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No Guts, No Glory

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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No Guts, No Glory

Gathering Quest: Deliver 3 Monster Guts

Reward: 800z
Contract: 100z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Sandy Plains

Subquest A: Slay 8 Delex
Reward: 200z

You can obtain Monster Guts by killing and carving the Delex in Areas 9 and 10. Delex are carnivorous creatures and aggressive, but they do not deal much damage. They swim through the sand in packs and look like a cross between a shark and a crocodile.

The Sword & Shield weapon type is a good choice for this task, as it will allow you to leap in (by pressing the X A buttons or by pushing down on the Left Stick) and lock a Delex into a combo. If you're using an upgraded Sword & Shield such as the Hunter's Dagger, you can likely kill a Delex with a single combo.

Throw a Sonic Bomb to turn up swimming Delex.

Included in the Supply Chest for this quest are two Sonic Bombs. Throw a Sonic Bomb near swimming Delex to root them up and temporarily stun them.

Although Delex do not hit hard, they can inflict an annoying status ailment called Light Waterblight with their projectile attack. While suffering from Waterblight, your hunter will recover stamina at a reduced rate. When you see a Delex hunched over with its head and torso up out of the sand, it's readying an attack. The Delex will spit a sandy projectile a few feet directly in front of it. Your hunter will suffer from temporary Waterblight if hit by this attack, so get out of the way when you notice a Delex hunched over with its head and torso up out of the sand

Completing the subquest requires killing eight Delex. You will likely achieve this in the course of gathering three Monster Guts, as they are uncommon carves. Return to Base Camp once you have at least three Monster Guts and deposit them in the Supply Box to complete the quest.

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Comments for No Guts, No Glory

5 comments, latest first.
Aug 12th 2013 Guest
I have been running everywhere looking for water lol because there usually In water but I have the upgraded hunters dagger it's green .. Wait the upgraded bone cris
ID #304429
Jul 21st 2013 Guest
The sword is called the hunters dagger because I have got it
ID #299068
Nov 7th 2011 Guest
They aren't dangerous...but they are really f*cking annoying.
ID #85888
Sep 2nd 2010 Scythesofwar385
I think thats the Assasins Dagger S/S

MH3 Name: Seth
ID #11132
Aug 29th 2010 Guest
what is that weapon he's using in the picture and how do get it early in the game?
ID #10748