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Prescription Pick-up

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Prescription Pick-up

Gathering Quest: Deliver 2 Kelbi Horns

Reward: 600z
Contract: 100z

Area: Deserted Island
Time: 50 min.

Subquest A: Slay 5 Kelbi
Reward: 500z

Kelbi are relatively harmless deer-like herbivores. Most Kelbi will only attack hunters if the hunter strikes one of their kin. Male Kelbi are territorial and tend to charge at random, though they do little damage.

You're after two Kelbi Horns here. When carving a Kelbi, you actually have a much higher chance of carving a Kelbi Horn if the Kelbi is stunned as opposed to dead when you carve it. You go from having a 5 per cent chance of carving a Kelbi Horn from a dead Kelbi to a 58 per cent chance of carving one from a stunned Kelbi. As an added bonus, a stunned Kelbi won't be dead when you carve it, so you get out of having to murder a group of poor, defenceless creatures. Although you'll probably be leaving them with some head trauma, at the least.

Carve stunned Kelbi for a greater chance of obtaining a Kelbi Horn.

Only certain attacks carry the potential to stun, so you'll need to bring along a weapon capable of stunning. The Hammer is the stun weapon, as most of its attacks are capable of stunning. Bring a low-end Hammer, such as the Iron Hammer, so you won't kill the Kelbi while trying to stun them.

To stun a monster, you must attack its head. Hit a Kelbi in the head with the Hammer's Ground Smash attack (press the X button or push up on the Right Stick, depending on the control pattern you have set) and stars should appear above its head, indicating that it is stunned. Hit the Kelbi with another Ground Smash if the initial hit failed to stun it. Carve the Kelbi while it is on its side with stars over its head and the Kelbi will then get up and run off.

There are a few Kelbi at the west end of Area 3, and a lot more in Area 7. The Kelbi in Area 7 respawn indefinitely, so just keep going after them until you've carved at least two Kelbi Horns.  To complete Subquest A you must slay (or stun and carve) five Kelbi, so make sure you've done so before heading back to camp.

Return to Base Camp once you have two Kelbi Horns and deposit the horns into the Delivery Box to complete the quest.

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Comments for Prescription Pick-up

2 comments, latest first.
Nov 14th 2011 Guest
To the above commenter (even though you commented a LONG time ago):
You should sometimes try reading the whole quest paper instead of just the first page. You'll find a little story at the third page. In this quest, a part of it says something like "just stunning them should be enough." That's not enough of a hint for you?
ID #87448
Sep 27th 2010 Guest
How was I supposed to know I needed to stun them to get the horns? This sucks, I don't have the right weapon so unless I'm very lucky I'm not going to be able to finish this quest.
ID #13744