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Super Smash Bros Brawl Character Guide Walkthrough and Guide

by SPV999  

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SSBB Character Guide - Ike


First appeared in: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Veteran fighter: No
Class type: Heavy
Fighting type: Close-combat
Clone: No.

How to unlock:
Starting Character

A set:
    Damage: 4-16
    Damage: 15
    Damage: 12
    Damage: 14

A charged set:
    Damage: 22
    Damage: 17-23
    Damage: 16-18

B set:
  B: Eruption. Holds his sword up and slams it, tip first, into the
     ground, creating a pillar of fire and a shockwave. The longer you
     charge it, the larger the shockwave. If charged for too long, it
     will be a huge attack, but will also give you 10 damage.
    Damage: 10-37
  Side-B: Quick Draw. Holds his up beside his head, then dashes
          forward with one great swing. Can be held infinitely, but
          reaches max power when you hear the chime. 
    Damage: 9-16
  Up-B: Aether. Throws his sword up spinning into the air, then jumps
        up, catches it, and slams it into the ground.
    Damage: 2-18
  Down-B: Counter.
    Damage: Double the enemy attack.

Grab set:
    Damage: 3
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 6
    Damage: 6

Aerial set:
    Damage: 9
    Damage: 13
    Damage: 14
    Damage: 16

Final Smash - Great Aether:
Pretty much the same as his standard Aether, only longer, more powerful, and much, much cooler. You need to be pretty close to them to hit with the initial swing, but after that you'll do around 70 points of damage followed by a hard slam into the ground that can easily send them flying if they have around 100 damage.

Ike is very slow. When not used with another character, try to use his quick draw as much as possible, and stick to standard attacks. When the damage begins to mound, it wont take much for even Ikes standard moves to KO someone. Aether is also very good for building damage, and one of his few quick attacks. Get in close and try to get an opportunity to counter something, as that will knock everyone off guard, at which point you should be able to get in a good strong blow.

Defense Strategy:
Use quick attacks and dodging to build damage. Watch for his quick draw, as that can hit at quite the distance. Ranged attacks also work well, though he will be prone to countering them. Don't use strong attacks till you know he is off guard, or else he can counter for double the damage, and that can hurt.

From Forum:

Here are some extra comments from the members of our forums for Ike...

A member of the Greil mercenaries from the continent of Tellius. Ike is the newest Fire Emblem character to the Smash Bros series. His weilds the Ragnell sword and has his aether ability to cause havoc upon the battlefields.

Final Smash - Great Aether:
Ike throws his sword up, Aether style, to catch an enemy (or enemies) before jumping up and slashing at the opponent rapidly - each hit setting them alight - before charging up a finisher and slamming them to the ground in an explosion.