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Monster Hunter Tri Cheats and Tips

We have 16 cheats and tips on Wii. If you have any cheats or tips for Monster Hunter Tri please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Monster Hunter Tri Questions & Answers page.

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Item Combinations

If you combine the indicated ingredients you will make the corresponding item.

Air Philter:

Airweed + Catalyst

Ancient Potion:

Immunizer + Kelbi Horn


Antidote Herb + Blue Mushroom


Popfish + Catalyst

Cool Drink:

Ice Crystal + Bitter Bug


Might Seed + Catalyst

Drugged Meat:

Raw Meat + Sleep Herb

Energy Drink:

Honey + Nitroshroom

Goldenfish Bait:

Sneakbee Larvae + FireFly

Herbal Medicine:

Bitter Bug + Cactus Flower


Dragon Toadstool + Catalyst

Iron Pickaxe:

Iron Ore + Bone

Large Barrel Bomb:

Gun Powder + Large Barrel

Mega A..

Unlock Online Awards

When you complete the following tasks in an online game the corresponding award will become unlocked.

Alatreon's Ring Award:

Slay Alatreon.

Arena Trophy Award:

Complete a City Tournament with at least an 'A' rank.

Artisan's Hammer Award:

Create many weapons and armors of Rarity 6 or 7.

Bionomical Report Award:

Capture all Boss monsters except Elder Dragons.

Copper Medal Award:

Complete City quests 1 through 3.

Decorative Plaque Award:

Develop at least 18 types of interior decorations.

Gold Medal Award:

Complete ALL City quests.

Jhen Crystal Award:

Slay the Jhen Mohran.

King's Crown Award:

Hunt ALL large sized (gold) monsters.

How to get a Kelby Horn

To get a kelby horn stun a Kelby with a shield bash or a sword slap and then carve them while they are sill stunned.

Unlock Offline Awards

When you complete the following tasks in an offline game the corresponding award will become unlocked.

Argosy License Award:

Trade in ALL 7 Rare Commodities to the Argosy Captain.

Champion's Badge Award:

Complete ALL coliseum challenges.

Chief's Garb Award:

Complete Village quests 1 through 3.

Chief's Pipe Award:

Complete ALL Village quests.

Farm Certificate Award:

Upgrade the farm to the maximum level.

Gem of the Depths Award:

Slay a Ceadeus.

Giant Crown Award:

Get a Silver Crown on ALL Village Monsters except Ceadeus.

Lackey Testimonial Award:

Raise Cha-Cha to level 30.

Old Childhood Mask Award:

Collect ALL Cha-Cha masks and learn all ..

Retrieving Stolen Items

When you have an item solen by a Felyne or Melynxe quickly hit them to get it back. If they get away you can retrieve your stolen item by going to the large cat statue on the map.

Section 9 Shortcut

To reach Section 9 quickly leave camp by going down to the dock and then jump in the water and swim downward through the tunnel.

Switch Axe Tutorial

Check out this video which demonstrates how to use the switch axe.

Switch Axe Tutorial Part 1

Watch the video

Switch Axe Tutorial Part 2

Watch the video

Section 7 Shortcut

To reach Section 7 quickly go behind the red delivery box at camp and then go through the entrance.

Scare Jaggi/Jaggia

Jaggi/Jaggia are afraid of fire, by holding your lantern you can cause them to stay at a safe distance (some may attack before backing away again) but by hitting them two or three times with the lantern you can scare them enough so they run from the current area.

Quick Guard

If you have your weapon sheathed and a monster is attacking and your weapon has guard capabilities(Great Sword, Sword and Shield, Lance) by Squeezing R, X and A(classic controller) you can perfom an immediate block.

Controller selection

This may not apply to everyone but I think using the wii remote and nunchuck instead of a classic controller is so much easier. All you gotta do is keep pressing A. Also, if you turn the remote or hold it straight up, it will do different attacks. Also, I think it's much easier to swim using the wii remote.

Well done steak every time

When you bbq wait till the song is over. Youll see the meat change color to a light brown, thats well done.

Monster Hunter 3 Tri Pro Action Replay Codes

Speed Hack ASM (Non-Host)

C22757EC 00000002

3D8040A0 618C0000

919E0354 00000000

E0000000 80008000

Online ASM Inf. Health (Non-Host)

C22762E0 00000002

3BE00010 7C00FA14

60000000 00000000

E0000000 80008000

Online MoonJump (Non-Host)

04275394 8803000A

04254B08 D01F007C

286593DC 00000004<--- Change this line if you use wiimote/nunchuck

C2275394 00000002

38000002 9803000A

8803000A 00000000

C2254B08 00000003

3E604200 927F7FF8

C01F7FF8 D01F007C

60000000 00000000

E0000000 80008000

To use this code, press Zr in-game to MoonJump

Online ASM Inf. Stamina (Non-Host)

C22768B0 00000002

3BE0000C 7C00FA14

60000000 00000000

E0000000 80008000..

Healing on quests with tough monsters

When you are facing a tough monster on a quest (aka a barroth Dx, you can go back to your camp and heal on your bed. Thus saving on potions, or if you don't have anymore. This also heals poison and whatever. However, it doesnt heal your stamina so if you do this make sure you have lots of stamina healing items.

Barroth's weakness

The Barroth's weakness is ice, (when there is mud on body)fire,(when there is a little tono mud on body)and water( both when mud and no mud on the body).

Severing Tails

heres a good hint for Hammer lovers. If you need to sever a tail hammer away at it until the monster falls over 2-3 times then using throwing knives(grab from felynes)hit the tail(need 4-5 knives) if you did it right you got yourself a tail

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