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URGENT: Fell the Lagiacrus!

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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URGENT: Fell the Lagiacrus!

Hunting Quest: Hunt a Lagiacrus
Unlocked: Complete “Dragon Lady”

Reward: 4200z
Contract: 400z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Deserted Island

Subquest A: Wound Lagiacrus's Chest
Reward: 600z

Subquest B: Deliver 1 Wyvern Tear
Reward: 1200z

Though you may have wiped the floor with the Lagiacrus in the Trial of the Sea Dragon urgent quest, you'd be mistaken to conclude that this monster is nothing but a pushover. This quest is quite different. This time, you're going for the kill and the majority of the fight will take place underwater, where Lagiacrus is in its element.

Hopefully by now you're comfortable controlling your character underwater having fought the likes of Royal Ludroth and Gobul in previous quests. If you're still having trouble adjusting to underwater combat, you may require some practice before you're able to complete this quest. Try facing Royal Ludroth and Gobul a few more times until you have the underwater controls down pat.

Lagiacrus is a considerably tougher fight underwater, so prepare well.

For starters, the easiest weapon to use underwater is a Lance. The Lance weapon type provides by far the best defence and its Dash attack can be used offensively and as a means of getting you out of trouble. If you've been playing solely offline, the best Lance available to you at this point is the Rampart, which you can make by following the Iron Lance path.

As always, make sure you have some healing items in your inventory as well as a decent supply of Whetstones before setting out. You can produce a Mega Potion by combining a Herb and a Blue Mushroom to make a Potion and then combining the Potion with Honey to make the Mega Potion. If you don't have Honey to make the Mega Potions, regular old Potions will do.

Bring at least one Sonic Bomb if you're interested in completing Subquest B, which requires you to deliver one Wyvern Tear to Base Camp before completing the quest. Lagiacrus may drop a glittering spot if you throw a Sonic Bomb at him while underwater. Gather at this spot for a chance to find a Wyvern Tear, which you can then turn in at Base Camp to complete Subquest B. If you don't have any Sonic Bombs in your Item Chest, you can create one by combining a Screamer with Gunpowder. Screamers are common loot when hunting the Great Jaggi or Qurupeco, and you can create Gunpowder by combining a Fire Herb with a Nitroshroom.

Consider bringing a trap or two with you as well. Unlike Pitfall Traps, Shock Traps can be set underwater. Make a Shock Trap by combining a Thunderbug with a Trap Tool. You can bring a Pitfall Trap too for use on land if you wish; create one by combining a Spider Web with Ivy to make a Net and then combine the Net with a Trap Tool. Though you can only hold one of a trap type in your inventory, you can also carry with you the materials for two more traps and combine those materials in the field.

Lagiacrus is in Area 11 to start. There's a secret passage in Base Camp you can use to jump right to Area 9, which will shorten your trek. Remove the Map, First-aid Meds, Rations, EZ Flashbomb and Mini Oxygen Supplies from the Supply Box, then walk down the steps straight across from the red Delivery Box and dive into the water. Continue swimming north through the underwater passage to reach Area 9.

Make heavy use of your shield when facing Lagiacrus underwater.

From Area 9, make your way to Area 10 and then swim out to Area 11. Approach Lagiacrus once in Area 11 and strike it a few times in the chest before it emits a deafening roar. Before you consider it, do not attempt to lure Lagiacrus to Area 10 and then onto land for an easier fight because although it may follow you into Area 10, it won't follow you onto land and will remain in the water indefinitely.

Keep an eye on the Oxygen Gauge on the left side of the screen while facing Lagiacrus underwater. Because the Oxygen Gauge takes so long to deplete, it can be easy to forget about. If your hunter is running low on oxygen, you have a few options: take the time to surface, look for restorative bubbles on the sea floor or use a Mini Oxygen Supply.

No matter the weapon type you're using, focus your attacks primarily on Lagiacrus's chest, neck and head. Its chest is the most susceptible to cutting and impact damage and also the easiest to hit when fighting him underwater, so focus your attention there. Attack Lagiacrus's chest enough and you'll wound it, satisfying Subquest A as well. Dark gashes will be visible on Lagiacrus's chest once it's been wounded.

When attacking Lagiacrus underwater, there are two ideal ways you can position your hunter: either just a bit to the left of Lagiacrus's right arm or just a bit to the right of its left arm. Since Lagiacrus is quite easy to read even underwater, you can avoid most of its attacks by simply dodging to the left or right. A couple of its attacks, such as its vertical tail whip, will often narrowly miss your hunter when it or she is positioned correctly. If you position your hunter as described above, you'll be able to strike Lagiacrus's chest with your Lance while giving yourself enough room to dodge an incoming attack.

