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Farts of the Future Past

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Walkthrough and Guide by Paul (vhayste)
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Farts of the Future Past

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As soon as the mission starts, head over to the nearest fast-travel point and use it to go to Main Street or just walk all the way east to reach the Mayor’s Office. After the cutscene, meet up with Morgan Freeman in his taco shop to learn your next objective.

Upon reaching his shop, Morgan Freeman will serve the Seven Layer Queserito Chipotle Beefy Nacho Supreme which will allow you to travel through time with the power of your ***. He will also remind you that there’s no turning back at this point so make sure to complete the other quests you want to partake, craft the items you want, set up your artifacts, power, and DNA, and collectibles you want to collect. When ready, eat the godly food and follow the onscreen prompts to trigger the time leap.

After waking up, leave the taco store for a cutscene. Shortly after, you’ll be in a battle against the Woodland Critters. Be careful; these furry satan-worshiping animals hit hard with high HP pool to boot. Beary, the fat bear, has only one AoE move that covers a very wide area and also causes Burning. You’ll have to focus your attacks and heal regularly to overpower them. For the first turn, they’ll have the first attacks so interrupt them by at least using Timefart Summon to get a free attack.

Let them finish their attacks to trigger a mini-game where you’ll have to smash the F key to pray for Christ. However, instead of Jesus, Santa will fall down from the sky. Thankfully, he’ll fight on your side to even up the odds. The battle will start again but with more enemies on the left flank. Santa will be able to hold them up while you take care of the right flank.

To start off, have Santa summon the Gingerbread Man that will act as a distraction. His main attack is Santa’s Bat, capable of damaging and knocking back targets with a range of three tiles in front of him. Furthermore, Santa can also take turns quickly, making him a very valuable ally in this battle. Make sure to use a timefart when the critters on the right start their turns. Your priority is to take out Beary first if possible. If not, you can concentrate on their “softer” targets like Porcupiney or Racooney.

Beavery is the only healer of the group and he’s on Santa’s flank. You must clear out the right flank as fast as you can to assist Santa in finishing off the other critters on his side of the battlefield. Save your Ultimate and use AoE finsihers to maximize your damage across multiple targets. If you’re in a bind, don’t hesitate to use Moses to heal the entire party including Santa. Otherwise, use other offensive Summons instead. After successfully beating them, you’ll get the Festive Verse artifact, $11.17, and 150XP.

After the battle, loot the presents nearby to get some components. Walk to the left then loot the white gift box beside the D-Mobile store to get the Egg of Everlasting Life Recipe. Finally, head inside the Unplanned Parenthood abortion clinic to trigger a short cutscene. When you see the prompt, perform another time leap.

This time leap will take you to the time when you started the game. After the scene, you can head to your room and collect the items there in case you haven’t collected them yet. You can also loot the other containers inside the house for more components. When you’re ready, open the door to go outside and trigger yet another battle; this time against the Stick of Truth versions of your teammates. For this battle, I’ll strongly suggest to hold on to your consumable Summons until the last battle with the King and his trusted heroes.

You’ll be fighting old self, as the “Almighty King Douchebag”. Interrupt his first move with a Summon timefart. Keep attacking him to force the King to retreat. His bodyguards will enter the battle in his stead. The first one is Warrior Clyde with his army of warriors. In the other hand, your teammates will be replaced by Mosquito, Tupperware, and Toolshed. Clyde will buff his warriors with Protection in the first turn. His warriors are softer targets but you don’t need to eliminate all of them; just focus your attacks on Clyde. His warriors will retreat once he’s down. Keep distance and use your range advantage against them.

Next, you’ll be fighting Thief Craig and his Shadows. This time, Fastpass, Wonder Tweek, and Super Craig will be your allies. The shadows are very soft but can deal considerable damage when left on their own devices so make sure to use AoE attacks with status ailments. Like Clyde, you only have to focus your attacks on Thief Craig to win this round and force him to retreat. He will continuously summon shadows so it’s not that beneficial to attack them unless Craig is out of range and you have no other valid targets. Thief Craig will keep his distance and will position himself behind his shadows so take advantage of Super Craig’s Mega Fist Punch to knockback his target and deal knockback damage to Thief Craig if he happens to be standing behind Super Craig’s target. If you already filled your Ultimate gauge, you can use a single-target ultimate as long as it can deal heavy damage or instantly knock out Craig.

