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Trapping a Trickster

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Trapping a Trickster

Capture Quest: Capture a Qurupeco
Unlock: Complete 'Playing with Fire'

Reward: 3600z
Contract: 150z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Deserted Island
Unstable Environment

Subquest A: Wound Qurupeco's head
Reward: 400z

Subquest B: Destroy Qurupeco's flint
Reward: 400z

You've slain a Qurupeco, so surely you can capture one. Recall that the goal of this type of quest is not to kill the target monster, but to weaken it until it's limping and then use a trap and Tranq Bombs to capture it.

The Supply Box for this quest holds an EZ Shock Trap, but it's always a good idea to bring an extra trap with you on a capture quest to avoid blowing the whole thing by setting your one and only trap at the wrong time. You can make a basic Pitfall Trap by combining a Spider Web with Ivy to make a Net and then combining the Net with a Trap Tool (buyable at the market) to make the trap. You can make a Shock Trap by combining a Thunderbug with a Trap Tool

At the start of the quest, be sure to remove the EZ Shock Trap and red Tranq Bombs from the Supply Box, as well as the Map, First-aid Meds, Rations, Paintballs and Sonic Bombs before setting out. Qurupeco starts off in Area 7, but will most likely migrate to another area before you have enough time to get there. He will most likely fly to Area 5, so head there first; wait around and he should soon appear.

Trap Qurupeco and hit him with two Tranq Bombs to capture him.

As you are already aware, Qurupeco can imitate the call of other monsters to draw them into the area. Because the environment for this quest is unstable, the monster Qurupeco calls in could be a Great Jaggi, some Ludroth, or the considerably more fearsome Rathian. You might have a tough time if he calls in a Rathian. If he does call in Rathian, it might be a good idea to duck into an adjacent area to sharpen your weapon or use a health item. With any luck, she won't stick around for long.

Completing Subquest A requires wounding Qurupeco's head. To do this, simply focus your attacks on his head and his beak will eventually break, indicating that his head is wounded. An opportune time to get some hits in on Qurupeco's head is when he has been knocked to the ground by your weapon.

To complete Subquest B, you must destroy Qurupeco's flints. The flints are on Qurupeco's wing-tips, which he claps together to create small explosions. Concentrate your attacks on his wing-tips to break the flint. If your weapon doesn't have green sharpness, most of your attacks will bounce off, but you're still doing damage (albeit less than your weapon normally would).

When Qurupeco limps and flies away, he will most likely retreat to Area 7. Try hitting him with a Paintball as he limps away if you don't have some other way of tracking him. Once you've found the wounded Qurupeco, set the EZ Shock Trap near the start of the area and lure him onto it by positioning yourself so the trap is between you and him. Hit Qurupeco with two Tranq Bombs while he is caught in the trap to capture him and complete the quest.

Capturing the Qurupeco

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Comments for Trapping a Trickster

10 comments, latest first.
Feb 5th 2015 Guest
simple solution to everyone's problem here. KILL THEM ALL. DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR.
ID #512059
Oct 8th 2013 blackhawk9
it says green sharpness is good but i only have the royal claw and that does water elemant damege not ice sooo its just plain hard
ID #313409
Oct 7th 2013 blackhawk9
dang dragon i use sns so i can throw sonic bombs drown out call sound dang bird
ID #313219
May 9th 2013 Guest
Rathian also showed up on my quest but I had ding bombs with me those gave me just enough time.
ID #281296
Mar 14th 2013 Guest
the rathian shows up only on day for me so I did the quest during nightime.
ID #263531
Sep 17th 2012 Guest
What's the rathian I've never heard or seen one cuz I'm only on 3 star quests
ID #186783
Oct 19th 2011 Guest
thought the game had glitched when that dragon showed up...
ID #81359
Aug 4th 2010 Guest
And after you leave for a while, she seems to chase you ¬_¬ every area you appear in she follows
ID #7462
Jul 20th 2010 Guest
Sorry if I already sent this, but the rathian for me never leaves, follows qurucepeco everywhere
ID #5394
Jun 28th 2010 Guest
just tryin 2 catch quru then... evil dragon shows up. lovely
ID #2220