You really need to watch out for Lagiacrus's Thunder-based attacks when facing him underwater. Not only are these attacks among the most damaging in its arsenal, if hit by any of these attacks your hunter will also sustain a potentially dangerous status ailment called Severe Thunderblight. A hunter suffering from Thunderblight is much more likely to be stunned by a monster's attack. This status ailment is bad news when facing Lagiacrus particularly because its physical attacks deal enough damage alone, but adding a stun on top of that will leave you vulnerable, likely resulting in an involuntary trip back to Base Camp.

If you are stunned, you can reduce the amount of time your hunter spends in this state by quickly rotating the Left Stick and tapping the A button. With any luck the Lagiacrus will be distracted by Cha-Cha in the meantime. If you manage to survive, swim away and consume a health item if need be before getting back into the fight.

Lagiacrus's Thunder-based attacks can inflict a potentially dangerous status ailment called Severe Thunderblight, which makes the afflicted more likely to be stunned by a monster's attack.

Lagiacrus has several Thunder-based attacks in its arsenal. The most common such attack you'll see is the lightning projectile attack it uses both underwater and on land. Luckily, this attack is easy to anticipate. When Lagiacrus rears its head back and energy begins to form in its mouth, prepare to dodge or swim to the side to avoid the projectile it will then fire directly in front of it. The projectile travels fast, so raise your shield if you don't think you'll have enough time to get out of the way. Lagiacrus will often fire off two of these projectiles in a row, so always be ready for a second one after avoiding the first.

Perhaps the Lagiacrus's most deadly attack is its electric shockwave. Before Lagiacrus can use this attack, it must first store enough electricity in the spikes on its back. Gathering this electricity requires Lagiacrus to perform a charge move first. When performing this move, Lagiacrus will arch its back and a field of electricity will appear around it. As soon as you see Lagiacrus arch its back and electricity begin to appear, get out of there any way you can. Dodging backward a couple of times should be enough to get you a safe distance away. Though a hunter hit by this move won't take a huge amount of damage, he or she will take on Severe Thunderblight. If you have a Sonic Bomb handy, you can throw one at the charging Lagiacrus to disrupt it.

As soon the electricity around Lagiacrus dissipates, quickly move in (with the Dash move if you're using a Lance) and you can get a few hits in.

After performing its electric charge move, the Lagiacrus will then begin charging electricity in its spikes. The spikes on the Lagiacrus's back will glow blue until it gathers enough energy and performs its electric shockwave attack. As well, one of Lagiacrus's physical attacks gains a Thunder property while its spikes are charging. This charged melee attack deals extra damage and inflicts Severe Thunderblight, so be careful.

You have to be especially vigilant while Lagiacrus's spikes are glowing blue because once it has gathered enough energy, it can then use its electric shockwave attack, which deals a massive amount of damage, inflicts the Severe Thunderblight status ailment and boasts considerable range to boot.

Remain vigilant while the spikes on Lagiacrus's back are glowing blue to give yourself a chance to get out of range of Lagiacrus's most damaging attack.

The attack begins with Lagiacrus arching its back, at which point electricity will begin to gather around it. The Lagiacrus will then begin to writhe around and a series of small, electric explosions will go off around it. A second series of larger explosions will then ensue further out.  These explosions can't be blocked, so they only way to avoid taking heavy damage here is to get enough distance from Lagiacrus so you're out of range. The key here is to be extra cautious while the spikes on Lagiacrus's back are glowing blue. As soon as you spot Lagiacrus arching its back, get as far away as you can and watch the light show from a safe distance. If you're wielding a Lance, use the Dash Attack (by pressing the X or button, depending on your controller configuration) to get some distance.

Aside from its Thunder-based attacks, the rest of Lagiacrus's underwater arsenal is pretty standard. Because Lagiacrus is quite big, its physical attacks, though easy to see coming, can be difficult to avoid. This is where the Lance weapon type shines once again. Make heavy use of your shield while facing Lagiacrus underwater, as most of its physical attacks, as well as its lightning projectiles, can be blocked with your hunting taking little to no damage.

Recall that while underwater you can use the ZL and ZR buttons at the top of your controller to quickly ascend and descend respectively. Using these buttons can often get you out of the way of an incoming physical attack. Because Lagiacrus is so easy to read, these buttons are especially useful if you're using a weapon other than a Lance. Note that these buttons will only work when your hunter is not moving, so if you want to quickly ascend or descend, stop moving and press the appropriate button.

As with many of the other monsters you've faced thus far, the end of Lagiacrus's tail can be cut by any melee weapon type other than a Hammer. Doing so will lessen the effectiveness of the physical attacks that involve the use of Lagiacrus's tail. You can also carve the severed end of the tail for an additional monster part (including a chance of carving a Lagiacrus Tail).

If you wish to cut Lagiacrus's tail for the extra carve, don't bother attempting to do so while facing Lagiacrus underwater. Cutting Lagiacrus's tail underwater requires far too much effort when hunting solo and you'd do better to concentrate your attacks on Lagiacrus's chest as much as you can. You can cut Lagiacrus's tail quickly once it has ventured onto land, so just be patient if you're after that extra carve.

