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DLC: Firewalker: Artifact Collection

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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This DLC is part of the Firewalker Pack which is available free for anyone with access to the Cerberus Network. It was released on March 23rd 2010. This particular pack includes the Hammerhead vehicle and five missions to try it out on.

DLC: Firewalker: Artifact Collection

You unlock this assignment as soon as you discover the Hammerhead. Enter the Verr system of the Hawking Eta cluster and scan the planet Corang to find the anomaly to land at. This is the first Firewalker mission where the Hammerhead will be physically involved in combat. We need to locate Dr. Cayce's additional survey sites and retrieve the data from them.

This level uses the same blue cylinders as before to show you where to go. From where you begin, Geth Troopers will be in a line in front of you, trying to take you down. Feel free to sit there and pick them off, or satisfyingly ram past them. Once you get close to the blue light, a Geth Dropship will land some Troopers, but most importantly, a Geth Colossus, to guard the site. Stay below the platform, out of site, and jump directly up while firing your rockets to hit the Colossus before returning safely to cover out of its reach. Repeat this until its shields and armour are down. You can then move in to finish off the rest of the Troopers.

Bear in mind that the Hammerhead is not robust in combat, and a few well placed shots will set its alarm off, and a few more will make it catch fire. It does recharge its health, but can easily be destroyed by a Colossus if you take them head on.


Hop up the side of the platform to attack, before retreating back below

With the platform clear, move in and mine the area indicated for artefacts. Zoom onto the next one, ignoring the Geth on the crest of the jump if you wish. You can survive in the acid briefly, but it's best to stay on dry land, so land on the rocky islands to the left as the next Colossus comes into view. Hop to the rock on the left with the mine site on. From here you should be able to target the Geth without them being able to reach you. If necessary, move onto the central island to get some shots away and then retreat back to allow your shields to recharge. Avoid the acid at all costs if the Hammerhead is damaged. Hop around and use your agility to avoid the devastating attacks. While mopping up the Geth Troopers and Destryers, run them over for the easiest kills.

Collect the next artefact and move on. Jump up the wreckage and ramps behind the island and go through the tunnel to emerge next to the third artefact. Geth will again drop in, so use the right hand side of the area and the cover available to hop and dart out to get shots on the Colossus without risking your ship.

With the artefact collected, climb up the brown structure in the corner of the area to get a convenient slope from which to jump to the next artefact (see video below).

The best tactics for dealing with the Colossus, and finding your way to the fourth artefact

Mine the Platinum on the platform in the acid, and jump towards the next objective. A Geth Prime and Colossus are guarding the dig site. Use extreme range to attack from distance and duck back behind the scenery to avoid gunfire. Move in and pick up the artefact when ready. Enjoy the huge jump nearby to speed to the next artefact (ignore the Geth en route). Don't power onto the final artefact too quickly, however, as two Geth Colossuses are waiting for you. Strafe, jump and shoot to deal with them, before getting the final artefact and volunteering to return to the Normandy once you've explored, if you wish.

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Jun 10th 2013 [email protected]
how do i recover the artifacts what do i press when i am on the yellow pad or circle i get how to kill the enemy how do i recover the artifact
ID #289376
Jun 10th 2013 Guest
how do i recover the artifact i see the yellow circle the blue light but how or what do i press to recover the atrifact i get how to kill the enemy how do i recover the artifact
ID #289373