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Reaper IFF

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Reaper IFF

In order to get through the Omega 4 Relay, an IFF (Identify Friend/Foe) module must be acquired or the Normandy will be destroyed on arrival. Helpfully, there is a derelict reaper ship that has been ignored by most but spotted by Cerberus scientists. The possibility of taking this mission is given by the Illusive Man following the Collector Ship mission.

KEY: It is vital that you do not take this mission until you have done every loyalty quest (apart from Legion's, and possibly Tali's if you want to take Legion along for that one, though it is a risk that the endgame will trigger before Tali is loyal) as you only have time for the Legion loyalty quest after this one, and possibly Tali's before mandatory quests trigger. You may be able to do some N7 missions too, but to avoid any mistakes, do everything you want to first! You are required to go through the Omega 4 relay quickly following the next mission, unless you don't mind some of your crew dying. If you are not bothered about this, you can still take your time.

To get to the derelict ship, enter the Thorne system through Hawking Eta in the Mass Relay. Joker notices a Geth ship alongside the Reaper. We will be boarding via the Cerberus science vessel.

Explore the Science Vessel:

Turn left from the airlock, passing the bloody corpse and accessing the two Wall Safes and Terminal in the section to the left. Play the Work Log before leaving. The science crew were worried about the ship from the get-go.


Something went very wrong here...

At the end of the corridor use the Medical Station and play the next Work Log. It appears that those working on the Reaper data were beginning to be contacted by it. Go through the doors nearby as the ship wakes up. A shield has gone up preventing us from leaving. We need to get to the core powering the shield and destroy it. This will cause the ship to fall towards the nearby planet, so time is of the essence once the core is down.

Escape the Wreck:

Access the log on the gangway to view the effects of the Reaper mind-control on the science crew. Once you get up to the explosive crates, everyone's favourite Mass Effect enemy, the husks, will keep spawning and running at you. Fall back if they are beginning to overwhelm you. Use area attacks and shotguns to spread the damage around. Blow up the containers to take out multiple Husks at once. A sniper rifle is also a good weapon for Husks, as it takes them down in one or two shots.

There are many ways to deal with the Husks, but here are a few of the best. Try to use big area effect attacks such as Shockwave or a levelled up Push-field. Concussive Shot also kills Husks in one, so is a good attack to use on Husks as they rush at you. Shotguns, SMGs and Assault Rifles are all good for ripping up masses of these enemies, in association with Incendiary Ammo, while Sniper Rifles can take off their limbs and prevent their running attacks. They will often outflank you by spawning at the side of the level, and come in waves, sometimes fooling you into thinking that the coast is clear. Make sure you retreat if more than four or five run at you to give yourself time to kill them. Luckily there is plenty of ammo around, particularly in corners and by crates. Don't be afraid to go back to a previous area to collect more ammunition if you find yourself without your favourite gun going into a particular section.


Avoid getting surrounded by Husks

Move up slowly, as the Husks emerge from underneath the platform you are walking on and you can get surrounded if you don't move slowly. Midway along is another log, so hit that as you go past. The crew were beginning to get headaches from the Reaper, and seeing some of its creatures behind the walls.

Collect the Power Cells, Refined Iridium and Sniper Rifle damage upgrade as you move upwards. It appears a sniper is in the area. 

Soon you will descend into the next area. Again, it is filled with spawning Husks, as well as Abominations and a heavily armoured Scion. You will have to fall back as the enemies pile up.

Survive the first Husk onslaught

Just remember, if you are struggling use melee (B on Xbox 360) and retreat back up the gangway when the Husks overrun you.

Activate the Log in this area when finished. Take the Med Kit and hack the Research Terminal at the front of the hall before backtracking and bypassing the door to the right (as you entered the hall) to move on. The pressure equalises as you enter the Reaper vessel.

You are treated to a cut-scene with a Geth sniping some Husks about to feast on Shepard. It also speaks to him, a first for a geth. Before long you will be attacked by Abominations and Husks. Move down to the next area once the first wave is eliminated, and retreat back up when the Husks down here begin to overwhelm you. A Scion will also engage your squad, so target it with heavy weaponry if necessary.

Once the horde stops coming, move up to the next level, collecting the Med Kit and accessing the Terminal to the left, before continuing right. Access the Terminal in this direction, as more Husks attack.


Get rid of those pesky Husks

Move down the next slope, collecting the Med Kit before descending further. At the bottom, turn right to collect some Power Cells and a Shotgun upgrade. Turn round, as Husks will be charging in your direction by now. A couple of Scions will also join the fray – try to wait until they are next to an explosive crate to make light work of them and remember to retreat if necessary.

Take the slope out of this area and turn right, accessing the Terminal for credits. Enter the next area to trigger Husks and Scions, before falling back. Shoot the explosive crate when it's surrounded with enemies. More waves will enter following the first one. In the next area Power Cells are available, and Husks will engage as you pick them up. Some will climb up the side, while Scions will attack from the front.

You will be pleased to know that this gruelling Husk section is over now, so move downwards and collect the Med Kit. Bypass the door. Inside the corridor is the Reaper IFF to collect.

Leave with IFF:

You enter the final room of the level to see the Geth fighting off the Husks while accessing a computer terminal. Eventually one sneaks up on him and knocks him out. We need to destroy the core while fending off the Geth.


The power core must be destroyed

When the armour plating comes off the core and it pulses with blue energy, unload all you have at it. Your squad should keep most of the Husks off you, while you can throw all your heavy weaponry and ammo at the main core. Access the Terminal on the left hand side of the core and take out as many Husks as possible while the core is protected, but make sure you keep an eye on it for your opportunity to attack. There is plenty of ammo around the arena, so keep moving around to stock up.

The Husks generally attack while the core is protected, but will keep spawning indefinitely until you destroy it.

Take out the core

With the core down, there is a choice to make about the Geth. No one has every captured a fully functioning Geth before, and Cerberus would want to study it. Shepard decides to take it as the squad race back to the Normandy (in a somewhat unorthodox fashion) and get the heck out of there.

Back on board the Normandy there is a discussion about the Geth. Miranda wants to give it to Cerberus to study (for which you would get 50,000 credits and many Renegade points), but Jacob wants to destroy it. It is waiting for you at the Normandy's AI Core for activation. EDI also states that the Reaper IFF is several hours away from being ready for use, so you have time to complete a mission or two before the next mandatory mission is triggered, but hopefully all your loyalty quests have been done by now (except for Legion, who should be your priority now [unless you sold him to Cerberus!])

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