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Mass Effect 2 Cheats for Xbox 360

Cheats and Tips for Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Guide
Mass Effect 2 Guide
Complete guide to Mass Effect 2 with videos and text. DLCs also included (Zaeed, Kasumi, Normandy Crash Site, Firewalker Pack)

We have 18 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Mass Effect 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PC : PlayStation 3

You can also ask your question on our Mass Effect 2 Questions & Answers page.

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SuperCheats Guide to Mass Effect 2

Our unofficial guide to Mass Effect 2 is now complete and online.
The guide takes you through the whole game and all the DLC's currently available at the time of writing (Zaeed, Kasumi, Normandy Crash Site, Firewalker Pack).
The guide includes tons of videos and screenshots to help you see what we are talking about as we go through each level of the game, and is accessible by following this link: - Mass Effect 2 Guide

Imported 'Mass Effect' Character Bonuses

Characters imported from 'Mass Effect' will gain the following bonuses if they have the indicated requirement.
30k Credits:
Import a level 50 'Mass Effect' character.
50k Credits:
Import a level 60 'Mass Effect' character.
100k Credits:
Import a 'Mass Effect' character with the Rich Achievement.
2k Experience Points:
Import a level 50 'Mass Effect' character.
4k Experience Points:
Import a level 60 'Mass Effect' character.
5k of each Resource:
Import a level 50 'Mass Effect' character.
10k of each Resource:
Import a level 60 'Mass Effect' character.
Start as a Level 5:
Import a level 60 'Mass Effect' character.

Planet Scanning

When you press Y the planet information screen on the right will reveal if it is 'Rich', 'Moderate', or 'Poor'. Rich planets usually give about 10+ good scan for ores. Ore yields vary from 1,500 to 3,000. Moderate will give about 8+ good scans, but around 35% to 55% yield compared to rich planets. Poor will give 5+ scans with yields 5% to 25% compared to rich planets.

Prequel Bonuses

When you have a saved game file from the original 'Mass Effect' and use that profile in 'Mass Effect 2' you will receive the following bonuses: Experience points based on your previous level; resources for weapon and armour upgrades; and Paragon and Renegade Points (this includes a bonus if you have the maximum amount of either Paragon or Renegade points).

Element Zero Locations

The following is a list of planets where you can find Element Zero.
Calestone Rift
Aysur, Arvuna (moderate)
Balor, Calestone (moderate)

Crescent Nebula
Lusam, Tarith (rich)
Zelene, Helyme (moderate)

Eagle Nebula
Amun, Anthur (rich)
Amun, Sekhmet (moderate)
Relic, Preying Mouth (rich)

Far Rim
Dholen, Gotha (moderate)

Hades Nexus
Hekate, Asteria (poor)
Hekate, Bothros (poor)
Pamyat, Dobrovolski (moderate)
Sheol, Gel Hinnom (moderate)

Hawking Eta
Schwarzschild, Etamis (rich)

Hourglass Nebula
Faryar, Daratar ..

Unlimited Squad Points

Press A + X when you are evolving a skill to level 4 and you will regain ALL spent squad points and keep the skill evolution. This glitch works best when you have 10 available points so you can keep repeating the process in one single session without leveling up your character allowing you to upgrade ALL skills.

Completion Bonuses

Complete the game. When you now start a new game session with the cleared saved game file you will get the following bonuses. Select Loyalty Bonus Skill at the start; retain Skill Points from first session; retain level and experience points from first session; Renegade/Paragon points reset to neutral; +25% experience bonus for ALL characters; and your previous weapons and armor (but no upgrades).

Bonus Skills for Shepard

When you have completed a character's loyalty mission you will unlock a new skill for use by the main character. To select or change which skill you are using you must complete the 'Advanced Training' research upgrade on your ship. On your first character you will need to train to use these skills but for each character made or imported after unlocking these skills you can pick them immediately upon creation.
Biotic Barrier:
Complete Jacob's Loyalty mission.
Geth Shield Boost:
Complete Legion's Loyalty mission.
Inferno Grenade:
Complete Zaeed's Loyalty mission.
Complete Samara's Loyalty mission.
Shield Drain:
Complete Tali's Loyalty mission.
Complete Miranda's Loyalty mission..

Easy Mining Planets

Go to the Vallhallan Threshold and look for the three planets hidden in the asteroids as they are ALL 'Rich' with materials that help towards upgrades.

Rapid fire M-920 Cain

This weapon inflicts high damage and is very effective against armour, shields, and barriers. To rapid fire the M-920 Cain keep 'Fire' held while pressing 'Reload' after each shot and the shots will keep firing during the previous shots explosions.

Bonus Paragon and Renegade Points

When you see a prompt at the top left area of the screen during conversations quickly press LT when the wings appear to receive extra Paragon points and if you quickly press RT when the star appears you will get extra Renegade points.


When you reach a certain amount of points in the game the following armour along with it's indicated bonus will become available for purchase.
Armour Sets
Blood Dragon Armour:
+15% power damage, +10% shield strength; requires 'Dragon Age: Origins'.
Terminus Assault Armour:
+10% storm speed, +15% shields, +1 weapons reserve ammo; requires pre-order bonus code.
Inferno Armour:
+10% negotiation bonus, +10% power damage, +10% storm speed by 10%; requires pre-order bonus code.
Collector Armour:
+10% regeneration, +10% storm speed, +20% health; requires Collector's Edition.

N7 Helmet:
+5% health.
N7 Breather Helmet:
+5% health.
Kuwashii Visor:

Good Ending 'Renegade & Survivor'

If you want to see the good ending then check out the following video.

Double Your Hacking Rewards

Sometimes when you have completed a hacking mini game for credits etc. you can press A repeatedly as the window closes and cause the game to glitch out allowing you to hack again for more credits.

Unlock Alternate Colour Schemes and Loyalty Skills for Party Mem

When you complete the Loyalty missions for each of your party members their individuals skills and alternate colours for their costumes will become unlocked.

Geth Pulse Rifle

The Geth Pulse Rifle can only be found on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty. During the recruitment mission for Tali, look for the rifle in the same room you find Tali. It will be sitting on the ground next to a destroyed Geth.

No One Left Behind/Suicide Mission

If you're having a hard time completing the No One Left Behind achievement, these are just a few tips to ensure everyone gets back alive.
1. For the sake of the achievement, you need to recruit all available companions. These DON'T include the DLC companions.
To ensure success, get every companion loyal, which means completing each loyalty mission for every companion.
Some questions people have had with loyalty, have been about Zaeed, and the Miranda/Jack situation. Speaking from a personal experience, in my first play through I got this achievement with NOT having Zaeed loyal, and also NOT having Jack loyal. If you have companions who aren't loyal, just don't put them in any main roles, which will come up later. (See #3)
2. Acquire all ship upgrade..

Wall crawler

In grunts right of passage when you go to activate it for the second time if you time it just right you can walk on top of the gate and the side walls.

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