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Cooking Guide

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Similar to real life, you can also perform Cooking in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. One of the benefits of developing your farm is you’re able to upgrade your home to a log cabin. This will then provide you with new amenities such as your stove and your fridge which will let you cook different kinds of food.

Food can be used for eating in order for you to get stamina back, and you can also create food in order to give them as Gifts since Residents love specific types. In this cooking guide, we’ll discuss about the requirements for cooking, and what you can do with your food.

How to unlock Cooking

In order to start cooking, you’ll need a kitchen to work with. This includes a stove, as well as a fridge where you can store your ingredients and cooked items. When starting out in the game, you are living in a tent. You don’t have the space yet in order to cook, but you’ll be able to upgrade it through Nigel’s Handiworks with 2000G as well as 20 pieces of Logs.

Upgrade your home to start cooking
Upgrade your home to start cooking

Once you have upgraded your house to a Log Cabin, you’ll be able to start cooking. You’ll have specific dishes you can create when starting out, but you’ll learn more along the way once you get better with your cooking Skill.

How to unlock more recipes

The list of recipes you can cook will depend on your current cooking Skill level. As you progress your way with your Skills, you’ll be able to learn more recipes up to level 10. There are some recipes in the game however which can only be unlocked for specific requirements as follows:

  • Small Fish Marinade: Unlocked after you order it at the Capeside Bistro.

  • Acqua Pazza: Unlocked after you order it at the Capeside Bistro.

  • Neapolitan Pasta: Unlocked after you order it at the Gull's Rest Hotel & Café.

  • Carbonara: Unlocked after you order it at the Capeside Bistro.

  • Peperoncino Pasta: Unlocked after you order it at the Capeside Bistro.

  • Onigiri: Unlocked after completing all of Lovett’s Gourmet Requests

    The rest of the recipes are unlocked as you level up your cooking Skill, so you just simply need to keep cooking. You will then eventually be able to get them all. The list of recipes are shown below and are grouped by category.

  • Salad Recipes

    Recipe NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Toppings
    Vegetable SaladVegetable GroupVegetable Group**Wild Plant Group
    Potato SaladPotato GroupCucumber**Apple Group
    Mixed SaladVegetable GroupWild Plant GroupShimeji Mushroom*Melon Group
    Yum Woon SenWhiskered Velvet ShrimpSquid GroupOnionCucumberGarlic
    Lyonnaise PotatoesPotato GroupOreganoMayonnaise*Olive Oil
    Egg SaladEgg GroupRadishMayonnaise*Avocado Group
    Fruit SaladVegetable GroupFruit GroupOregano*Pineapple
    Small Fish MarinadeSmall Fish GroupSmall Fish GroupOnionVinegarLemon
    Bean SaladTurnip GroupBeansTomato*Vinegar
    PicklesCucumberDaikon Radish GroupVinegar*Garlic
    Mushroom MarinadeShimeji MushroomTrumpet MushroomCoral MushroomVinegarCommon Mushroom
    Bhindi MasalaOkraTomato GroupOnionGarlicMixed Spices
    Kinpira GoboBurdockCarrotSoy SauceChili PepperMixed Herbs
    Caprese SaladTomato GroupCheeseAvocado Group0Olive Oil
    Spinach SaladSpinach GroupYogurtOlivePepperSalt
    RosolliStar PotatoApple GroupCarrotCucumberVinegar
    KimchiNapa Cabbage GroupTurnip GroupBok ChoyChili PepperSugar

    Soup Recipes

    Recipe NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Toppings
    Shellfish SoupBlood Clam***Leek Group
    Mixed SoupVegetable GroupWild Plant Group**Pepper
    Yellow PotagePotato GroupMilk Group**Pumpkin
    Green PotageBeansMilk Group**Spinach Group
    Hot & Sour SoupShiitake MushroomEgg GroupSoy Sauce*Vinegar
    GazpachoTomato GroupCucumberPepper*Vinegar
    Okra SoupOkraOnionLarge Fish Group*Mixed Spices
    Clam ChowderShellfish GroupMilk GroupPotato GroupOnionCheese
    Acqua PazzaStar SnapperCrab GroupTomato GroupOliveMixed Herbs
    BouillabaisseWhiskered Velvet ShrimpBigfin Reef SquidShellfish GroupGarlicBroccoli
    Tom Yum GoongLobsterMusselCoral MushroomChili PepperMixed Herbs
    Onion SoupOnionButterCheeseTrumpet MushroomBread Group
    TteokgukShiitake MushroomEgg GroupCarrotSoy SauceRoyal Fern
    Sopa de AjoGarlicEgg GroupBread GroupOlive OilMixed Spices
    MinestroneTomato GroupCabbageZucchini*Garlic
    Kenchin-jiruBurdockDaikon Radish GroupShiitake MushroomCarrotSalt
    Oarfish SoupOarfishLeek GroupBeansSoy SauceShiitake Mushroom
    Sour Cherry SoupCherrySugarLemonMixed HerbsGolden Rain Rosemary
    Pot-au-FeuPotato GroupPepperCabbageTurnip GroupSalt
    BorschtTomato GroupCarrotCabbageRadishLemon
    Lemon SoupLemonNapa Cabbage GroupLeek Group**

