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Resident List and Gift Guide

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Providing gifts to people are one of the joys that we get to experience in real life. There are many occasions where we do this such as holidays and birthdays, and it’s nice to see the reactions of those who receive them. In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, gift giving is also one of the game’s features. As the new farmer, it’s your duty to introduce yourself to the residents and build your relationship with them.

Being able to provide gifts will help you bond with the residents. You can also build up your relationships and possibly form romantic ones. Knowing which gifts provide the best points is useful for this. In our gift guide, we’ll provide you with the list of the resident’s birthdays, their loved gifts, and liked gifts.

Effects of giving gifts

Interacting will all of the residents in Olive Town will let you be able to put their names on your notebook. Press X and then press R until you find the Resident Information page. There you’ll see the list of residents that you have interacted with, and you’ll see that there are hearts on the left side of the page.

Check your notebook to see the Resident's Information

Providing gifts to the residents will increase their friendship points with you. Also, you’ll see that there’s a gift icon there as well. This icon indicates that you can only provide gifts once a day, and it will be filled up once you already have given them one.

Building your relationships with the residents will provide you with new interactions. There are also 10 Marriage candidates in the game which are split to 5 Bachelors, and 5 Bachelorettes. If your goal is to have a relationship with them, then knowing their favorite gifts will come in handy.

Resident’s Birthdays

Similar to us in real life, the residents in Olive Town also have their own birthdays. Unlike your typical calendar however, Story of Seasons implements a season-based calendar where a year is comprised of 4 seasons, and 28 days each. You can also check the calendar in the game through your notebook.

Check the Calendar in your Notebook to see the birthdays of residents

Here, you can view each season and check the birthdays of the residents. There are also holidays that are marked with the flags. Knowing the birthday of a resident that you wish to befriend will be useful since you’ll be able to get increased friendship points for this day.

If you’re consistent with giving a specific resident a gift that they like daily, and if you provide them with a gift they love on their birthday, then you’ll have no issues maximizing your friendship with them. Also, bachelors and bachelorettes let you experience “Heart Events” which provides you with some scenes about their character.

Best Gifts for the Residents

Now that you know more about how gifts work as well as the benefits of providing it on their birthdays, you’ll want to provide them with items that they love or really like. Each resident has their own quirks in terms of items that they enjoy, so this also means that they have items that they might hate.

In this list, we’ll be providing you with the best gifts, liked gifts, as well as their birthdays. This way, you’ll be able to prepare which gift is suitable for the resident that you’re trying to build a relationship with. We have also prepared the list in order of their birthdays. Make sure to use your Town Map as well to know their locations!

Bachelor Gifts

IconCharacterBirthdayBest GiftsLiked GiftsFrequent Locations
JackSpring 23Almond, Chuka Soba, Giant Bear Carving, Shiny WatchCoffee, Jewelry Ring, Pumpkin, Pudding, Timeworth CoinOlive General Store, Beach, Playground
EmilioSummer 15Fashionable Bracelet, Jewelry Locket, Pescatore, WatermelonAcqua Pazza, Cheesecake, Jewelry Ring, Small Fish Marinade, SunflowerFishing Dock, Fishing Boat, Marcos' House
RalphSummer 21Fashionable Bracelet, Pot-au-FeuBread, Mixed Soup, Shellfish Soup, Shiny Watch, Yellow PotageRanger's Station, East of the Shrine, West of the Shrine
DamonWinter 15Coffee, Fashionable Bracelet, Shiny WatchAlpaca Cloth, Black Pansy Coffee Pudding, Orichalcum Ingot, RubyThe Hoof House, Docks, Town Square, West of the Shrine
IoriWinter 28Matsutake Mushroom, Mysterious Bait, Onigiri, Shiny WatchClematis, Guardian Bait, Sea Bream Sashimi, Shiitake Mushroom, Soy SauceSeishin-an, Beach

