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Title Guide

Thank you for printing this page from to come back to check for updates to this guide and much more content for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

There are many activities that you can do in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, ranging from improving your farm, growing Crops, raising Animals, to Fishing, as well as interacting with the different Residents. Some activities that you complete provide you with Titles, and these are accessed through your player notebook.

In this guide, we’ll provide you the different types of titles you can acquire in the game. If you’re the type who wants to complete everything in a game, then perhaps having this checklist can help you out with getting them all.

How to check your Titles

So how can you check the titles that you have in the game so far? There are a lot of title categories available, and they can be found in your Player Notebook. Check the first tab and then move to the Title Menu on the lower left side. This will show you all categories of titles that you have available.

Open your Player Notebook
Open your Player Notebook

If you check a specific title category, you’ll be able to check if you have a completed a title or not. A title that you have successfully completed will show a Treasure chest icon which means you have completed it and you have a reward available waiting for you.

Check your completed Titles
Check your completed Titles

Accepting Title Rewards

Titles aren’t just names that you can use to label your character, any titles that you have unlocked have corresponding rewards waiting for you at the Olive Hall. Go inside and look for the table that has a green box on top of it, this is to the right side of the town requests.

Check the table to the right side of the Town Requests
Check the table to the right side of the Town Requests

Upon interacting with it, you can claim your title rewards. You can then view the list of all of your titles that you have completed so far, and you’ll find the rewards listed on the right side. There are a lot of titles available in the game, so the rewards can help you out with your farm’s progression.

Claim your rewards
Claim your rewards

With different title categories available, we’ll provide you the ways to unlock them through the list below. They are listed per category as seen in your Player Notebook.

Pioneering Titles

Camera HobbyistTake a picture of a wild Animal.
Animal PhotographerTake pictures of 10 wild Animal species.
Wild VideographerTake pictures of all 21 wild Animal species.
Earth Sprite Village VisitorGo to the Earth Sprite Village for the first time.
Beanstalk Island VisitorGo to Beanstalk Island for the first time.
Lava Caves VisitorGo to Lava Caves for the first time.
Ancient Lake VisitorGo to Ancient Lake for the first time.
Fisher's Island VisitorGo to Fisher's Island for the first time.
Woodcutter's Mountain VisitorGo to Woodcutter's Mountain for the first time.
Verdant Hill VisitorGo to Verdant Hill for the first time.
Stonebreaker Valley VisitorGo to Stonebreaker Valley for the first time.
Petalwind Gardens VisitorGo to Petalwind Gardens for the first time.
Eversun Gardens VisitorGo to Eversun Gardens for the first time.
Redmaple Gardens VisitorGo to Redmaple Gardens for the first time.
Hoarfrost GardensGo to Hoarfrost Gardens for the first time.
To New LandsRepair the dilapidated bridge.
A Pioneer's Work is Never DoneClear away the big fallen Trees.
Pioneering ProRepair the hydroculture plant.

Farm Life Titles

New FarmerBegin your life on the farm.
Crafting BeginnerCraft 50 items.
The Pinnacle of CraftingCraft 2,000 items.
Keeper of the Full BagObtain a total of 100 items.
EruditeObtain a total of 5,000 items.
Greedy FarmerObtain a total of 20,000 items.
Fashionable FarmerObtain 10 articles of clothing.
Trailblazing TrendsetterObtain 30 articles of clothing.
Farming FashionistaObtain 100 articles of clothing.
Tool Power-UpperUpgrade a tool.
Seeker of Great HeightsUpgrade your tools 12 times.
To My Tools, With LoveUpgrade your tools 28 times.
Three Squares a DayEat 10 meals.
Voracious AppetiteEat 50 meals.
It All Begins HereLearn all Skills.
Master of OneMax out one Skill level.
The Pinnacle of Greatness?
Rich FarmerShip a total of 10,000G in items.
Big ShotShip a total of 100,000G in items.
Extremely WealthyShip a total of 1,000,000G in items.
Filthy RichShip a total of 10,000,000G in items.
Money MakerMake 10,000G in a single day.
Profit PullerMake 30,000G in a single day.
Rolling in the DoughMake 50,000G in a single day.
A New YouChange your outfit or appearance.
Now We're Getting Somewhere!Ride a Mount.
The CollectorRecord 900 entries in the encyclopedia.
Log Cabin OwnerUpgrade your home to a log cabin.
Small House OwnerUpgrade your home to a small house.
Large House OwnerUpgrade your home to a large house.
Gorgeous House OwnerUpgrade your home to a gorgeous house.
Back on WheelsGet your motorcycle repaired.
1-Year OliversaryRun the farm for 1 year.
2-Year OliversaryRun the farm for 2 years.
3-Year OliversaryRun the farm for 3 years.

