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- Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Zaeed: The Price of Revenge

This is available as soon as you recruit Zaeed (DLC character only accessible through the Cerberus Network) from the dock at Omega. He has a job to finish, on a planet called Zorya, where a refinery has been taken over by Blue Suns mercenaries and must be liberated. There are a lot of choices to make during this quest.


Travel to Zorya through the Mass Relay and into the Ismar Frontier, before directing the Normandy towards Faia. Land on theplanet Zorya in this system.

Liberate the Refinery:

Once you land you can see the refinery in the distance. Use the sun-baked path to proceed. Zaeed has helpfully tapped into the Blue Suns' radio system, so you can hear the mercenaries react to your presence. There are no enemies for a while, however. First, you will come to some Dead Bodies that you can investigate. Zaeed recognises the workmanship.


Evidence of the Blue Suns in the area does not take long to find.

On the path ahead feel free to shoot the pyjaks scurrying around. Soon you will go under a small bridge and come to an open area with cover in. As you may have guessed, this is the first location for a Blue Suns encounter. Take cover and pick off the Blue Suns Troopers in the region, as well as the Heavy firing rockets from the gangway above.

As you move around the area reinforcements will come in, signalled through the radio. As well as Troopers, you will encounter some Pyros and a shielded Heavy in this battle. Once you hear 'all squads, fall back', the level is clear for you to explore. Access the PDA leaning against a crate towards the exit of the area and collect the Med-Kit in the corner underneath the structure built into the cliff.

Move along the path out of this area and access the Bridge Controls. Zaeed reveals that he started the Blue Suns mercenaries, along with Vido, the man in control of the refinery. These two did not end on the best of terms (Vido having shot him in the head...), and Zaeed now wants revenge. Paragon or Renegade points are available depending on how you handle this conversation.

Once you have crossed the bridge, follow the path, collecting the Refined Palladium on the way, and enter the door at the end. Vido meets you inside. He taunts Zaeed until he loses his cool and fires, eventually blowing igniting the gas in this refinery. Deal with him how you see fit, with obvious good/bad morality choices.


Zaeed makes a Renegade choice of his own.

Defeat the Blue Suns:

Once all this is done, you will be back in gameplay and face a few Blue Suns mercenaries as Vido retreats. Kill the first mercs and stumble through the explosions to get some Refined Palladium and through the door.

It is at this point that the major decision in this quest must be made.

Note: if you choose to save the refinery but your Paragon rating isn't high enough, you risk losing the loyalty of Zaeed. It is recommended that you save your game here in case the decision does not work out.

Above you is a refinery worker who states that there are other workers trapped inside. You can choose to go and help the refinery workers, who of course are only trapped because of Zaeed's petulance, or continue on to chase down Vido. While you will come pretty close to getting Vido if you help the workers, Zaeed will not be best please as he still escapes. The two choices are given walkthroughs below – skip to whichever one you take and ignore the other.

Saving the Trapped Workers:

If you choose to save the refinery workers, Zaeed is angry but eventually follows you. From where you begin following the cut scene, head straight on and enter the door to the left by bypassing it. Go up the stairs and through the next door. Redirect the fuel using the Fuel Control in the next room. Do the same at the next panel. To your right will be a Generator Pipe to salvage, so do this and move through the flames to go upstairs. Ignore the trapped workers, focusing instead on diverting the fuel using the panel nearby.


You are the refinery workers' only hope.

Go up to the next floor with this done. Get the Refined Palladium in the nook to the left, before using the gangway to bypass the flames blocking your original path.

Enter the next door and access the Research Terminal for an ammo upgrade. Access the Fire Extinguisher System using the panel by the window to save the refinery workers. You now have a chase on to catch Vido. Move through the door that unlocked when you extinguished the flames to see a refinery worker thanking you below. Skip the 'Stop Vido Santiago' section to get the walkthrough for the rest of the mission.

Stop Vido Santiago:

If you choose to stop Vido, you will have plenty of Blue Suns to fight. Move through the door and the next room until you come upon some Blue Suns Troopers. Take them out and move on. Soon you will engage some more Troopers but most importantly, a Blue Suns Pyro. Do not allow him to get close to you, using biotics if necessary to pick him up and remove the threat. Access the terminal for an assault rifle upgrade, and get the nearby credits from the Servo before pressing onwards. In the next area you will encounter more Troopers and another Pyro. With the first wave taken care of, more will follow, including a Blue Suns Heavy, complete with RPG, to the flank. After all this has been done, both paths (whether you saved the refinery workers or not) now form up for the last stage of the level.

Chase Vido:

Follow the path ahead, collecting the Refined Palladium, then pick up the M-451 Flamethrower on the floor in the next room. Move into the room to the right and engage the Blue Suns Troopers inside.


Eliminate the Blue Suns Troopers to move on.

Be sure to collect the Power Cells in this room, and use the Weapons Locker to swap out the Flamethrower if you would prefer something more functional for the battle ahead. You can also salvage the Servo in this room for some credits. Proceed through the door by the Weapons Locker to begin a fight with a lot of Blue Suns Troopers. Use the pipes for cover as you press through the room. There are Troopers throughout the room, including the corners, so check your flanks as you move.

Once in the centre, more Troopers will enter the room as the fuel tanks above spring into action. If you get caught in the flames underneath them it will dislodge your from cover, so ensure you bring them down with weapons fire, preferably on top of the enemy, as soon as possible. Some sneaky Pyros may also try and get around behind you, so try to spot them as early as you can to avoid this.

With the room clear, move up to collect the Med-Kit as a YMIR Mech shows itself. As usual, equip heavy weaponry and use Overload to take down its shield and armour. You can then move into the rooms on the left and right hand sides of the area to salvage the machinery inside before returning to the middle. Directly ahead is the door you want to proceed.

When you enter, a cut-scene will play and the level will effectively end. You still have choices to make, however. If you picked the Renegade option of ignoring the refinery workers earlier, Vido will be killed be Zaeed. If you did the Paragon one, however, Zaeed narrowly misses Vido. Zaeed turns on you, before being crushed by a pillar from the crumbling refinery. You can use a Paragon option to save him and gain his loyalty, or regular conversation to merely salvage your team mate but fail the loyalty element.


Zaeed's character may not appeal to Paragon players

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