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DLC: Normandy Crash Site

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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DLC: Normandy Crash Site

This content was available at launch. Having downloaded the Normandy Crash Site DLC (free with access to the Cerberus Network), you will receive an email and an 'Explore Normandy Crash Site' tag will appear on your Galaxy Map.

To get to the crash site, that is the location where the Normandy ends up at the start of Mass Effect 2, head through the Mass Relay, into the Omega Nebula and to the Amada system. Highlight the Planet Alchera to receive notification of an anomaly, then scan for it and land once you have pinpointed and probed the location. There are no real objectives to this, except to put the memorial monument in a valid place, but there are plenty of chances for reminiscence and resource collection are on offer.

There are no enemies to shoot on this one, so Shepard does not need to take a team.

Once you land, there are three things to do. You need to collect twenty dog-tags of people who died with the original Normandy to return to their families. There are resources, such as Iridium and Element Zero to collect. You can also trigger flashbacks of the first Normandy by exploring.

We miss the old Normandy

To the right of where you begin is the first dog-tag. They are easy to spot even from distance because of the tell-tale glint to them. Below is a list of all the dog-tag locations, along with what else you can find in the vicinity:

Note that directions such as left, right and front given here are based on the direction you face when you begin, pointing from the shuttle towards the Mako.

1) To the right of where you begin
2) Straight-ahead from the shuttle where you begin, just to the right of the rocks where the 'Normandy' plate is.
3) To the left of the Normandy name-plate, by some cargo containers.
4) In the bottom-left corner of the map, by the Normandy hull (this also triggers a reminiscence scene)
5) Among the rocks to the left of the Mako (the Normandy's land vehicle)
6) In the breakable crate to the left of the Mako (there is some Refined Element Zero to the left of the Mako too)
7) In the corridor of hull round the corner to the left of the Mako (this also triggers a reminiscence scene). Note that this is also one of many locations where you may plant the memorial monument, just in front of the entrance to this piece of corridor.
8) Just behind this section of hull amongst the rocks.
9) In the fragile crate behind this section of hull.
10) At the end of the narrow slice of ice that goes off to the left of the Mako
11) Just in front of the Mako (the Mako is also a reminiscence scene)
12)  In the corner of the slope in front and to the left of the Mako.
13) Behind the Normandy escape pod, to the right of the Mako (there is also some Refined Element Zero nearby).
14)  In the breakable crate up a slope to the right of the escape pod.
15) Underneath the arch of debris to the right of the Mako
16) In the breakable crate near the arch to the right of the Mako
17) In the cockpit section of the hull submerged in the hills to the right of the shuttle and Mako (this also triggers a reminiscence scene).
18) In front of the Galaxy Map, all the way up the slope in front of the Mako (there is also a datapad containing the logs of Navigator Pressly here) (there are also two reminiscence flashbacks to be triggered)
19) In the hull section submerged in the hills behind and to the left of the shuttle and main Normandy hull, and behind the corridor memorial site (this is another reminiscence flashback).
20) Just outside this same hull section.

The Mako of the original Mass Effect

There is an N7 helmet on the upper ground in front of the Mako, along the path stretching out to the right. This is placed on Shepard's desk on the new Normandy. There is also some extra Element Zero under the arch of debris to the left of the shuttle.

With that, you can return to the shuttle to go back to the Normandy.

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Jul 5th 2011 Guest
i found 21 dog tags??are there more
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