Logging Titles

The LumberjackChop down 100 Trees.
Pioneering ExpertChop down 2,000 Trees.
Novice LoggerLearn the Logging Skill.
Apprentice LoggerReach Logging Skill level 2.
Fledgling LoggerReach Logging Skill level 3.
Adept LoggerReach Logging Skill level 4.
Skilled LoggerReach Logging Skill level 5.
Renowned LoggerReach Logging Skill level 6.
Superior LoggerReach Logging Skill level 7.
Master LoggerReach Logging Skill level 8.
Extraordinary LoggerReach Logging Skill level 9.
Legendary LoggerReach Logging Skill level 10.

Reaping Titles

Lover of BeautyCut grass 100 times.
Earth's JanitorCut grass 2,000 times.
Novice ReaperLearn the Reaping Skill.
Apprentice ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 2.
Fledgling ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 3.
Adept ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 4.
Skilled ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 5.
Renowned ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 6.
Superior ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 7.
Master ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 8.
Extraordinary ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 9.
Legendary ReaperReach Reaping Skill level 10.

Mining Titles

The PowerfulBreak 100 stones.
The CrusherBreak 2,000 stones.
The Daily MineEnter the mines 10 times.
No Mine, No LifeEnter the mines 30 times.
Taken by the MineEnter the mines 100 times.
Novice Mine ConquerorReach the lowest floor of the mine by your house.
Intermediate Mine ConquerorReach the lowest floor of the mine that's slightly further away from your house.
Expert Mine ConquerorReach the lowest floor of the far-off mine.
Novice MinerLearn the Mining Skill.
Apprentice MinerReach Mining Skill level 2.
Fledgling MinerReach Mining Skill level 3.
Adept MinerReach Mining Skill level 4.
Skilled MinerReach Mining Skill level 5.
Renowned MinerReach Mining Skill level 6.
Superior MinerReach Mining Skill level 7.
Master MinerReach Mining Skill level 8.
Extraordinary MinerReach Mining Skill level 9.
Legendary MinerReach Mining Skill level 10.

Draining Titles

The PurifierDrain water 50 times.
Savior of the LandDrain water 1,000 times.
Novice DrainerLearn the Draining Skill.
Apprentice DrainerReach Draining Skill level 2.
Fledgling DrainerReach Draining Skill level 3.
Adept DrainerReach Draining Skill level 4.
Skilled DrainerReach Draining Skill level 5.
Renowned DrainerReach Draining Skill level 6.
Superior DrainerReach Draining Skill level 7.
Master DrainerReach Draining Skill level 8.
Extraordinary DrainerReach Draining Skill level 9.
Legendary DrainerReach Draining Skill level 10.

Fishing Titles

Solitary AnglerCatch 50 Fish.
Fishing with EleganceCatch 1,000 Fish.
Legendary FisherCatch a top-quality Fish.
Net UserCatch Fish with your net 10 times.
Net ProCatch Fish with your net 50 times.
Novice FisherLearn the Fishing Skill.
Apprentice FisherReach Fishing Skill level 2.
Fledgling FisherReach Fishing Skill level 3.
Adept FisherReach Fishing Skill level 4.
Skilled FisherReach Fishing Skill level 5.
Renowned FisherReach Fishing Skill level 6.
Superior FisherReach Fishing Skill level 7.
Master FisherReach Fishing Skill level 8.
Extraordinary FisherReach Fishing Skill level 9.
Legendary FisherReach Fishing Skill level 10.
Li'l FisherCatch the smallest possible Fish.
Big, Big, BIIIG FISHER!Catch the largest possible Fish.

