Defense Strategy:
Meta Knight can be really annoying, but not really deadly. There's not much you can do about most of his attacks, but you can hit him from a distance. Most of his regular moves wont stun you for long either, giving you a slight chance. His smash attacks also leave him open from the rear.

From Forum:

Here are some extra comments from the members of our forums for Meta Knight...

Kirby's rvial and an honourable warrior. Meta Knight is skilled with his sword, which he can use at incredibly fast speeds. His wings allow him to glide back to the arena if knocked off and are conceiled behind a cape, which he can use to shield behind and blend in to the environment. His battleship, the Halberd, is his most prised asset.

Final Smash: Galaxia Darkness. Meta Knight swings his cape forward. If an opponent is caught in it, the screen goes black and stops for a few seconds before Meta Knight delivers a devastating blow that does huge damage and knockback. The Smash Ball is wasted if the cape doesn't connect with anyone.


Comments for Meta Knight

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30 comments, latest first.
Mar 14th 2013 Guest
ID #263664
Feb 25th 2013 Guest
metaknite can fly
ID #258512
Feb 18th 2013 Guest
@ 199600, who are you talking to? @ 252267, a decent mk usr would scare you, lol its bad. look up," ssbb otori 2013" to see what i mean
ID #255755
Feb 9th 2013 Guest
I bested an almost master Meta Knight user with Ike. He isn't all that good despite being Nightmare Rank (Number 1 && Banned)
ID #252267
Jan 18th 2013 Ainouta
He was banned, he has too many good attacks and recoveries, not to mention his extreme speed. For pros, speed>power.
ID #243967
Jan 12th 2013 GARCHOMP101
meta knight has too many skills on one website they said he was banned.
ID #242053
Dec 15th 2012 Guest
ID #222233
Dec 4th 2012 Guest
vvvvgfy[size=12][/size] [strike][/strike] [spoiler][/spoiler]
ID #214985
Oct 21st 2012 Guest
I played as mk to dumbass and im a pro at this game so shut up. I know what im talking about.
ID #199600
Oct 18th 2012 Guest
I have to admit mk's mach tornado is good but it has an easy counter just sidestep before it hits you and then do your fastest attack on him do to the small gap when mk has to pause
ID #198001
Jul 3rd 2012 Guest
ID #160105
Jun 29th 2012 Guest
if they say this crap like dis then, all of the characters on this website are very wrong
ID #158409
Jun 17th 2012 Guest
go to s,ash world forum. nuff said
ID #153797
Jun 16th 2012 Guest
Repeat Mach torado kills all, but watch out for bowsers big butt slam
ID #153296
Jun 12th 2012 christupboi7
y'all just don't understand how good MK is. first, he is fast, got powerful ko moves (few), great recovory (the best), small, and more. im not going to list them all though
ID #151882
Apr 27th 2012 Guest
Meta Knight + Super Smash Bros. Brawl=EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!Meta Knight is by far the best character in SSBB. If anyone disagrees...... #### YOU!!!!!
ID #137341
Mar 13th 2012 Guest
Metaknight is pretty good I use him the most and his tornado usually comes in pretty handy....and for the majority of it he looks
cool.especially in gold
ID #122691
Dec 25th 2011 Guest
Meta Knight is good for is flight advantage and his annoying mach tornado and when it attacks with normal A it covers both front and back but attacking meta knight right after he stops attacking it was easy to give some damage with quick moves after that.
... or the player who is controlling meta knight really sucks. :P
ID #98632
Nov 5th 2011 Guest
yeah and and have any of you thought if you keep doing that your opponent will create new strategy's and counter back? seriously people its not like facing a computer. you guys need to think more and not think you've already won the whole match because you're playing as the top ranked character. IDIOTS.
ID #85212
Oct 12th 2011 Guest
you should all know that if you spam his mach tornado the damage will decrease and meta knight doesn't deal that much damage in the first place
ID #79830
Oct 5th 2011 Guest
*smirk* hope yall heard but MK is banned from tourneys "mwahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha" *smirks even bigger*
ID #78493
Sep 16th 2011 Guest
META KNIGHT IS KING!!!!!!the tornados can easily rack up huge amounts of damage, very fast. then all u have to to is smash attack.simpilest stragy ever
ID #74767
Aug 30th 2011 Guest
Keep them locked with the Mach Tornado or the standard A attack (which hits in front AND behind) until the damage is fairly high. Then get them into the air with a smash attack an up-B, which launches better than most of his moves. Along with that, he is almost impossible to knock off the stage, and some have figured out how to glide FOREVER with him. I don't even know HOW to grab and I use him better than any other character. Seriously, one of the better players in the game (along with his killer good looks).
ID #71331
Aug 11th 2011 lmllr1995
Meta knight is unstoppable when used right! (in my hands) haha

suggestions for MK users: abuse his areals, tornado, and shuttle loop(UP B)

no matter how many times these moves are used, they are unpredictable when timed well.
MK's only weakness is his light weight, so try to rack up the damage and KO before getting hit too much
ID #66265
Aug 4th 2011 Guest
Awesomeness... meta knight=Awesomeness
ID #63978
Jul 15th 2011 Guest
Meta knigts my second bäst charecter he destoys all.
ID #58280
Mar 11th 2011 Guest
Th makers of SSBB probably made him a starting character so people would know he was in the game and buy it,simple as advertising.He's probably the only thing keeping the Kirby series alive.
ID #32185
Feb 4th 2011 Guest
26992, kill the caps.
ID #27890
Jan 27th 2011 Guest
ID #26992
Dec 30th 2010 Guest
meta Knight is Beast all you got to is get ur oppeant off stage an use use ur extra jump to ur advatage an do down slash in mid air twice an make it back to the stage super easy
ID #23161