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Herbivore Egg Hunt!

Monster Hunter Tri Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Herbivore Egg Hunt!

Gathering Quest: Deliver 2 Herbivore Eggs

Reward: 1000z
Contract: 100z

Time: 50 min.
Area: Sandy Plains

Subquest A: Deliver 1 Herbivore Egg
Reward: 1000z

Subquest B: Slay 5 Jaggia
Reward: 900z

Egg hunts are a bit different from the kind of gathering quest you're used to. Though Monster eggs are placed in your inventory when collected, your hunter must literally carry each egg from the monster's nest back to Base Camp and deposit them in the Delivery Box. Your hunter is left very vulnerable while holding an egg. If an enemy hits you or your hunter's stamina reaches zero, your hunter will drop and break the egg. Thus, while carrying an egg back to camp, you'll have to sprint past the monsters in each area and avoid getting hit -- all while keeping an eye on your hunter's stamina bar.

The Herbivore Eggs are in Area 7. There is a secret passage in Base Camp that leads right to Area 7. The passage is at the southwest end of camp. Head left from the Supply Box (after collecting the Map and Rations) and enter the tunnel there to skip to Area 7.

In Area 7, consume as many Rations as necessary to max out your hunter's stamina bar and then search the pile of bones under the tree at the west end of the area to find a Herbivore Egg. There are Rhenoplos here and they are very territorial, so immediately start sprinting to the exit at the east end of the area and enter Area 5.

There are five Jaggia in Area 5 (which you can slay to complete Subquest B -- but that can wait until you've delivered the egg!). Immediately start sprinting toward the exit to Area 4. Jaggia are slower than the Jaggi, and with any luck Cha-Cha will have them distracted, so just make a beeline for Area 4 and spin your camera around using the D-pad or Right Stick so you can see if any Jaggia are coming toward you.

In Area 4, hug the north wall of the area as you make your way to Area 1. There are only Aptonoth in Area 1, so you're home free once through Area 4. Deposit the Herbivore Egg in the Delivery Box once at Base Camp to complete Subquest A.

Delivering the first Herbivore Egg

You must deliver one more egg to complete the quest. The route here is a bit different, and the monsters present in a couple of the areas you just passed through have changed. Start by using the secret passage at Base Camp to skip to Area 7. In Area 7, eat a Ration or piece of meat to increase the size of your hunter's stamina bar and then search the pile of bones under the tree at the west end of the area to find another Herbivore Egg.

When you have the Herbivore Egg, sprint across to Area 5 just as you did before. Sprint past the five Jaggia in Area 5 again and enter Area 4. In Area 4 there are two Rhenoplos and two Altaroth right at the entrance. Curiously, a large boulder now blocks the exit to Area 1, so this time you'll have to sprint across Area 4 and enter Area 3. The Altaroth are the biggest problem here, as they will continue to follow you until you're out of the area. Keep sprinting to avoid getting hit; with a full stamina bar, you'll be able to make it before your hunter becomes exhausted and drops
the egg.

There are only harmless Felyne in Area 3, so you can take your time here. Hang back before entering Area 2 and wait for your hunter's stamina bar to refill completely. Area 2 is the toughest to get through unscathed. There are Rhenoplos and Melynx in this area. The Melynx in particular are the problem, as they move quickly and lunge when they attack. Sprint around the Melynx and Rhenoplos and spin your camera around so you can see the enemies behind you as you sprint to Area 1. Swerve to the side if you see a Melynx running toward you.

There are three Rhenoplos in Area 1. They're easy enough to get past. Sprint to Base Camp and deposit the second Herbivore Egg into the Delivery Box to complete the quest.

Delivering the second Herbivore Egg

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Comments for Herbivore Egg Hunt!

4 comments, latest first.
Jun 3rd 2011 Guest
shake the nunchuk (if using a wii remote)(once you are facing the red box) is a good choice as sometimes pressing A unsheathes your weapon, which is annooying because you drop the egg, so try shaking the nunchuk,

I hope this helps Smile
ID #46657
May 24th 2011 Guest
Every time I go to deliver the egg, it breaks, how do i literally put the egg in the box, please be as specific as possible, you can't hurt my feeling by being condescending, I don't care, just tell me what to do!
ID #44751
Aug 30th 2010 Guest
If you give a herbivore egg to the old man at camp, he will give u "Dash Juice" that gives you unlimited stamina which lasts long enough to do another egg run. You can repeat this to stock up on dash juice (if you dont use it to fetch another egg).
ID #10846
Jul 17th 2010 Guest
good guide.
ID #4826