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The Citadel

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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The Citadel

The Citadel makes a reappearance from the original Mass Effect, but much has changed.

Once you dock, talk to the C-Sec official at the front desk. She'll explain that most visitors have to surrender their weapons and biotic enhancements upon entry to the Citadel, but thankfully, we don't count. Continue through the door until you reach the checkpoint ahead. The turian manning this station will stop you, as his records show that you are dead. To clear this little matter up, you need to speak to a Captain Bailey in the next room.

You won't get much done if everyone thinks you're dead!

Clearing up the matter with Bailey is pretty straightforward, and once that is done you are free to explore the Citadel at your leisure.


The Citadel is split into a variety of levels, each accessible via the transit system (orange consoles, usually next to taxis or other vehicles), but all those in the Zakera block can be reached using stairs as well. You dock on Level 27.

Level 27

On this level there is a shop called Citadel Souvenirs, from which you can buy fish, model ships and the like (note that it is a good idea to buy a fish here for a future side quest on the Citadel). There is also the Zakera Cafe (here you can buy the ingredients required by the Normandy's Mess Sergeant). Once people know who you are, they will willingly grant out discounts in their shops in return for an endorsement from a former Spectre. It is rather humorous to have every shop on the Citadel sporting a Shepard endorsement, so feel free to grant these out at will. Also on Level 27 are two Krogan who are talking about fish on the Citadel. Make sure you overhear their conversation to unlock a potential side-quest (see the appropriate section below for the full details).

Offer out your endorsement in exchange for discounts!

Level 28

More shops are to be found on this level, including Rodam Expeditions, which offers weapon upgrades. You can also access Dark Star Lounge, the bar for this area of the Citadel. You can dance inside, or order a drink. On this level make sure to enjoy the clerk of the humorous videogame store talking about his latest favourite product. There is a conversation to be had with Khalish al-Jilani, a journalist from the first game. You can gain Paragon or Renegade points depending on how you deal with her. Finally, by talking to the Quarian, Volus and C-Sec patrol on this deck, you can get involved in the 'Crime in Progress' side-quest.

Level 26

Head down two levels to come to the third deck. As well as two shops, Sirta Foundation and Saronis Applications, one with medical upgrades and the other with science enhancements, you can begin Garrus' loyalty quest here, and solve the 'Crime in Progress' one that began on Level 28 (see side-quests below).


Once you arrive at the Presidium, Captain Anderson will meet you. He'll explain about the Council and the position they are in following your escapades in the first game (or not), and you will have the chance to gain some Paragon or Loyalty points along the way. Anderson and the Council is pretty much it for this part of the Citadel.


There are nowhere near as many side-quests on the Citadel in Mass Effect 2 as there were in the first game, but there are still a few to take part in:

Crime in Progress:

On Level 28, you will encounter a Volus, Quarian and C-Sec Officer in a dispute. The Volus has accused the Quarian of stealing his 'credit-chit', and the C-Sec Officer is hardly objective on the matter. As the last place the Volus used it was Saronis Applications, head there and talk to the store-owner. As it happens, the Volus did in fact leave his credit-chit behind. Inform the C-Sec Officer to save the Quarian. You can also use harsh measures to answer the officer's racial prejudices, earning Renegade Points.

Krogan Sushi:

On Level 27, you should be able to overhear two krogan talking about a rumour that there are fish in the water of the Presidium. You can investigate this matter yourself, by talking to the Presidium grounds-keeper who frequents the Dark Star Lounge. When he tells you that there are in fact no fish living in the water, you can either break the unhappy news to the Krogan for Paragon points, or buy a fish from Citadel Souvenirs and pretend you found it in the water for Renegade ones. The Krogan will be ecstatic, but you will still have conned him out of his money.

The Krogan would love to get his hands on a Presidium fish!

Special Ingredients:

Speak to Mess Sergeant Gardener on the Normandy and he will tell you that he would like some special ingredients to make his cooking more interesting. You can pick some up from the Zakera Cafe on Level 27.

Forged IDs/False Positives:

Having completed Thane's loyalty mission, or having foun the Forged IDs during Garrus's loyalty mission, two Asari appear sitting on Level 27 of the Citadel, near the steps to Level 26. Listen to their conversation to begin the quest. They need help getting off the Citadel, with C-Sec customs currently unreasonably preventing them from leaving.

You can either give them the Forged IDs for some Renegade Points, or volunteer to speak to the C-Sec customs official and get them permission to leave. The C-Sec official is a woman staffing the desk by the space-port on Deck 27 (the one who Shepard can comment to about heavy security), before entering through the customs corridor to Bailey's office and the Citadel proper. You need enough Paragon or Renegade points to do this successfully, otherwise you will have to fall back on the fake IDs or not help.

Help the two Asari out, by hook or by crook.

If you talk to the customs officer, return to the Asari to receive their gratitude and some Paragon points.

Packages for Ish:

If you have spoken to the Salarian Ish on Omega (see Omega walkthrough), he will have asked you to collect two Datapads of information for him. One is on the Citadel, outside Saronis Applications, on Level 26. Collect it while you are on the Citadel if you want to help. To hand in the package, return to Ish on Omega.

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