    Entrée Recipes

    Recipe NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Toppings
    Grilled FishFish Group***Lemon
    Fried EggEgg Group***Soy Sauce
    Vegetable SandwichBread GroupVegetable GroupWild Berry*Mayonnaise
    Curry RiceCooked White RiceMixed SpicesPotato Group*Onion
    Egg SandwichBread GroupEgg Group**Mayonnaise
    OmeletEgg GroupTomato Group**Mayonnaise
    Mala CrayfishCrayfishMixed SpicesMixed Herbs*Pepper
    Shrimp ToastShrimp GroupSoy SauceBread Group*Pepper
    Ethnic CurryCooked White RiceOkraPepperMixed SpicesYogurt
    Sea Bream SashimiSea BreamSoy Sauce**Flounder
    Chuka SobaSoy SauceSmall Fish GroupFlour*Bamboo Shoot
    Chili ShrimpGiant Freshwater PrawnTomato GroupChili Pepper*Mixed Spices
    TempuraFlourGiant Tiger ShrimpVegetable GroupOysterSalt
    PescatoreFlourShrimp GroupMusselTomato GroupSage
    UnajuCooked White RiceEelSoy SauceSugarMixed Herbs
    Baked BeansBeansGreen PepperPepper*Olive
    PizzaFlourTomato GroupCheese*Pineapple
    Kitsune UdonSoy SauceBeansFlour*Leek Group
    Neapolitan PastaFlourTomato GroupOnionGreen PepperSage
    Chestnut RiceCooked White RiceChestnutSweet Potato Group*Matsutake Mushroom
    Boiled FishMedium Fish GroupDaikon Radish GroupSoy Sauce*Sugar
    Vegetable PizzaFlourVegetable GroupBroccoliCheeseWild Berry
    RatatouilleChili PepperZucchiniPepperEggplant GroupOlive
    CalçotsLeek GroupOlive OilSaltPepperAlmond
    Sashimi BowlCooked White RiceSalmonOysterRock LobsterSoy Sauce
    Seafood CataplanaBok ChoyMahi-mahiCrab GroupCuttlefishAbalone
    Brothy Fried VegetablesEggplant GroupPumpkinOkra*Soy Sauce
    Jam SandwichBread GroupJam GroupButter*Yogurt
    Boiled VegetablesDaikon Radish GroupOkraSoy Sauce*Sugar
    French ToastBread GroupEgg GroupMilk GroupComb HoneyOrange
    Mixed RiceCooked White RiceShimeji MushroomBurdockCarrotBamboo Shoot
    Tuna SandwichBread GroupEgg GroupVegetable GroupTunaSage
    Vegetable SautéCabbageSpinachCarrot*Garlic
    Boiled Sweet PotatoesPotato GroupChili PepperWorker Jelly*Sugar
    Cream Sauce PastaFlourSpinach GroupMilk Group*Sage
    GratinFlourMilk GroupBroccoliCheeseShiitake Mushroom
    CarbonaraFlourCheeseEgg GroupMilk GroupOlive Oil
    Boquerones en VinagreSardineOlive OilGarlicVinegarMixed Herbs
    QuicheFlourCheeseBroccoliCorn GroupEggplant
    Mushroom PieFlourCheeseTrumpet MushroomCommon MushroomShimeji Mushroom
    Fried Tuna CutletTunaOlive OilEgg GroupBread GroupMayonnaise
    Risi e BisiCooked White RiceBeansCarrotButterOlive
    Matsutake RiceCooked White RiceMatsutake MushroomBamboo Shoot*Soy Sauce
    Boo Paht Pong KareeMixed SpicesCoconutEgg GroupGiant King CrabCooked White Rice
    Champiñones a la PlanchaCommon MushroomShrimp GroupGarlicOlive OilMushroom Group
    Peperoncino PastaFlourOlive OilChili PepperGarlicSage
    StewMilk GroupButterBroccoliCarrotCommon Mushroom
    Mushroom Cabbage RollsCommon MushroomCabbageTomato Group*Olive Oil
    Tom Yum PlaCoconutGiant CatfishMixed Herbs*Pepper
    Grilled GarAlligator GarSaltLemon*Soy Sauce
    Seafood Pilaf PlatterCooked White RiceSpotted Eagle RayGreen PepperButterPepper
    Tortilla SoupCorn GroupZucchiniAvocado GroupMixed SpicesOregano
    Marlin SushiRiceMarlinSoy SauceVinegarSugar
    Cheese FondueCheeseBroccoliGiant Sweet PotatoPumpkinCarrot
    Halibut al CartoccioHalibutTomato GroupPotato GroupLemonShellfish Group
    Genovese PastaFlourGiant AvacadoCheeseOlive OilSage
    Giant Seafood PizzaFlourGiant GrouperGiant SquidCheeseOlive Oil
    Kimchi Hot PotGolden Napa CabbageBok ChoyLeek GroupChili PepperMatsutake Mushroom
    Hot PotCabbageMatsutake MushroomBurdockGiant LeekShiitake Mushroom
    OnigiriCooked White RiceSalt**Matsutake Mushroom

