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- Miranda: The Prodigal

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Miranda: The Prodigal

Miranda's loyalty mission is located on Illium in the Crescent Nebula. Speak to her on the Normandy and she'll tell you about her past, a difficult relationship with her father (who she ran away from when young), and a twin sister. The sister, Oriana, is on Illium but apparently Miranda's father is attempting to capture her - Miranda had previously liberated her from her father. You need to go to Illium and make sure Oriana makes it off Illium.

Investigate Oriana:

On Illium, head for the Eternity bar. In one of the side-rooms you will find Miranda's contact (you need to have Miranda equipped for this). Miranda's friend Niket has offered to escort Oriana to the shuttle terminal as her father is intent on finding her with his mercenary army, and may be watching Miranda. Our job is to distract the mercenaries with a little diversion.

Team Selection:

You have to take Miranda on this mission, so pick a biotic or heavy to accompany her (depending on what your own speciality is).

Distract the mercenaries:

Your car is shot down as planned, so now it's time to keep the mercenaries busy. Unfortunately, the mercenary leader reveals that Niket has betrayed Miranda. Miranda also didn't tell you that Oriana is just a girl, having been created from her DNA and still young. You have the chance to do a Renegade interrupt once it's clear that diplomacy won't get Oriana back, but Miranda will do the job for you if you do not want to tarnish your rating.

When combat begins, watch out for the Eclipse Engineers, who will use their shields and heavy weaponry to knock you out of cover.

Beware of the Eclipse Engineers' rockets.

Push through the docking bay and round the next corner, where more mercenaries will confront your squad. You will then come to an elevator. Once you get to the top, head to the right into a shipping container. Hack the PDA inside and then move out into the open. Use a sniper rifle to take out the mercenaries from range. Push up once the area is clear. Travel through the shipping container on the right, collecting a Med Kit in the first part and a Submachine Gun Damage Upgrade in the second.

Around the next corner you will have LOKI mechs to destroy (scavenge the locker on the left before entering the main room). You can use the cover on the right to get a height advantage on the mercs on the other side of the area.

Fight your way through the mercs.

Watch out for the combat drones that the Eclipse Mercs release – they can be a pain if they get up close to you, so take them out at distance – they don't have much health.

TIP: Look out for explosive canisters to take out multiple mercs at once

Move into the main area when ready, stopping to scan the Eclipse Merc on the floor to get a Medi-gel Capacity Upgrade. In the shipping container nearby you will also find a Secure Terminal to hack. Continue on with the area scavenged and more mercs will jump out at you as you prepare to round the next corner.

Follow the path ahead and you'll come across more LOKI mechs. Cleave a path through towards the machinery in the centre. Take out as many Eclipse Engineers as you can see from distance.

TIP: You can shoot the container that is moved across the top of the room to send it falling onto your enemies below.

Push up to the central reservation, continuing to pick off distant targets. When you have dealt with all the mercenaries, ignore Miranda's suggestion to cut through the middle and instead head to the left. Access the Secure Terminal for some credits and raid the shipping container nearby for some Refined Element Zero. There is another shipping container further to the right which contains a dead merc and a PDA to hack.

Leave the area when you're ready. Destroy the enemies that come in via the door at the far end of this hangar. There will be quite a lot of them (some sporting combat drones), so it may be a good time for a heavy weapon.

Use heavy weaponry to get past this difficult section.

Be sure to collect the Power Cells and use the Medical Station on your way out of this room. At the top of the elevator a cut-scene will play. Niket had betrayed Miranda, but perhaps had his reasons. Miranda will be ready to pull the trigger on her former-friend. If you want some Paragon points and to do the right thing for Miranda, push LT (Xbox 360) when prompted. The end result is the same regardless, and a boss fight ensues.

Defeat Enyala:

In this fight you should concentrate on Enyala while attempting to have your team suppress her cronies. The Eclipse Operatives in the area all have shields and armour, and Enyala obviously does (she actually has a barrier and armour) as a boss. You can try to deal with the Operatives first, and then get rid of Enyala, but just be sure to take your chance on any enemy without a shield, before it recharges. Miranda's Overload is great in this situation, and any heavy weapon ammo you have left should come in handy.

Defeat Enyala and her mercenary force.

Once Enyala's army is defeated, you should access the Secure Terminal near the door, and examine the Trinket next to it – this is essential for a side-quest. With that all done, head into the Elevator.

Be sure to pick up the Trinket!

This spawns a cutscene which ends the quest. Back at Nos Astra Miranda watches Oriana. You can recommend she talks to her sister, or back off and let nature take its course. You will then appear back in the Eternity Bar as your first loyalty mission finishes.

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