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Tools Guide

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In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you get to work on your land as the new farmer in town. After inheriting the farm from your grandfather, you’ll want to bring it back to its former glory as you develop it. In order for you to do this, you’ll be needing the help of tools that have different functions. Not only are there farm tools, but there are other types as well that can be used outside the farm.

In our tools guide, we’ll provide you the list of tools available and how to unlock them, how to use these tools, as well as how you can upgrade them so you’ll know what their effects are. There are 9 tools that you’ll be able to unlock as well, so let’s check how you can do them.

Tool functions and how to unlock

Starting out on your first day of the farm, you’ll be living in a small tent by a campfire with land that you’ll be tending to. Your first three tools will be provided to you by Victor, the mayor, and you’ll get to use them immediately on the first day. There are a total of 9 tools that can be unlocked, and they all have different functions. Here is the complete list of tools in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town:

IconToolFunctionHow to Unlock
AxeChops TreesGiven by Victor on your first day
HammerDestroys RocksGiven by Victor on your first day
SickleCuts grassGiven by Victor on your first day
HoeTills landGiven by Victor on your second day
Watering CanWaters seeds, Crops, and plantsGiven by Victor on your second day
Fishing RodCatches FishGiven by Manuela at Marcos' House
BucketClears water puddles and pondsGiven by Clemens after a rainy day
CameraTakes PhotosGiven by Gloria at the Olive Museum
LeashWalks with your PetGiven by Patricia at the Hoof House after house upgrade
Check the Tool Bag in your inventory

Tools that are provided to you will be placed in your Tool Bag. These are separate item slots in your inventory specifically for tools only. You can bring out tools that you’ll need and put away ones that won’t be used. This way, you’ll be able to manage your inventory better and have enough space available.

How to use your tools

Majority of your tools have similar functions such as the ones used on your farm. In order to use your tools, you’ll have to make sure that you place them in your inventory first from your tool bag. You’ll then be able to access them with your item shortcut by pressing left or right on your Dpad.

Choose the tools with your Dpad then press Y to use them

For your Axe, Hammer, Sickle, Watering Can, Hoe, and Bucket, they all function the same way. With the tool on hand, stand on front of the object that you’ll use your tool with and then press Y. This will activate the tool such as chopping Trees with your axe, or smashing stones with your hammer. A small indicator will appear on the ground that will let you know when the tool will be used.

Pressing Y for the Camera will enable photo mode, which will let you see your view in first person. You can then adjust the camera with the buttons provided on the screen if you want to zoom in and out, crouch, and take Photos. Generally, you'll want to take photos of wildlife and then provide it to the museum, but you can also take other photos if you wish.

You can also walk around while in photo mode

Fishing is similar to your other farm tools where you will press Y. But you’ll also need to reel in the Fish by tapping on Y based on the fish icon’s color. Tapping it while it’s white will let you reel the fish in without sacrificing your rod’s durability, while holding it while the fish icon is blue lets you reel it in with no issue. Try to avoid reeling fish if the icon turns red!

Reel in if the fish icon is white or blue

Lastly, you’ll get access to the Leash which lets you walk your Pet as long as it isn’t raining. Face your pet and use the leash in order to activate this mode. Your pet will then start following you around your farm, they can even follow you in town as well!

Upgrading your tools

Each of your tools have their basic functions in the beginning. They can be improved through the Worker’s Base Tool Shop which is run by Clemens and Lars. You can upgrade your tools with them in order to become better versions. This will lessen the time you use for your tools, and they can even increase the area of effect if you hold Y.

Tool Shop location in Olive Town

Upgrading will cost you gold, as well as specific materials such as lumber and ingots. You will need to upgrade tools in several stages until they reach their final form. We’ll be having specific pages for each tool as well so you’ll know the upgrade requirements.

Your tools are very important in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. As your farm progresses, you’ll want to have the best tools available in order for you to speed up the development of your farm. Not only will you save up on time with your tools, but you’ll also benefit with the lessened stamina consumption. This way, you’ll be able to do more activities!

We hope that our tools guide has provided you with the basics of the items that you can use. Please don’t forget to check our guide menu as well since we’ll have other pages that can provide you with more information about farming in the game. If you have other suggestions or comments, please do let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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