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Loc Lac City

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Loc Lac City

Monster Hunter Tri's online mode takes place in the bustling Loc Lac City. You can hunt alongside up to three other players online and take on three monsters not found in the offline mode: Jhen Mohran, Deviljho and Alatreon.

Although the online mode is beyond the scope of this guide, many of the quests online mirror quests in the offline mode. Note that online quests are scaled in difficulty to accommodate the presence of up to four hunters. This means the monsters you face online will have more health and deal more damage than their offline counterparts, and you'll have to deliver more of an item to complete a gathering quest. Despite this, the walkthroughs contained in this guide can still benefit the online player because the monsters have the same move sets and the locations of items do not differ between the two modes.

Below is a list of all of the monsters that appear in both the online and offline mode and the names of the quests they appear in. Use this list so you can still make use of this guide if you've decided to forgo from playing the offline mode for whatever reason.

Great Jaggi
Offline: Big Game Hunting (Hunt), Who's the Boss? (Capture)
Online: Help the “Hunter” (Hunt), Who's the Boss? (Capture)

Offline: Playing with Fire (Hunt), Trapping the Trickster (Capture)
Online: Playing with Fire (Hunt), Tracking the Trickster (Capture)

Royal Ludroth
Offline: Save Our Boat (Hunt), A Royal Pain (Capture)
Online: The Fisherman's Tale (Hunt), The Fisherman's Tale (Capture)

Offline: Leading the Charge
Online: Leading the Charge

Offline: Accident Investigation (Hunt)
Online: Scene of the Crime (Hunt), Lady and the Gobul (Capture)

Great Baggi

Offline: Leader of the Icepack (Hunt)
Online: Leader of the Icepack (Hunt), The Butler's Great Baggi (Capture)

Offline: Dragon Lady (Hunt), A Royal Rumble (Capture)
Online: The Merchant's Mission (Hunt), A Royal Pain (Capture)

Offline: The Creeping Venom (Hunt)
Online: The Creeping Venom (Hunt), Fort Gigginox (Capture)

Offline: Fell the Lagiacrus (Hunt), The Lord of the Seas (Capture)
Online: The Fisherman's Fiend (Hunt), Rotten Fish (Capture)

Offline: Wrath of the Rathalos (Hunt)
Online: We Need a Hero (Hunt)

Offline: A Bard's Tale (Hunt)
Online: The Lost Expedition (Hunt), The Bard's Barioth (Capture)

Offline: The Horned Dragon (Hunt)
Online: Into the Danger Zone (Hunt), Wanted Alive (Capture)

Offline: Denizen of the Molten Deep
Online: Agnaktor Alert

Offline: The Volcano's Fury (Hunt), Uragaan's Trail (Capture)
Online: The Volcano's Fury (Hunt), To Catch an Uragaan (Capture)

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Comments for Loc Lac City

2 comments, latest first.
Sep 27th 2012 Guest
Uragaan also has "The Thrill Of The Hunt"

You forgot the high rank quests in other words
ID #189475
Jul 31st 2012 Guest
Uragaan has Phantom of the Uragaan also, but that is an Event Quest, and he is rather small XD So, I suppose it doesn't count. Smile
ID #170425