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Omega Side Quests

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Omega Side Quests

The side quests we still have to do on Omega are listed below. The first four are in Afterlife, the other two in the Market District:


Serrice Ice Brandy
To get Dr. Chakwas's brandy, approach the main bar upstairs. You should see the bottle on the bar and be able to interact with it to purchase. Next time you're back on the Normandy, speak to the Doctor and finish the quest. There is a humorously drunken cut scene to enjoy as a result.

Note the camera shake after a little too much brandy!

Batarian Bartender
Head downstairs in Afterlife, through the maintenance passage and into the lower bar. Approach the bar and buy a drink. This bartender has a grudge against Humans, and will poison your drink. Before you know what's going on you will wake up outside Afterlife. Make your way back in and speak to the bartender once more. He doesn't recognise you, as the potency of the poison should kill a Human (luckily you've been genetically engineered).

You can choose a Paragon or Renegade option here. Either stir up some trouble amongst the patrons to get them to turn on the Batarian, or force the bartender to drink the concoction himself.

Get the crowd on your side for Paragon points.

Deliver Datapad
The datapad we picked up while on the Recruit Archangel quest can now be returned to Aria in Afterlife. She will be grateful you exposed the mercenaries' plan and angry at her own goons who had no idea of the plot.

The Patriarch
This side-quest only appears after you have recruited at least one of Archangel or Mordin. Speak to Grizz by one of the sets of stairs in Afterlife's main room. He will inform you about a job Aria has for you. There is a Krogan warlord who was once great and powerful, but now is kept alive only as Aria's trophy. Mercenaries are on their way to kill him, and Aria wants you to smuggle the Krogan (called The Patriarch) to safety. Pay him a visit in the private room off Afterlife's bottom floor.

You have a few choices here. The best one for a Paragon is to convince The Patriarch to allow you to kill the mercenaries for him – this will show the Krogan's power, influence and reputation, while not risking his life. You can also get The Patriarch to run off, or tell him to fight the mercenaries himself – at least he'll die heroically.

Give The Patriarch your help, or your advice.

If you choose to kill the mercenaries yourself, head back up to the main floor of Afterlife and make to leave via the main doors. You should meet them on your way. The fighting is all done in a cutscene. With the mercenaries dealt with, visit Aria (who is less then pleased), but at least you got the job done.

Market District

Both these involve a visit to Kenn's Salvage in the Market District:

Struggling Quarian
Pay a visit to Kenn's Salvage in the Market District. If you ask why he is on Omega he'll complain that Harrot, the Elcor also in this part of Omega, is forcing him to charge extortionate prices. Agree to have a talk with Harrot.

Go to his store, up the ramp. You can choose the Paragon or Renegade options here, and with Harrot suitably intimidated, return to Kenn.

Threaten Harrot to ensure Kenn's prices are lowered.

You can now buy the FBA Couplings from him. If you feel like being really nice (this option also allows you to skip the talking to Harrot bit), offer to pay for Kenn's ticket off Omega. This will net you plenty of Paragon points, but costs 1,000 credits. It's your call.

FBA Couplings
Remember the engineers on Deck 4 of the Normandy? You can purchase the FBA Couplings that they requested from Kenn's Salvage on Omega. Do this and then pay them a visit on the Normandy. They'll ask to play cards with you, ending with you potentially winning money and Paragon or Renegade points, depending on your ruthlessness at gambling.

With the side-quests completed, return to the Normandy.


Back on board, catch up with your crew, messages and upgrades. Now that you have Mordin on the ship, you can interact with any of the main characters (or the Science Terminal in the Lab) to upgrade aspects of the Normandy, your weapons, shields etc., providing you have enough resources. In particular, speak to Mordin, Garrus and Zaeed as these men are all new to the ship.

We now need to locate the next target on the Illusive Man's list. We'll go after Jack first. This criminal, suitable for your team because of impressive biotic abilities, is located aboard a prison ship run by Blue Suns Mercenaries.

Packages for Ish

Having intervened at Horizon, Shepard can then encounter two Salarians on Omega, standing to the right of the space-port entrance outside Afterlife before the doors to the Apartments section. Take Miranda or Jacob for some interesting backstory, but the main reason to go is to get a side-quest.

Talk to Ish on Omega to begin this galaxy-trekking side-quest

Ish wants you to collect two packages for him, one on Illium, in the Eternity bar (at the back on a seat) and the other on Omega (outside Saronis Applications on Level 26). With these both collected, you can then return to Ish and hand them over. Doing so results in Renegade points, but a high enough Paragon rating allows you to convince Ish not to use the dodgy data and that his life is at risk. He will thank you and flee (note that this mission is glitched, and Shepard will not receive Paragon points for this, and the side-quest will not be ticked off in the Journal [giving him the data works, however]).

You can also give the data to Anto, Aria's Batarian bodyguard on the stairs below her seat in Afterlife. If you do this, it spells the end for Ish. You can extort money from Anto, as the data implicates him in a betrayal of Aria, or just hand the data over. You get Paragon Points if you handle this the right way, warning Anto to be careful. Extorting him or advising him to deal with Ish is not the nicest thing to do. Whatever your advice, Ish will be gone next time you pass his seat on Omega.

Speaking to Anto about the data is one of a variety of ways to end this quest

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