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DLC: Kasumi Goto

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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DLC: Kasumi Goto


Like Zaeed Massani, the character of Kasumi Goto is downloadable content. Unlike Zaeed, however, it is premium content, and a fee of 560 Microsoft Points (560 BioWare Points), which is £4.80/€6.72/$7.00 applies. In terms of value, you get the character of Kasumi, who contributes more to conversation and the main story than Zaeed, and is a lot more unique in combat; a recruitment mission taking about five to ten minutes; a loyalty mission, which lasts much longer, over thirty minutes, featuring a lot of combat; a new weapon; a new casual outfit for Shepard; a new research upgrade; a new room on the Normandy; and an achievement. The loyalty mission is also quite innovative and is unlike anything else in the game thus far, but ultimately it will be something for completionists and those wanting to experience a new character in their squad. The pack is best recommended for anyone just starting out, or planning to do a second playthrough, though of course she may be included in Mass Effect 3!

Kasumi is a stealth/tech expert, and is suitable as a character to send through the ventilation shaft during the suicide mission, if she is loyal. She can also be killed in the attack on the Normandy, if you do not have the Multicore Shielding upgrade. She boasts Overload and a new attack called Deadly Shadow Strike, which beams her behind your enemies and takes out most classes of hostiles in one impressive and stealthy melee attack. Once you gain her loyalty, you will have access to Flashbangs, which stuns anyone looking at it.


Kasumi's flashbangs are completely different to anything else in Mass Effect 2, and if you are caught by an enemy's flashbang it is very disorientating

Dossier: The Master Thief

As soon as you have downloaded the content, and once you have completed the Freedom's Progress mission, you will be notified that Cerberus has sought out a master thief named Kasumi Goto, and she has prepared to meet you on the Citadel.

The Citadel:

Hopefully you should have been to the Citadel already, but if not, use the city-walkthrough in this guide. Luckily, Kasumi is easy to find, even if she is a stealthy-thief. As soon as you dock at the Citadel at the Zakera Ward, the first advertisement will talk to you. This is Kasumi contacting your discreetly. As you will know if you have read the Journal update for the mission ahead, the password you need to give upon activating the advert is Silence is Golden.


You can't miss this advert, so interact with it to make first contact with Kasumi.

If you feel like being a bit of a rebel, you can ignore the password altogether, but Kasumi will not be very impressed that you have disregarded the work she went to to set this meeting up. Kasumi has heard plenty about you, while few have heard of her, except for rumours and speculation. Cerberus has set up all the basics to get her as part of your team, so the conversation options here are all incidental. You may want to research some of her backstory. Kasumi is a master-thief, as the title of this dossier suggests, and has a reputation to keep for the care and stealth involved in her work.

Cerberus has offered Kasumi plenty of money for this job, but there is also a catch – she needs some help from the Normandy crew. This comes in the form of a loyalty mission, and completing it will give you another asset for the suicide mission (and a fantastic one in combat). Kasumi reveals that she has been here in person all along, and once you are done with the conversation, return to the Normandy.


Kasumi will fit in just fine with Shepard and the rest of the Normandy crew.


Like Zaeed, but unlike the game's main characters, Kasumi does not have much to say on the ship. You can find her on Deck 3, the crew-deck. She has more varied things to say than her DLC counterpart, but you cannot engage in physical conversation with her on the ship (and she is not another romance option). It is worth keeping her involved, however, as she is more diverse in what she says than Zaeed, and can offer advice on relationships from the moment she sets foot on board the ship. She is located in the Port Observation Deck, where there is also a bar and a window into space to shut. You can pour red and blue drinks. Each has a different effect - mix the two together for hilarious results!


Visit Kasumi Goto in the Port Observatory, and experiment with the drinks.

With Kasumi recruited, you will want to upgrade her Overload ability as a priority due to the YMIR Mechs on her loyalty mission, and then Deadly Shadow Strike, as she is otherwise a little weak offensively.

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Comments for DLC: Kasumi Goto

4 comments, latest first.
Jun 27th 2014 Guest
Is this DLC already downloaded on PS3 when you get it cause Im not entirely sure?
ID #407758
Sep 10th 2012 Guest
not working mass effect 2 kusumi i need to know how to install it on my pc
ID #185150
Nov 7th 2011 Guest
re: Unregistered Viewer, try following her arc. Start by talking to the advert that speaks to YOU at the docking bay on the citidel
ID #85767
Jun 7th 2011 Guest
i have paid for everything but i still cant find kasumi whats up with that?
ID #47531