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DLC: Firewalker MSV Rosalie

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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This DLC is part of the Firewalker Pack which is available free for anyone with access to the Cerberus Network. It was released on March 23rd 2010. This particular pack includes the Hammerhead vehicle and five missions to try it out on.

DLC: Firewalker MSV Rosalie

Having downloaded the Firewalker pack through the Cerberus Network, you will receive a message at your Private Terminal asking you to investigate a crashed science vessel that had been testing a new planet-exploration vehicle, called Hammerhead. The task is to locate the ship, the scientists and their prototype vehicle.

The planet that they crashed on is marked on the Galaxy Map. It is the planet Zeona in the Elysta system of the Ismar Frontier. Scan the planet and land at the anomaly site.

The Normandy shuttle lands next to the cargo container that houses the Hammerhead. Bypass the computer controls to unearth the M-44 Hammerhead. You can effectively fly quite high in this vehicle, by tapping A or holding it in sustained bursts (Xbox 360 controls). The idea is to aim for the blue funnels of light, where you can then collect the scientists' missing research. You hold Y (Xbox 360) to make the vehicle scan the ground. You must fight to hold it in place as it scans.

Use the Hammerhead's airborne capabilities to work through the blue funnels, collecting data as you go

The second funnel should be in view from the first one and is easy to get to. You then need to blast a hole in the debris in front of you (using the Hammerhead's missiles with RT [Xbox 360]) to access the third one. Explore the next section until you find it. The next set are up high, and you need to effectively use the Hammerhead's jump to scramble up the crevice to access them. Use a combination of boost and jump to reach those highest up, and move from rock to rock until you have collected them all.

When it is confirmed that the mission is complete, return to the Normandy when prompted. You now have the Hammerhead as a permanent Normandy vehicle!



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