    Dessert Recipes

    Recipe NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Toppings
    Mugwort DaifukuRiceTea Leaves**Salt
    Fruit CompôteFruit GroupSugar**Cherry
    Strawberry DaifukuRiceStrawberry GroupSugar*Salt
    Chestnut MonakaBeansRiceChestnut*Sugar
    BotamochiRiceTea LeavesSugarBeansSalt
    PuddingEgg GroupMilk GroupSugar*Cherry
    PancakesFlourEgg GroupMilk Group*Almond
    Honey YogurtYogurtHoney**Orange
    Candied Sweet PotatoesFlourSweet Potato Group**Sugar
    Mont BlancFlourChestnutEgg GroupMilk GroupSugar
    Injeolmi ToastBread GroupBeansHoneyRiceCocoa Powder
    Maple MuffinFlourEgg GroupMilk GroupHoneyHoney Group
    Baked AppleApple GroupHoneyButter*Almond
    Coffee PuddingEgg GroupMilk GroupSugarCoffee PowderCocoa Powder
    CookiesFlourEgg GroupMilk GroupButterTea Leaves
    ShortcakeFlourStrawberry GroupEgg GroupMilk GroupMango
    FruitcakeFlourFruit GroupEgg GroupMilk GroupMelon Group
    CheesecakeFlourCheeseEgg GroupMilk GroupLemon
    Almond CookiesFlourEgg GroupMilk GroupAlmondCocoa Powder
    Nut MuffinFlourEgg GroupMilk GroupAlmondMixed Herbs
    Chocolate MuffinFlourEgg GroupMilk GroupCocoa PowderCoffee Powder
    Honey PuddingEgg GroupMilk GroupSugarWorker JellyHoney Group
    Chocolate CakeFlourCocoa PowderEgg GroupMilk GroupBanana
    SachertorteEgg GroupButterFlourCocoa PowderJam Group
    Chocolate CookiesFlourEgg GroupCocoa PowderAlmondTea Leaves
    TiramisuMilk GroupEgg GroupCoffee PowderCheeseCocoa Powder
    BrowniesCocoa PowderButterMilk GroupEgg GroupCoffee Powder
    Black Forest CakeFlourEgg GroupCocoa PowderCherryMilk Group
    LamingtonFlourSugarCocoa PowderCoconutCoffee Powder
    Khaoniao MamuangRiceMangoCoconutSaltSugar
    PanelletsAlmondSweet Potato GroupCoconutEgg GroupCoffee Powder
    Honeyed Sweet PotatoesFlourSweet Potato GroupCoconutComb HoneySugar
    Panna CottaMilk GroupRoyal JellyOrangeGolden Rain RosemaryCocoa Powder

    Other Dish Recipes

    Recipe NameIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Toppings
    TeaTea Leaves***Sugar
    Vegetable JuiceVegetable GroupVegetable Group00Lemon
    Cooked White RiceRice***Egg Group
    Tomato JuiceTomato Group***Salt
    Herb TeaTea LeavesSage**Jam Group
    Hot MilkMilk Group***Honey Group
    Yogurt DrinkYogurt***Grapes
    CoffeeCoffee Powder***Honey Group
    Orange JuiceOrange***Strawberry Group
    Milk TeaTea LeavesMilk Group**Honey Group
    ChaiTea LeavesMilk GroupMixed Herbs*Cocoa Powder
    Strawberry MilkStrawberry GroupMilk Group**Watermelon
    Apple JuiceApple Group***Orange
    CocoaCocoa PowderMilk Group**Mixed Herbs
    Onion BreadFlourButterOnion*Honey Group
    Coconut JuiceCoconutLemon Marigold**Watermelon
    Grape JuiceGrapes***Apple Group
    Banana MilkBananaMilk Group**Yogurt
    Caffè MochaCoffee PowderMilk GroupCocoa Powder*Sugar
    CornbreadFlourButterCorn GroupMilk GroupYogurt
    Honey Milk LatteCoffee PowderMilk GroupWorker Jelly*Mixed Herbs
    Honey Milk CocoaCocoa PowderMilk GroupWorker Jelly*Sugar
    Mango JuiceMangoMango Jam**Strawberry Group
    Honey Lemon JuiceRoyal JellyGolden Rain RosemaryLemon*Sugar
    Fruit au LaitStrawberry GroupPineapplePeach GroupMilk Group

    We hope that this Cooking Guide has helped you out with completing your recipes. You can check our Resident Gift guide to see which items they love, perhaps you’ll be able to find some recipes they want there.

    We have other pages as well available for the game, so please don’t forget to check them out. If you have any other questions or comments, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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