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Heat Exhaustion

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Heat Exhaustion

Gathering Quest: Deliver 2 Powderstones

Reward: 2500z
Contract: 250z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Volcano
Unstable Environment

Subquest A: Deliver 1 Powderstone
Reward: 2500z

Powderstone quests are essentially a hardcore version of the egg carry quests you've completed so far. As with the eggs in the egg hunt quests, your hunter must carry the Powderstone back to Base Camp without taking a hit or running out of stamina. Because this quest takes place in the hazardous Volcano zone, these Powderstones are hot, and so your hunter will continuously take a small amount of damage while carrying one. This means there is more to worry about than just dodging monsters: you have to make it back to Base Camp before the extremely hot Powderstone completely drains your hunter's life bar!

To make matters worse, Powderstones explode when dropped and broken, dealing a large amount of damage to anything caught in the blast. So if the extremely hot Powderstone is about to kill your hunter, dropping it certainly won't do you any good.

Cautions aside, this quest can be completed with ease given a little preparation. You'll need the Loc Lac armour set, an Ancient Potion and some Mega Dash Juice.

The skills on the Loc Lac armour set can make this quest a breeze.

First on the list is the Loc Lac armour. The Loc Lac armour set is a three-piece set consisting of the Loc Lac Shawl chest piece, the Loc Lac Kilt waist piece, and the Loc Lac Boots legs piece. What makes this set so useful for this quest is the Pro Transporter skill, which increases the speed at which your hunter moves while carrying a heavy object (i.e., a Powderstone or Egg). This set also boasts the Heat Cancel (Lo) and Recovery Speed 1 skills, which are also useful here.

Crafting the Loc Lac armour set requires four Velvety Hides, four Altaroth Stomachs, two Monster Fluids, three Jaggi Hides, five Jaggi Scales and 1500 zenni. Velvety Hides can be carved from Giggi, as well as Catfish or Jellyfish if killed by a Fishing Harpoon. Altaroth Stomachs and Monster Fluid can be carved from intact Altaroth corpses or received on the reward screen for some quests, such as the two-star “Bug Hunt” quest.

Once you have the armour set, you just need one Ancient Potion and at least two Mega Dash Juice. Consuming an Ancient Potion will max out the size of your hunter's health and stamina bars. Using an Ancient Potion will allow your hunter to hold on to the Powderstone for a much longer time before fainting. The item combination for Ancient Potion is an Immunizer and a Kelbi Horn. To get an Immunizer, combine a Catalyst with a Dragon Toadstool. To make a Catalyst, combine a Bitterbug with Honey.

Mega Dash Juice temporarily halts stamina depletion, which is useful here for obvious reasons. Combine Dash Extract with a Well-done Steak to make Mega Dash Juice. Make at least two for this quest. Dash Extract can be carved from the Royal Ludroth or received at the rewards screen after hunting or capturing him.

The Powderstone is in Area 10.

You're ready to depart once your hunter is wearing the Loc Lac armour set and you have one Ancient Potion and at least two Mega Dash Juice in your inventory. Remove the Map and Cool Drinks from the Supply Box and make your way to Area 10. The Heat Cancel (Lo) skill is only effective outside of Areas 9 and 10, so down a Cool Drink once you reach Area 9.

Kill the four Uroktor in Area 10 before doing anything else. When the area is clear, use the Ancient Potion and one Mega Dash Juice and then gather at the spot near the bones between the two mining spots at the south end of the area to pick up a Powderstone.

The route to take back to camp once out of Area 9 is through Area 8 to Area 5, then through to Area 3, Area 1 and finally to Base Camp. There is a chance you will encounter a Uragaan on your way back to camp. If you do, try your best to move around him. Sprint as widely around him as you can because his roar will cause your hunter to flinch and drop the Powderstone if you are too close.

Because you used Mega Dash Juice, you can sprint without worry of running out of stamina, so keep the R button held down at all times. Exit to Area 9 and make your way through to Area 8. There are some Melynx in Area 8, but they are easy enough to avoid with the Pro Transporter skill. Cross Area 8 to Area 5. There are Rhenoplos in Area 5; just sprint right past them  and enter Area 3. Areas 3 and 1 are clear for the first trip, so continue on to Base Camp and drop the first Powderstone in the Delivery Box.

The journey back to camp is an easy one with Mega Dash Juice and the Pro Transporter skill.

The trip back with the second Powderstone is a bit different. There are now Uroktor in Area 5, Bnahabra in Area 3 and Altaroth in Area 1. You should have no trouble swerving past these enemies with the Pro Transporter skill. Just hope you don't run into Uragaan.

Make it to Base Camp with the second Powderstone and drop it in the Delivery Box to complete the quest.

Delivering two Powderstones

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Comments for Heat Exhaustion

6 comments, latest first.
Feb 11th 2015 Guest
Wow u no ur stuff it worked first try and i dident even get to half life thank u ot was driving me nuts thank u so much
ID #514718
May 1st 2011 Guest

Isn't Uragaan a pain? I nearly dropped my powderstone out of shock when he poked that ugly mug of his round the corner- ha!
ID #40891
May 1st 2011 Guest
Hello, your guide is the best ever, but I think that you made a mistaik in Leading the Charge. You can actually get Spiral Lance by going along the Bone Path. Thanks again for this out-of-this-world guide, and thanks to you, I've completed the Offline game, thank you x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

I have also found that the Lance's Dash Attack works well against Barroth, after a few attacks and a limp, hit him with the Dash Attack and KO for the Brute!!!

Join me online, my name is Faye
ID #40880
Nov 16th 2010 Guest
Cheers thanks for the help you are a pretty good advise giver and im stuck on lord of the seas do you have any sujestions?[size=12][/size]
ID #18377
Jul 1st 2010 Guest
they were out of range
ID #2672
Jun 29th 2010 Guest
why didn't you get hit by the urugaan scream?
ID #2413