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Secret of the Crystal Bones

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Secret of the Crystal Bones

Gathering Quest: Deliver 4 Crystal Bones

Reward: 600z
Contract: 100z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Sandy Plains

Subquest A: Slay 4 Giggi
Reward: 200z

Buy five Iron Pickaxes from the market before setting out on this one. Crystal Bones can be mined from the ore deposits in Areas 6 and 11. Remember to grab the Torch along with the Map and Rations from the Supply Box.

The only way to get to Area 11 is to drop down from the cliff along the west end of Area 10. When in the desert areas -- Areas 8, 9 and 10 -- you'll need to drink either a Cool Drink or a Hot Drink to counteract the negative effect caused by the extreme heat or extreme cold. If it's night, drink a Hot Drink to keep warm. A cold hunter's stamina bar deteriorates more rapidly than default. If it's day, drink a Cool Drink. Overheated hunters gradually lose health.

Mine for Crystal Bones in Areas 6 and 11.

Completing the subquest requires killing four Giggi. Giggi are the small, slug-like creatures that will latch onto you and sap your health if you give them the chance. There are Giggi in Areas 7 and 6.

Return to Base Camp once you've mined four Crystal Bones and deposit them in the Delivery Box to complete the quest.

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Comments for Secret of the Crystal Bones

3 comments, latest first.
Jan 14th 2012 Guest
Also do a sub-quest, they will give you 1 or 2 pick-axes
ID #105892
Nov 18th 2010 Guest
just talk to the guys next to the camp fire and he'll give you a few pick axes
ID #18580
Aug 30th 2010 parkour3684
i started the quest without picaxes... is there any way to get more picaxes than there is that they give you? because i broke all of mine... :( what should i do?
ID #10825