You can quickly cut  Lagiacrus's tail once it ventures onto land in Area 10.

Keep up the fight underwater and Lagiacrus should eventually venture onto land in Area 10. Lagiacrus's on-land move set is thoroughly underwhelming, so there's nothing to worry about. This is your chance to cut Lagiacrus's tail if you haven't already. If cutting Lagiacrus's tail is your goal, focus all of your attention on its tail until you've cut it, as Lagiacrus won't stay on land for long. Refrain from carving the severed tail until Lagiacrus is back in the water to avoid putting yourself in unnecessary danger.

On land, when the Lagiacrus takes a step back and momentarily hunches over on its hind legs, it will then slide forward. You won't take any damage from this attack unless you are directly in front of it or near its front legs. Immediately after this attack is a good opportunity to strike Lagiacrus's tail. Note that if the spikes on Lagiacrus's back are glowing blue because it charged while underwater, an electric field will appear around it as it slides forward. This electric slide deals more damage and also inflicts Severe Thunderblight, so you'll have to be more careful if the spikes on Lagiacrus's back are glowing blue.

Lagiacrus's on-land tail whip is similar to the Royal Ludroth's, albeit more deadly because the Lagiacrus is considerably larger. Lagiacrus first performs a wide bite to one side and then whips its tail back around soon after. If you're nearby Lagiacrus when starts to perform this attack, roll toward its head to avoid being whipped by its tail. Cutting Lagiacrus's tail will significantly reduce the effectiveness of this attack, making it much easier to dodge.

Lagiacrus can use the same lightning projectile attack on land that it uses underwater. Just like its underwater counterpart, this attack is easy to see coming and thus nothing to worry about. When Lagiacrus rears its head back and energy forms in its mouth, it will then spit the lightning projectile a few paces in front of it. Simply sprint away or roll to the side to avoid being hit.

Continue attacking Lagiacrus on land in Area 10 until it dives back into the water. Follow it into the water after downing a healing item if necessary and sharpening your weapon. By now the Lagiacrus should be limp-swimming to Area 11. If you're wielding a Lance, charge after it with the Dash Attack and try to get a few more hits in before it can escape.

After a quick battle on land, follow Lagiacrus into Area 12 to finish the job.

If Lagiacrus is close to death, you won't have to fight it in Area 11 very long before it retreats to Area 12 to rest. Allow Lagiacrus to enter Area 12, and wait outside in Area 11 for a few moments before heading in. If you've waited long enough, Lagiacrus will be asleep, affording you some free hits. If you do enter the cave and Lagiacrus isn't asleep, back out and wait a bit longer before returning. If Cha-Cha is wearing the Fluffy Mask, give Cha-Cha the signal (by first pressing the Select button to bring up the Hunter menu and then pressing the Start button) when Lagiacrus flees into Area 12 and wait until the icon on the map turns teal, indicating that Lagiacrus has gone to sleep.

It can be difficult to fight Lagiacrus in the cramped space of Area 12, so finish the job as quickly as you can. If you have a trap in your inventory, set it next to the sleeping Lagiacrus to trap it and then continuously pummel it until it dies or manages to break free.

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Comments for URGENT: Fell the Lagiacrus!

11 comments, latest first.
Apr 3rd 2015 Guest
I recommend rathian armour with a gun so you don't get wrecked by his\her physical attack
ID #537024
Jan 21st 2015 Guest
Is there any way to get a tail drop without cutting it off? I have no other friends that play and I wanna make a Lagia Burst(Lagiacrus Gunlance)
ID #505160
Jul 10th 2014 Guest
Tnx i killed it with assualt axe+ with barroth set i use a male
ID #415479
Nov 22nd 2013 Guest
Thnx this has been very helpful I will try using the rampart...
ID #320977
Oct 24th 2013 Guest
what if u want to use a sord and shield
ID #316160
Oct 7th 2013 blackhawk9
man this monster is one terrible fight.
ID #313205
Jul 18th 2013 Guest
I used the Great Baggi Armor, it works great with the Negate Stun ability Smile
ID #298349
Sep 18th 2011 Guest
Use your valkyrie blade,10 mega and potions 8 W.D. steak. And Barroth armor. I used this to beat it, it was so easy. dont use the paint ball, it's useless. put Cha-Cha in his Acorn mask, use Fire element in him and Hunter skill, also put 5 attack jewels. Use auto-guard if u want.
ID #75104
Sep 4th 2011 Guest
lol im fed up of getting murderd buy this over grown sea lizzard xD. How do i kill it i only use the grate sword i usue the valkyrie blade ?? any suggestions Smile lol ??
ID #72445
Aug 28th 2011 Guest
i agree i need to know how im stuck! >:(
ID #70900
May 19th 2011 Guest
Please make it fast cause im getting bord
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