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DLC: Firewalker: Recover Research Data

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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This DLC is part of the Firewalker Pack which is available free for anyone with access to the Cerberus Network. It was released on March 23rd 2010. This particular pack includes the Hammerhead vehicle and five missions to try it out on.

DLC: Firewalker: Recover Research Data

Once you have completed the initial task to unlock the Hammerhead, you can travel to Karumto in the Yakawa System of the Caleston Rift. Scan for the anomaly and land at the source. We must collect the lost research from the team behind the Firewalker project. It is inside a research station on the planet.

Locate the Research Station:

Now you can see why it was called Firewalker, as the Normandy drops the Hammerhead onto a volcanic planet. You will have to disembark at one point during this mission, but there are no enemies. If you fall into the lava you will be unable to get out and the Hammerhead will be destroyed, failing the mission.

From where you begin, boost through the corridor and jump onto the outcrops of rock when you enter the open area. Jump from the one on the right to one on the left and mine the area (Y on Xbox 360) to unearth some Iridium. To cross back over, you will need to land on the pillar of rock in the centre of the lava.


Land on this pillar to jump to the other side

Jump between the ledges on the right-hand side until you land by a tunnel. Enter it and mine the Iridium once you emerge on the other side. The base is just ahead, so press B (Xbox 360) when prompted to disembark and enter.

Find Clues:

We now need to find clues to the whereabouts of Dr. Cayce. Use the Medical Station and head upstairs. Enter the room on your right once you come to a dead-end. Examine the Computer Console to play a journal of Dr. Cayce. You should bypass the door to the right before doing anything else. Inside is some Refined Iridium. You can then move back through. In the lower stage of the main room is a Locker with credits inside, a Terminal containing another log of Dr. Cayce. Once you have cleared out the room, activate the Sensors using the panel in the corner of the room.


Activate the base's sensors

This has activated the power grid, causing the area around the base to lose stability. The level shakes a lot, but you shouldn't be under too much threat and can stop to collect any items you may have missed (within reason). The structure of the base has changed, and when back in the corridor you must go through the other door to bypass a hole in the floor. Enter the door and you will find yourself in some crew-quarters. Read the Datapad for another log and open the Wall Safe for credits.

Go out of the other door and you will re-enter the cargo bay and be able to leave in the Hammerhead. You still have to get off the planet, however, which is losing its structural integrity.

Jump over the first gap and boost into the tunnel ahead. Hop over the obstacles in the tunnel and jump the gap when you emerge. There is another hole in the path soon after, and a much larger one, so use a combination of boost and jump to clear it. The next gap has a small pillar with an Iridium source on it, so collect that and move to the next part. Speed through the next tunnel, manoeuvring around the obstacles once again. There is a false crest to the next jump, and you should allow the Hammerhead to travel onto the bridge before jumping or you will not be able to clear it.


Don't jump too early or you will fall into the lava

With this done, boost through the cave to end the level in dramatic style.

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