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A Royal Rumble

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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A Royal Rumble

Capture Quest: Capture a Rathian
Unlocked: Complete “Dragon Lady”

Reward: 5600z
Contract: 250z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Flooded Forest
Unstable Environment

Subquest A: Wound Rathian's head
Reward: 600z

Subquest B: Sever Rathian's tail
Reward: 600z

Another capture quest. This time, you're after a Rathian. You know the drill: beat her until she's limping, lay down a trap, lure her onto said trap and hit her with a couple of Tranq Bombs to finish the job.

The Supply Box for this quest holds an EZ Shock Trap, but it's always a good idea to bring an extra trap with you on a capture quest to avoid blowing the whole thing by setting your one and only trap at the wrong time. You can make a basic Pitfall Trap by combining a Spider Web with Ivy to make a Net and then combining the Net with a Trap Tool (buyable at the market) to make the trap. You can make a Shock Trap by combining a Thunderbug with a Trap Tool.

Set a trap for Rathian when she flies to Area 9.

At the start of the quest, be sure to remove the EZ Shock Trap and Tranq Bombs from the Supply Box, as well as the Map, First-aid Meds, Rations, Antidotes and Dung Bombs before setting out. Rathian is in Area 2 to start, so make your way there.

Rathian tends to move between Areas 1, 2 and 7. She flies to Area 9 when low on health. Aside from seeing her limp, her moving to Area 9 is a good indication that she's ready to be captured. From Area 9, Rathian will soon fly to Area 10 to sleep, but you might as well capture her in Area 9 because she will stick around there for awhile.

If you've hit Rathian with a Paintball or have Cha-Cha equipped with his Fluffy Mask, follow Rathian into Area 9, squash the Altaroth there and lay down a trap. Lure Rathian onto the set trap and position yourself so the trap is between you and her. When she sets off the trap, hit her with two Tranq Bombs to capture her and complete the quest.

Capturing a Rathian

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