After defeating Craig, you’ll have to deal with High Jew Elf Kyle with Call Girl, Mysterion, and Human Kite as your allies. Once the round starts, he’ll start with an AoE attack. At this point, your Timefarts should be available already. Interrupt this attack to prevent damage to your teammate. Summon will still be the best timefart to use here. Kyle will be easier to beat due to his lower HP and defense. Preferably use moves that can pull him towards your position to get him near your teammates’ attack range easily.

Once High Jew Elf Kyle has been defeated, Paladin Butters will revive the other heroes and will join the battle with the King. Your original team lineup will become available here. Use your AoE Ultimate if you haven’t used it yet then focus on taking out Paladin Butters, High Jew Elf Kyle, and Thief Craig in that priority. You can change the priority target, depending on your lineup but those three must go since they’re softer targets and can wreck havoc to your team when left on their own. Warrior Clyde will be able to cast Protection on all his allies so he needs to go before you take on King Douchebag himself.

If Butters survived for a full turn, watch out for the Microaggression prompt to heavily damage him. King Douchebag’s AoE attacks have very large ranges and status ailments which can damage multiple allies at once; however, this will allow quick recharging of the Ultimate gauge, as long as you press the spacebar quick enough.

Don’t hesitate to use a healing or attack summon when your party is heavily damaged or when there are multiple heavily-damaged targets so keep your offensive instead of healing individually with items or powers. Once the King is alone, make sure to carefully reposition your allies so that they won’t get caught in his attack range. However, you can retain an aggressive position in front of him as long as you have Protection like Super Craig and Captain Diabetes. As long as you keep him busy with a tank to target and debuff him, you should be able to take him down in a few turns. You’ll receive the Elven Relic, $10.89, and 565 XP for winning the battle. Watch through the next cutscenes.

Once you’ve been transported in your time on the night when your dad XXXX’ed your mom, leave your room to encounter the familiar-looking faces. Take a selfie with them to add James, Percy, and Jesse as new followers. Next, enter your parent’s room to trigger a cutscene and learn about your character’s origin. Perform another time leap again once prompted but this time, you can believe in yourself. Do so and you’ll perform a proper time leap.

After the cutscene, follow the Coon and head to the left to join with the other Freedom Pals. In a turn of events, you’ll have to fight both Coon and the Human Kite. If the latter is part of your party like I did, you’ll have to find a replacement for him, preferably a ranged healer/attacker like Wonder Tweek or Fast-Pass. The main objective is to attack both of them and ensure that they get knocked out at the same time; otherwise, both of them can be revived with full HP instead. Once the battle starts, Human Kite Connor will activate a Deflector shield which will heal Human Kite and redirect the damage to the Coon instead.

Keep attacking Human Kite to knock out Coon and force him to reveal “Mitch Connor from another timeline”. You’ll have to alternate your attacks between them since they’ll be tricky to hit and damage. Avoid attacking the one with the deflector shield on since it will heal the user and redirect the damage to the other Mitch Connor. You can’t really do anything with the reversals activated by the cheating Mitch Connors so just go along with the fight until Dr. Timothy finally overrules Mitch Connor’s cheating privilege, leaving the party in a fair fight. You can now attack them normally and you don’t have to finish them off at the same time anymore. Focus on taking out the Coon first before finally finishing off Human Kite. This should end the battle shortly after. You’ll obtain scrap and biohazard components, $8.86, and 450 XP.

After the battle, you’ll be in a long cutscene. When you get to the point where you have to show the people the evidence of Mitch Connor’s plans, open your Coonstagram and keep scrolling until you find the selfie you took in Dr. Mephesto’s lab. Press space to upload the image to Call Girl. This is the last action you need to take before wrapping things up and completing the game. Congratulations!

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