Bachelorette Gifts

IconCharacterBirthdayBest GiftsLiked GiftsFrequent Locations
LinhSpring 12Mango, Mango Jam, Mango Juice, Jewelry Locket, Khanoiao Mamuang, Winter Bloom RondoBotamochi, Hellebore, Mirage Cloth, Tea, Yum Woon SenNguyen's Flowers, Olive General Store
LauraSummer 9Bouquet Pefume, Blazing Waltz, Fashionable Bracelet, Olive, TunaJewelry Ring, Marigold, Ruby, Sunflower, Vegetable JuiceTourist Information Center, Norman's Groceries
ReinaSummer 28Arthurite, Bouquet Perfume, Fulgurite, Jewelry Locket, LemonClematis, Glass, Jewelry Ring, Orange, Orange JamOlive Museum, Playground, Town Square
BridgetAutumn 3Buffalo Milk+, Goat Milk+, Milk+, Jewelry Ring, Rainbow BouquetDeluxe Fodder, Egg+, Nemophila, Shortcake, Woolen ClothThe Hoof House, Town Square, West of the Shrine
BlaireAutumn 25Bouquet Perfume, Diamond, Daisy, Fashionable Bracelet, Springtime MarchCherry, Jewelry Ring, Rose, Tea, Vegetable SaladCapeside Bistro, Gull's Rest Hotel & Café

