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Legion: A House Divided

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Legion: A House Divided

Legion is now a part of your squad. He also has a loyalty mission to embark on, and you can set this up as soon as you finish activating him. Speak to him and he will inform you that he has discovered a weapon that the Reapers plan to use against the Geth. It is a virus to reprogram the non-believing geth to the heretical viewpoint. Understandably, Legion does not like the idea of this. He recommends you set a course for the Heretic Station, an ancient and long-forgotten space station dominated by the heretical geth. Once on board, Legion will be able to access the virus, stored on the station's data core. The Normandy's stealth systems will come into play to safely get to the station.

Set a course as soon as possible, because otherwise EDI brings the IFF online and it minimises your options later. The station is in The Sea of Storms system of The Phoenix Massing through the Mass Relay.

Heretic Station:

Once aboard, Legion informs you that destroying the station is not the only option to stop the virus. They could reprogram it to alter the minds of the heretic geth to revert to the mainstream point of view. This is a decision you will have to make later.

Legion has distracted the heretics, who are now working to remove some faulty data that he uploaded to their system. This means that any alarm raised will only alert geth in one room.

Collect the Med Kit to the right and head downstairs to see the first alarmed room. Do not step over the green lines!


Move past the green lines, not over them!

Move to the left to avoid the green data stream, before approaching the locked door ahead. Look to the right as you get near it to see some geth linked with the main system. You will have to break the green line to reach the door, so these geth must be deactivated first. Shoot the hub that they are connected to. This will create an explosion damaging the units, but you will still have to fight some. Focus on the Hunter to make light work of this room. The initial explosion will knock the geth down, but few will have been destroyed. Some of the geth may be able to flank you if you are not paying attention, too.

Salvage resources from the destroyed hub once the room is clear.

Head through the next door and turn right down the corridor. Press A (Xbox 360 controls) while looking at the two turrets ahead to get Legion to assume control over them, allowing you to use them to attack the geth. As you reach a certain point geth will spawn in, but the turrets should help take them out relatively easily.

Go through the door at the end of the Geth barricade to enter another alarmed room. There are two hubs in this one, so you will have to choose which to destroy first. You may as well blow up the one nearest to you as you go in, but bear in mind that this will have activated the geth coming from the other direction. Mop up the geth by the first hub, then wait for the other active geth to reach you before taking them out. When the room is clear, head to the second hub and destroy it, deactivating the alarm. Salvage both hubs and move out of the room.


Pick a hub, any hub

In the next corridor you will find a couple of the few active geth on the station (shielded Geth Troopers in this case) roaming around. Take them out from range and collect the Med Kit at the end. Proceed up the slope to the right when ready. Once you reach the top, two more Geth Troopers are active.

Enter the door at the end of the corridor. Inside are two turrets for Legion to take control of. Once this is done, move quickly into the room to trigger a geth attack (note that the turrets spontaneously explode after a certain period, so activating them too early is therefore a bad move). You will have Geth Hunters (at least one cloaked) and Troopers in this wave, but the turrets combined with your team should deal with them easily enough. Just make sure you don't focus too much on the centre of the room, or you may be outflanked.

Move into the next corridor, collecting the Power Cells and Med Kit before entering the door on the right hand side of the corridor. Move down the set of slopes, picking up the Refined Palladium to the right at the bottom. Go through the door behind you. As soon as you enter, have Legion activate the turret to the right and it will begin ripping into some geth. Assist with this, then bypass the Geth Terminal once the room is clear for a Geth shield upgrade for Legion.

Go through the door out of this area, moving down more slopes and through the door at the bottom. Stick close to the edge of the path to avoid the data streams. This is quite a tight road to move along, so if you accidentally trigger the geth early, just stay calm and wait for them to come into range before attacking. At the bottom, one hub is to the left, the other to the right, by the door. Move round so are you close enough to one hub to take all the geth near it out, and blow it up. The geth by the other hub will activate, so turn your attention to them when this is done.


The geth are quick to get to you once activated

Once the geth are taken care of, blow up the second hub to deactivate the data streams and open the door (don't forget to salvage the hubs too). Go through into the next corridor, getting Legion to comment on the Geth Servers to your right.

When you enter the next room, resist the urge to access the turrets as soon as you enter. We will be defending this area and they will be invaluable, later. Collect the Med Kit overlooking the large area below and access the Geth Terminal. Legion will wait for your command to begin before uploading the command to the core, as heretics will stream towards your position to defend the station.

Defend the Core:

There are four defence turrets on the lower level, with two upstairs. Obviously you want to save the latter for the end when you may be getting overrun. Once you agree to begin, pick one or two of the turrets on the ground floor as the first wave of enemies enters the room. The first wave contains Geth Troopers, and a turret combined with sniper or biotic support should prevent any from reaching the ramps up to your position. Note that you can choose to save the turrets for the second and third waves, but as you can only control two at once, there is no point in leaving them all to the end.

For the second wave, activate another turret or two. This one contains rocket geth, who can really hurt you even in cover upstairs. Focus unreservedly on the rocket geth, leaving the Troopers for the turrets. Some may reach your position up high, but don't activate the last two turrets unless you really have to.

Wave three is Geth Hunters and Geth Troopers. There are no rocket geth, so it is not much more difficult than wave two. Activate any remaining turrets downstairs (save the two upstairs until you get overrun, or they will just explode before anything comes into range), and focus on the Hunters. Break away from your cover to guard the ramps if the geth advance too far, and activate your last turrets if need be.

Defend the data upload

With the waves repelled, you have to decide what to do for Legion and the geth. Rewrite the heretical geth using the virus, or destroy them. Rewriting the programming of sentient AI is arguably as bad as killing them, so it is more of a grey area, but the Renegade option is still most definitely destroying the station. Rewriting the heretics may cause problems when they merge with the rest of the geth, while destroying the station will leave heretics unaffected elsewhere in the galaxy.

Escape the Station:

Once your decision has been made, a timer starts and you have three minutes to escape the facility. You should be able to do this comfortably, as long as you don't get bogged down in cover too much against the earlier enemies. First, run along the gangway and through the now-open door. Around the next corner are a few Geth Troopers. After you have killed around five Troopers and rounded a couple of corners, a Geth Prime will loom large. On harder difficulties this takes much longer to kill. Switch to heavy weaponry and use Overload if available to take him out as soon as possible. The Prime is guarding the dock to the Normandy, so as soon as you destroy it, run for the door behind to escape the station.

Race to flee the station

Back on the Normandy, Tali, if recruited and her loyalty quest completed, goes to have an argument with Legion. She hates the geth, and wants to shoot Legion rather than have him on board. This, like the argument with Miranda and Jack earlier, will result in one of the two losing their friendship and loyalty to Shepard for the rest of the game, unless you have a high enough Paragon or Renegade rating to pick those respective conversation options. Tali caught Legion sending information about the location of the Migrant Fleet to the other geth, but the experiments of Tali's father suggests to Legion that the quarians were planning to attack them. You can solve it amicably with Paragon or Renegade conversation, with Legion agreeing to stop transmitting, and Tali offering some non-critical information for him to send, or you can side with one squad member, again at the expense of the other's loyalty.

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May 19th 2012 Guest
There are actually 6 turrets on the bottom floor when you're defending the core
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