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Beginner's Guide (Part 1)

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You’ve packed your bags and left the city, heading your way to escape the hustle and bustle. You have inherited the farm that your grandfather has pioneered in the past, and you must now bring it back to its glory. In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, you’ll start your journey as the new Resident and farmer.

There are a lot of things that you can do, so knowing which things to focus on when starting your farm life can be helpful. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll provide you with some tips and suggestions so you’ll know what you can focus on when starting out. In this first part of our guide, we’ll provide you the features and activities that you can do on your initial and second day.

Clear your Land

Upon arrival at Olive Town, you’ll notice that your motorcycle will end up damaged. Victor, the Mayor of Olive Town, comes to greet you and have it sent for repairs. Upon recognizing that you’re the grandchild of the former farmer, you’ll then be introduced to your farm. You’ll notice that the farm is in shambles since nature has reclaimed it after time has passed. On your first day, Victor will be providing your first set of tools that can help you clear your land.

Your first set of tools will be placed in your tool bag
Your first set of tools will be placed in your tool bag

In order to use the tools, open your inventory and check the tool bag button. This is a mini pocket that you can place your tools so they do not take up space of your regular inventory all the time. You’ll be provided with three tools at the beginning so you can clear your land.

  • Axe: This lets you chop down Trees so you can collect wood.

  • Hammer: This lets you destroy stones to get its pieces, as well as Ores that you can process. You can also smash the ground flat if it was tilled.

  • Sickle: This lets you cut wild grass that’s growing all over your farm land.

    Use these tools to make space for your Crops to grow. It would be best for you to make a small clearing nearby your tent first by removing any Trees, stones, and grass that’s in the way. Be mindful of your stamina however, and always check the heart icons. You wouldn’t want to get too exhausted. It would be best for you to avoid clearing everything on the first day as well, since you’ll be needing some of them later.

    Clear a small area of land near your tent to prepare for seeds
    Clear a small area of land near your tent to prepare for seeds

    There will be instances as well where you’ll find wild Crops in your farm. Make sure to harvest them since you’ll need initial Income that you can put in your shipping bin. Items that are placed there get sold, and you’ll get your Money at the end of the day.

  • Plant your Crops

    On your second day on the farm, Victor will come by once more in order to provide you with more tools. You’ll get your Hoe, a Watering Can, some seeds, and a well. These are all items that you’ll use in order to start planting and growing Crops. Most of your crops will be your basic source of Income by placing them in the shipping bin as well. Here are the tools that you can get, as well as their functions:

    Planting tools are provided on the second day
    Planting tools are provided on the second day

  • Hoe: You can use this tool to till the fields which lets you plant seeds on them.

  • Watering Can: You can use this to water your seeds each day until they’re ready for harvest.

    Place the Well on a Location that’s going to be near your Crops, this way you’ll be able to refill your Watering Can faster. You will then use your Hoe to till some land, so make a patch that can hold each seed that you have acquired. Take note that seedlings will need to be planted directly on the ground instead of tilled soil.

    Plant your first batch of seeds
    Plant your first batch of seeds

    Once the seeds have been placed, you’ll have to water each of them using your Watering Can. There’s a counter on the lower right side of the screen which shows how much water is in it. You can then refill it by using the well. Your plants will need to be watered each day, unless it rains since this automatically waters them.

    You can check your radio inside the tent to see the upcoming weather forecast. This way you’ll know if you will require days where you need to water or not. This will let you manage your inventory better by placing the required tools.

  • Check the Mines

    On the upper left side of your farm, you’ll find a cave that’s blocked by some stones. Break them with your Hammer, and you’ll be able to access the mines. Here, you’ll be able to find different stones that you can collect items from.

    Go to the upper left side of your farm to find the mines
    Go to the upper left side of your farm to find the mines

    The mines will let you descend to different levels underground. There will be instances where you’ll find shiny objects on the wall and on the ground. Use the Hammer on the wall and you’ll be able to get items like Ores, while shiny objects on the ground will require you to use your Hoe.

    Keep your Hammer and Hoe in your inventory while at the mines
    Keep your Hammer and Hoe in your inventory while at the mines

    Using the ladder to go back up will bring you to the very top, so you don’t have to worry climbing up the levels multiple times. Try to reach the bottom of the mine, and you’ll find a small surprise there!

    Talk to all the Residents

    Once you’re able to clear some land and plant your Crops, you’ll eventually run low on stamina. The day might still be long however, so you can start talking to the Residents in Olive Town. Go to the north side of your farm, and you’ll be there immediately. Check your Town Map to see the locations of residents, and start talking to them.

    Check the Town Map to know where the residents are
    Check the Town Map to know where the residents are

    You will realize that you’ll be able to form relationships with the Residents, be it friends or if you’ll want something more than that. By befriending the residents, you’ll be able to unlock heart events, and even get some tools that will be useful such as the following:

  • Fishing Rod: Go to Marcos’ house on the lower right side of the town by the beach. Going inside the house while Manuela is there will trigger a short scene where she’ll give you the Fishing Rod.

  • Camera: Go to the Olive Museum located to the north by the town square. Entering it for the first time will trigger a scene where Gloria will ask for your help in developing the museum. The camera will be given to you for taking Photos of wildlife.

    Going to each house in the town will provide you the facility functions and their opening hours. Residents can also be provided with Gifts each day; this will raise their heart levels with you. You can check our Gift guide for more information about their favorite items, even their Birthdays.

  • Repair the Dilapidated Coop

    Upon working on your farm, you’ll notice that there’s an old house there that looks worn out. You’ll then be introduced to repairing facilities, and in this case, you’ll find the dilapidated coop. In order to raise chickens, they’ll need a home. There’s one chicken roaming your farm at the beginning, and you can only tame them once you have repaired the facility. In order to repair the coop, you’ll have to provide the following items:

    The Dilapidated Coop is found on the left side of your farm
    The Dilapidated Coop is found on the left side of your farm

  • Log: 20 pcs

  • Stone: 20 Pcs

  • Grass: 30 pcs

    All of these materials can be obtained using your tools. Chop Trees, break stones with your Hammer, and cut grass using your Sickle in order to get them. Once you have these items, you can repair the coop and tame the chicken. They can provide you with eggs each day, and you can let them outside of the coop so they can graze and eat the grass.

    The first two days in the game can pass by quite fast, but there are a lot of activities that you can do within given that time period. Since the day goes quickly compared to real time, you’ll want to make the most out of your routine. Make sure to use the shipping bin in order to make Money, you can place harvestable Crops as well as Fish when starting out for your Income.

    In our second part of the guide, we’ll provide you with the activities you can do on the third day onward. We hope that Part 1 of our beginner’s guide has helped you. We will also have other pages available that provide you with the other features of the game, so please make sure to check them out.

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