Resident Gifts

IconCharacterBirthdayBest GiftsLiked GiftsFrequent Locations
AngelaSpring 5Coffee Pudding, Fashionable Bracelet, Springtime MarchCampanula, Cherry, Honey Pudding, Pudding, Sapphire, Sugar, Salt, PepperOlive General Store, Nguyen's Flowers, Town Square
NguyenSpring 6Mysterious BaitGuardian Bait, Botamochi, Tteokguk, Tom Yum Pla, Yum Woon SenNguyen's Flowers, Olive Hall, Docks, Gull's Rest Hotel & Café
JacopoSpring 17Diamond, Giant Seafood Pizza, Shiny WatchGenovese Pasta, Pizza, Pescatore, Vegetable Pizza, Jewelry LocketOlive Hall, Docks, Tourist Ferry, Town Square
DosetsuSpring 20Chestnut Monaka, Giant Leek, Rice BallBoiled Fish, Kitsune Udon, Kenchin-jiru, Leek, Mum, Soy SauceSeishin-an, Beach, Nigel's Handiworks
JasonSpring 26Timeworn Compass, Timeworn MapAlmond Cookies, Cookies, Coconut, Fashionable Bracelet, Hibiscus, Jewelry Locket, Shiny WatchGull's Rest Hotel & Café
BethSpring 27Antique Accessory, Antique Mirror, Fulgurite, Olive Crystal, Shiny WatchCineraria, Curry Rice, Fashionable Bracelet, Kimchi Hot Pot, Hot & Sour SoupOlive Museum, Capeside Bistro, East of the Shrine, West of the Shrine
MikeySummer 2BananaArthurite, Cocoa, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Fulgurite, Gibeon Stone, Pancake, Pizza, Neapolitan PastaGull's Rest Hotel & Café, Docks, Nguyen's Flowers, Seishin-an, Playground
NormanSummer 7Apple Juice, Apple Jam, Baked Apple, Golden Aple, Mysterious BaitApple, Guardian Bait, Fashionable Bracelet, Potato Salad, Rosolli, Shiny WatchNorman's Groceries, Beach, Town Square
KarinaSummer 10Bouquet Perfume, Fashionable Bracelet, Fruit Perfume, Earth Concerto, Giant AvocadoBlack Pansy, Caprese Salad, Floral Perfume, Genovese Salad, Ruby, TeaBeauty Salon, Playground, Town Square
MarcosSummer 23Giant Seafood Pizza, Giant Sweet Potato, Nut MuffinAcqua Pazza, Maple Muffin, Pescatore, Sea Bream Sashimi, Sweet PotatoMarcos' House, Beach, Fishing Boat, Town Square
GeorgSummer 24Egg+, Silkie Egg+, Egg Salad, Heart SpinachEgg, Silkie Egg, Fried Egg, Potato Salad, Woolen ClothThe Hoof House, Docks, Tourist Ferry
LovettAutumn 7Acqua Paza, Caprese Salad, Champiñones a la Plancha, OnigiriFashionable Bracelet, Giant Turnip, Minestrone, Tomato Juice, Star PotatoGourmet Palace, Capeside Bistro, Gull's Rest Hotel & Café
SydneyAutumn 9Bouquet Perfume, Blazing Waltz, Grape Juice, Grape Jam, Shiny Watch, YogurtBlack Rose, Diamond, Grape, Floral Perfume, Penellets, Tomato JuiceTown Square, Norman's Groceries (Monday only)
PatriciaAutumn 13Golden Peach, Jewelry Locket, Moonlight NocturneComb Honey, Honey, Peach, Petunia, Royal Jelly, Worker JellyThe Hoof House, Town Square
MisakiAutumn 17Bouquet Perfume, Charming Perfume, Mushroom Marinade, Moonlight Nocturne, Small Fish MarinadeButter, Floral Perfoume, Jewelry Ring, Lemon, Lily, Ruby, TiramisuCapeside Bistro
SimonAutumn 18Fashionable Bracelet, Mushroom Pie, Pudding, Shiny WatchCoffee Pudding, Honey Pudding, Mushroom Marinade, Matsutake Mushroom, shimeji Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, NemophilaOlive General Store, Playground, Town Square, Gull's Rest Hotel & Café, East of the Shrine
ManuelaAutumn 26Bouquet Perfume, Fruit au Lait, Jewelry Locket, Pineapple Jam, Seafood CataplanaBegonia, Emerald, Panna Cotta, Pescatore, Pineapple, Small Fish MarinadeMarcos' House, Fishing Dock, The Hoof House
LarsAutumn 27Charming Perfume, Chestnut Rice, Fashionable Bracelet, ont Blanc, Pizza, Shiny WatchChestnut Monaka, Jewelry Ring, Jewelry Locket, Rosolli, Vegetable PizzaWorker's Base Tool Shop, Town Square, East of the Shrine, West of the Shrine
VictorAutumn 28Jewel Melon, Shiny WatchChestnut Rice, Cooked White Rice, Mixed Rice, Matsutake Rice, Melon, Melon JamOlive Hall
CindyWinter 1Chery Jam, Honey Pudding, Sour Cherry Soup, Springtime March, Yogurt DrinkCoffee Pudding, Cherry, Pudding, Spinach Salad, Tulip Yogurt,Olive General Store, Docks, Nguyen's Flowers, Seishin-an, Playground
ClemensWinter 4Chestnut Rice, Mont Blanc, Rosolli, Shiny WatchBoiled Sweet Potatoes, Chestnut Monaka, Garlic, Orichalcum Ingot, Pickles, Peperoncino PastaWorker's Base Tool Shop, Capeside Bistro
JessieWinter 7Honey Pudding, Royal Jelly, Winter Bloom RondoButtercup, Comb Honey, Honey, Honey Yogurt, Honeyed Sweet Potatoes, PuddingOlive General Store, Beach, Town Square, Playground, East of the Shrine
JeanneWinter 10Bouquet Perfume, Caffè Mocha, Floral Perfume, Fruit Perfume, LamingtonCocoa, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Emerald, pansy, TiramisuBeauty Salon, Beach, Docks
NigelWinter 14Shiny WatchEgg Sandwich, Jam Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich, Vegetable SandwichNigel's Handiworks, Capeside Bistro
GloriaWinter 17Bouquet Perfume, Earth Concerto, Golden Strawberry, Jewelry LocketFruit Compôte, Primrose, Ruby, Strawberry, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry MilkOlive Museum, Olive Hall, Docks
SallyWinter 21Bouquet Perfume, Jewelry Ring, Orange JamBlack Rose, clematis, Ruby, Orange, Orange Juice, Pancakes, TeaGull's Rest Hotel & Café, The Hoof House, Norman's Groceries
RaulWinter 27Banana, Banana Milk, Banana Jam, Fashionable Bracelet, MayonnaiseAcqua Pazza, Jewlry Locket, Mayonnaise Maker, Pescatore, Small Fish MarinadeMarcos' House, Fishing Dock, Beach

That’s a lot of residents that you’ll get to know in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. If you have the capability of providing gifts once a day for each resident, it would be easier for you to focus on a select number first and try to maximize your relationship with them. This way, it will be much faster since you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with their daily schedule.

Once you’re able to raise their hearts, you’ll be able to view some of their heart events and learn more about their lives. Eventually, you’ll even be able to be in a relationship with one of the bachelors and bachelorettes. We hope that our gifting guide has helped you!

We’ll be creating more guides as well for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. If you liked our gift guide, please check our other links in the menu since we’ll be providing you with more content soon. If you have any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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