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The Collector Ship

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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The Collector Ship

After you have completed five missions since Horizon (these will probably include the recruitment of Tali, Samara and Thane, and two loyalty quests (see below) if you have been following this guide), the Illusive Man will contact you with information about a Collector Ship, apparently undefended and ripe for exploration. The course will be automatically plotted for you, and after a few cut-scenes you will appear on board.

Note: If you want to play available Loyalty Missions now, skip past this section of the guide and refer back to this stage when you encounter the Collector Ship.

Explore the Ship

Move through the corridors until you come to a Pod to examine. It's the same as the ones on Horizon. Continue on and investigate the Dead Bodies in the corner. Soon you will come to an area with some Collector Technology to salvage to the right, and a Med Kit further on. Save your game and then use the Control Terminal to give EDI some information to dissect. She makes a startling discovery. Once you have digested this, you are given a choice of character upgrades. These change based on your class, so pick wisely. Having saved here, you can always change your mind having tried out the new perks. You will find some Power Cells, Refined Element Zero and a Weapons Locker nearby.

The Collector Ship is full of hidden items

Salvage the Collector Technology at the top of the ramps. Through the short corridors, access the Control Terminal for an upgrade. Up the top of the next set of ramps you'll come 'outside'. Eventually you'll drop down and have access to the Collectors' Command Console. Doing so will force a cut-scene, and then trigger a Collector trap. The platform we were standing on has been raised up, and other platforms full of Collectors are heading our way. Try to pick off any you can see on approaching platforms, before retreating behind cover to allow them to get closer. Note that the Harbinger takes control of enemies on this level, so try to destroy any prospective hosts before it gets the chance.

A platform will arrive with a Scion on it, and you should prioritise this (unless the Harbinger is in the area). Collector Assassins will also pose a threat, but not anything you should not be able to handle. Remember to use heavy weaponry if necessary, and there are also some more Power Cells on one of the platforms that arrives. When the area is clear, head back to the green console to contact the Normandy once again.

Deal with the Collector trap

Following this, you will be sent back into the centre of the Collector Ship, and it will be revealed that the Illusive Man led you into this situation deliberately. There will be time to debate that later, however, and the Collector Ship is beginning to power up, so it's time to get back to the shuttle.

Return to the Shuttle

Descend the ramps, collecting the Med Kit and salvaging the Collector Technology on the way. In the next area some Collector Drones will attack. Take them out quickly to prevent the Harbinger from intervening, but it is inevitable that it will possess one of your targets. Break out the heavy weaponry to deal with it quickly. Dispatch the Drones and Collector Guardian the next level down. Move up the ramp to the left once you get to it, ignoring the route straight ahead. More enemies will appear as you move in this direction, including Collector Assassins.

Take out the Collector Assassins as you move up the ramp

Move as far along the upper area as possible, and you should see some Power Cells below. Collect them, and then move into the next alcove along. Pick up the Refined Element Zero and Med Kit. Walk back into the centre of the area and drop down to the left. Continue down the slope and the Praetorian will emerge.

It is good to split your squad here, having them keep it busy down low while you pummel it with heavy weaponry (there are more power cells on the lower floor if you want to risk getting them) and other attacks from above. It can still pursue you upstairs, however. Note that as on Horizon, the Praetorian will recharge its Barrier regularly, damaging everything in the area in the process, so it is important that as soon as the Barrier is down, you do as much damage to its Armour as possible, and then retreat when the warning signs of its recharge show. You will also need to watch out for Husks lumbering towards you, but these obviously do not take priority. With the Praetorian defeated, collect the Power Cells on the lower level (if not done already), and move out.

Kill the Praetorian

Once EDI gets the doors sorted out, proceed through the corridor and access the Control Terminal and salvage the Collector Technology on each side of the room. Through the next door you will be assaulted by Collector Assassins, Drones, Guardians, the Harbinger and Abominations (these explode when they are killed or get close to you). Up the ramps more will attack, as well as a Scion. If you still have the ammunition, use your heavy weaponry to deal with the Harbinger or Scion in this section, as you are near the end of the quest now.

With the room clear, move back down and through the corridors. Dozens of Husks will attack you on this final slope, so switch to a shotgun if possible and favour close-range, area effect attacks. With the Husks destroyed, progress to the end of the level.

Joker gets the Normandy away from the Collector Ship just in time. Back on board, you can confront the Illusive Man and report back to the crew, with Paragon and Renegade points available along the way. The location of the Collector homeworld was discovered from the information given to EDI, but getting there won't be easy. You are asked if you want to continue to upgrade your team before heading out to the next objective. I recommend doing this, simply because there is no reason not to, unless you are going for a super-speedy play though. You can still do the loyalty missions after the next main story mission, however.

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It would be helpful to tell us which squad members are the most effective to complete this difficult mission.
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