Harvesting Titles

Novice TillerTill soil 50 times.
Tilling ExpertTill soil 150 times.
Friend of the EarthTill soil 600 times.
The Hand that WatersWater your Crops 50 times.
WaterbringerWater your Crops 300 times.
Rainbow ArchitectWater your Crops 1,000 times.
Crop Ph.DHarvest 50 Crops.
Crop MasterHarvest 1,000 Crops.
Keeper of BeautyHarvest 50 Flowers.
Flower MasterHarvest 1,000 Flowers.
Vegetable VirtuosoShip a top-quality crop.
Flower FanaticShip a top-quality Flower.
Novice HarvesterLearn the Fieldwork Skill.
Apprentice HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 2.
Fledgling HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 3.
Adept HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 4.
Skilled HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 5.
Renowned HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 6.
Superior HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 7.
Master HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 8.
Extraordinary HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 9.
Legendary HarvesterReach Fieldwork Skill level 10.

Orcharding Titles

Orcharding ExpertHarvest 50 Tree Crops.
Tree MasterHarvest 500 Tree Crops.
Orcharding OriginalShip a top-quality Tree Crop.
Novice OrchardistLearn the Orcharding Skill.
Apprentice OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 2.
Fledgling OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 3.
Adept OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 4.
Skilled OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 5.
Renowned OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 6.
Superior OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 7.
Master OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 8.
Extraordinary OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 9.
Legendary OrchardistReach Orcharding Skill level 10.

Cultivation Titles

Mushroom ResearcherHarvest 50 Mushrooms.
Mushroom MasterHarvest 500 Mushrooms.
Mushroom MavenShip a top-quality Mushroom.
Novice CultivatorLearn the cultivation Skill.
Apprentice CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 2.
Fledgling CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 3.
Adept CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 4.
Skilled CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 5.
Renowned CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 6.
Superior CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 7.
Master CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 8.
Extraordinary CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 9.
Legendary CultivatorReach cultivation Skill level 10.

Beekeeping Titles

Just Me and the BeesHarvest 50 honey hives.
Honey MasterHarvest 500 honey hives.
Honey High-RollerShip a top-quality honey hive.
Novice BeekeeperLearn the Beekeeping Skill.
Apprentice BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 2.
Fledgling BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 3.
Adept BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 4.
Skilled BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 5.
Renowned BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 6.
Superior BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 7.
Master BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 8.
Extraordinary BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 9.
Legendary BeekeeperReach Beekeeping Skill level 10.

Animal Care Titles

MilkerObtain 50 containers of milk from your livestock.
Milk MasterObtain 500 containers of milk from your livestock.
Fresh EggObtain 50 eggs from your chickens.
Egg MasterObtain 500 eggs from your chickens.
FluffyObtain 50 tufts of wool, fleece, or fur from your livestock.
Fur MasterObtain 500 tufts of wool, fleece, or fur from your livestock.
Milk MaestroShip a top-quality container of milk.
Egg EnthusiastShip a top-quality egg.
The TamerTame 5 types of Animals.
Animal FriendTame 13 types of Animals.
The CaretakerCare for your Animals 10 times.
Trusted by AnimalsCare for your Animals 500 times.
New LifeApply a breeding kit to one of your Animals.
One Big Happy FamilyApply 30 breeding kits to your Animals.
Novice Livestock BreederLearn the Animal care Skill.
Apprentice Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 2.
Fledgling Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 3.
Adept Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 4.
Skilled Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 5.
Renowned Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 6.
Superior Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 7.
Master Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 8.
Extraordinary Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 9.
Legendary Livestock BreederReach Animal care Skill level 10.
Giver of FodderOwn livestock.
Always SmilingCare for your livestock.
My Favorite FriendCare for your livestock.

