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Beginner's Guide (Part 2)

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Once you have planted your seeds and have interacted with the Residents of the town, what’s the next course of action that you’ll take? In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you’ll have to balance out your farm life and progress in order to make Money, you’ll also have to build up relationships with the residents, and help improve the tourism of the town.

Welcome to our Beginner’s Guide – Part 2. Here, we’ll discuss about the activities that you can do from your third day onward in the game. Here, we’ll learn about important items that you’ll need in order to develop your farm, activities you can do in the town, as well as taking the first milestone which is building your house!

Craft your Makers

On your third day on the farm, Victor will drop by once more and provide you with some tips. This time, you’ll learn how to Craft items! When you were clearing your land, you’ll notice that you’ve been gathering materials such as logs, stones, and grass right? Well, they can be processed through makers and they will turn to items that you can use later.

Open your Notebook and check the Crafting section
Open your Notebook and check the Crafting section

In order to start with, open the Crafting menu from your notebook and create your Lumber Maker. You can create up to two if you want, and then place them on the farm. You will need 20 pieces of Log to create one piece, then it will need four tiles of space if you’re placing it on the farm. Interact with it, and you’ll put logs that will be turned to lumber.

You will need four tiles of space to put a Maker
You will need four tiles of space to put a Maker

Lumber making can take you two hours in the game. So, start processing your wood into lumber while you do other chOres. Later on, you’ll be able to create an Ingot maker as well in order to process ores that you’ll find from stones and the mines. The items from makers are valuable since they are used for a lot of construction work.

Prepare for Home Expansion

On your fourth day, Victor will come by once more and talk to you about expanding your home. He’ll introduce you to Nigel who owns the Carpenter’s Workshop. By availing of his service, you’ll be able to upgrade your current tent into a log cabin.

Go to Nigel's Workshop to expand your home
Go to Nigel's Workshop to expand your home

In order to do this, you will need 2,000 G as well as 20 pieces of Logs. If you spent your Money earlier on purchasing seeds, then you’ll have to make the money back. You can start off by selling wild Crops, or perhaps use your Fishing rod and sell the Fish that you catch.

Once you have the Money, you can have Nigel build your home. This will unlock the Bath feature which lets you recover stamina in exchange for 30 minutes of your time. You can decorate your house with furniture to customize the interior and make it suitable for your taste. You’ll also be able to gain access to Cooking, as well as the ability to keep a Pet!

Upgrading your home provides you with new features
Upgrading your home provides you with new features

You can purchase Pets from the Animal Shop just outside of your farm. There are a variety of dogs and cats available for you, and you’ll also get access to the Leash. This item lets you walk your Pet so they can follow you around, as long as it’s not raining.

Complete Town Requests and Museum Donations

On the succeeding days, Victor will visit once again and ask for your help in order to develop the town so it can be more attractive for tourists. This will unlock the Town Requests feature, which lets you fulfill requests in the Town Hall. The requests usually are specific items, and you’ll be rewarded with Money as well as friendship points.

Check the board at the Town Hall
Check the board at the Town Hall

If you happen to drop by in town, then check the Town Requests often to see if there are any items you can provide. This can be beneficial since you’ll get extra Income while doing your other tasks. And since you’re in town as well, don’t forget to drop by the Olive Museum and give donations.

You received a Camera from Gloria if you visited the museum before. Make sure to take Photos of Wild Animals that you see, then provide it to her. You can also provide Fish for the Aquarium, as well as any treasures that will be appraised by Reina.

Repair your Bridge and Clear out Water

If you check the lower left side of your farm, you’ll find a broken bridge near the chicken coop. This bridge can be fixed by providing 15 pieces of Lumber. Nigel will then work on it and it will be completed on the following day.

Check the broken bridge near the Chicken Coop
Check the broken bridge near the Chicken Coop

Once the bridge has been repaired, you’ll get access to an expanded area of your farm. You’ll get new access to Trees, a mine, a barn which can hold a cow, and small body of water that you’ll be able to drain. If you’re starting out early, you can harvest the Crops here in order to get Money.

Clear out water puddles and the pond using the Bucket
Clear out water puddles and the pond using the Bucket

On the succeeding days, it will rain continuously. Clemens will drop by your farm and provide you with a Bucket which can then be used to clear puddles of water so you can get some clay. If you also check the pond near the dilapidated barn, you’ll be able to clear out the water there and get Treasure! This can be provided to Reina for appraisal, and you can donate it to the museum.

Victor will let you know as well once he’s provided all he can in terms of teaching you about farm work. From there, you’ll be able to continue however you wish. You can focus on planting seeds and getting Crops in order to get Profit, you can give Gifts to Residents and complete town requests to help, or you can even start Crafting more items in order to help expanding your farm’s other areas.

We hope that our Beginner’s guide has helped you out with starting in the game. There are so many things that you can do in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. More guides shall be created as well in our page, so please don’t forget to check the guide menu! You can also leave us a comment in case you have any suggestions!

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