Cooking Titles

Home CookCook 20 times.
Lifelong CookCook 100 times.
Novice ChefLearn the Cooking Skill.
Apprentice ChefReach Cooking Skill level 2.
Fledgling ChefReach Cooking Skill level 3.
Adept ChefReach Cooking Skill level 4.
Skilled ChefReach Cooking Skill level 5.
Renowned ChefReach Cooking Skill level 6.
Superior ChefReach Cooking Skill level 7.
Master ChefReach Cooking Skill level 8.
Extraordinary ChefReach Cooking Skill level 9.
Legendary ChefReach Cooking Skill level 10.
Culinary ExpertCook up a top-quality meal.

Pets Titles

Treat GiverGive your Pet a treat.
Treat RewarderGive your Pets 50 treats.
Playful PetterPet your Pets.
Big HuggerPet your Pets 50 times.
Always TogetherTake your Pets on a walk.
Together ForeverTake your Pets on 50 walks.
Out to PlayPlay with your Pets.
Two Hearts as OnePlay with your Pets 50 times.
Nice to Meet YouOwn a Pet.
Beloved MasterBefriend your Pet.

Communication Titles

Presenter of PresentsGive Residents a total of 10 Presents.
Sincerely YoursGive Residents a total of 50 Presents.
The TalkerTalk to Residents a total of 50 times.
Captain of ConversationTalk to Residents a total of 1,000 times.
Next-door StrangerLearn the Communication Skill.
Casual AcquaintanceReach Communication Skill level 2.
Friendly FaceReach Communication Skill level 3.
Everybody's BuddyReach Communication Skill level 4.
Talk of the TownReach Communication Skill level 5.
Local CelebrityReach Communication Skill level 6.
Local MascotReach Communication Skill level 7.
Town AdvisorReach Communication Skill level 8.
Town PioneerReach Communication Skill level 9.
Head HonchoReach Communication Skill level 10.
Time to Confess!Confess your love to a Resident.
Time to Propose!Propose Marriage to a Resident.
A Symbol of Our LoveBe blessed with a child.
Sprouting UpSee your child grow.
A Child's GrowthSee your child grow.
Forever and AlwaysDeepen your relationship with your partner.
Museum Patron?
Master of the WildDonate Photos of all 21 Wild Animals to the museum.
Aquarium AfficionadoDonate 50 Fish to the museum.
Treasure HunterDonate 30 treasures to the museum.
Always Giving it 100%Earn 1st place at the Pet Derby.
Barrel BusterEarn over 120 points in the Hammer Strike.
Fungi FinderEarn over 45 points in the Mushroom Hunt.
Angler of the AgesCatch a Fish over 250cm at the Fishing Tournament.
Her True FormReturn the Spirit to her true form.
I Lovett, You Lovett?
Egg Hunt Attendee AwardParticipate in the Egg Hunt.
Pet Derby Attendee AwardParticipate in the Pet Derby.
Jamboree Attendee AwardParticipate in the Summer Jamboree.
Fireworks Attendee AwardParticipate in the Fireworks Display.
Mushroom Attendee AwardParticipate in the Mushroom Hunt.
Spirit festival Attendee AwardParticipate in the Spirit festival.
Fishing Attendee AwardParticipate in the Fishing Tournament.
Snowshine Attendee AwardParticipate in the Snowshine Celebration.
Town DeveloperComplete all town development projects.

Completing all titles in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town can be challenging, but it provides you with additional goals especially if you want the finish the game 100%. We hope that this guide has helped you check out the different categories available in the game.

Don’t forget to check for your Title Rewards at the Olive Hall since they will help with the development of your farm. This concludes our Title Guide for this game, we also have other guides available so please don’t forget to check our guide menu!

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