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Recruit The Convict

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Recruit The Convict

Back in the Command Centre, plot a course from Omega and into the Mass Relay. Then fly to the Hourglass Nebula. You can then make your way to the Prison Ship Purgatory.

Prison Ship Purgatory

Team Selection: I would suggest bringing at least one Biotic with you. The Pull ability will be vital here, while someone with Overload will also be useful, as there are many shielded enemies to deal with.

Pick up Jack from Purgatory
Once you arrive you will be greeted by some Blue Suns Mercenaries. Ignore the request to surrender your weapons (a hint at things to come!). Warden Kuril, the man in charge of this operation, will intervene and allow you to carry on unrestricted. You can ask him a number of questions about the prison and the biotic Jack. Proceed down the corridor once the cut scene ends. Cerberus made a deal for Jack and the funds are about to arrive with the Warden. Once they do, we can pick up Jack.

In one of the cells to the right you will see a guard beating up a prisoner. He's going overboard, so you can flex your Paragon or Renegade muscles here. Either intervene or applaud the guards' actions.

The next cell houses Prisoner 780. He wants to get out of Purgatory, but not if Jack is going with you. You can ask him some questions but it sounds like the biotic's got something of a reputation. Once you go through the door out of the cell block, head straight on into Outprocessing where we are supposed to pick up Jack.

As you may have guessed, it was a trap.

The Warden turns on you now, hoping to keep the valuable Jack and take you into his custody. You will have to deal with shielded Blue Suns Mercenaries, as well as the galloping FENRIS Mechs. Fight your way through the corridors, using Incendiary Ammo on the unshielded enemies. Kill the Technician raising the alarm in the next room, loot the Medical Station, Refined Element Zero and access the Purgatory Security Controls to set Jack free.

The problem is that everyone has to be let out at this stage, but the quality of life in this prison seems to warrant a bit of generosity on their behalf anyway. As Jack emerges you may be surprised by her gender and personality. A punky female biotic, she demonstrates her incredible power on some mech suits before running off.

Head through the now unlocked door and venture downstairs. Scan one of the piles of remains representing what used to be a mech to get a Damage Protection Upgrade and travel through the debris-strewn corridor ahead. Pick up the Power Cells in your way and search the Dead Prison Guard on the floor.

You will emerge in a large, red-tinted room.

Watch out for the Mech in this room.

Use the bridge for a height advantage to take out the mercenaries and pick off the Mech from range once you see it. Scan the Shotgun of a dead soldier near the door on the other side of the room from where you entered to get a Shotgun Damage Upgrade. Cross the bridge over here to find a pad on another dead mercenary. Proceed through the door near the first soldier and make use of the Medical Station, Power Cells and the data on the Dead Prison Guard.

The next room is almost exactly the same as the last one, but is much tougher. Use the crates immediately next to the door for cover and pick off the enemies up high. When they are down, move into the trench (the bridge doesn't offer enough cover). Once you have cleared out the enemies underneath, move to the right. About this time a Mech will appear at the far end of the room. Try to use Overload to disable its shields and then deal some damage, but you'll also have plenty of infantry-based targets to think about too.

TIP: Some of the cover in this area is triggered when you move close to it. Look for the black squares on the ground – they flip up when you are near enough.

With the Mech down, focus on mopping up the rest of the mercenaries in the room.

Beat this merc and mech-filled room.

There is a Dead Prison Guard you can interact with to get some credits. Remember to pick up as much ammo as possible, as the fighting is not over yet. In the next room you'll find some Medi-gel, Power Cells and a Wall Safe to bypass. Open the door that follows to see a cutscene of the Warden picking off prisoners trying to escape. Luckily his first shot at you missed as your squad ran for cover.

Defeat the Warden
The Warden is behind a shield, so you will have to take down the generators before you can get to him. Of course, the room is also swarming with enemies. From your starting position, fire on the blue part of the narrow columns ahead. You should be able to see two, though the second you may have to get closer to or take out with your sniper rifle.

TIP: Follow the blue electronic waves to see where the generators are.

Move up the ramp near to where the second generator is (or was) and you will have a sniper shot on the third generator. Move closer if you need to, but make sure that once it's destroyed you are well away from the Warden's bubble. This room has the same dynamic cover as the last (where it pops up as you approach). Make use of it!

Some more enemies will spawn once the shield goes down. Take them all out from cover so you can focus on the Warden, who is trying to pick you off from range. As long as you don't spend too long out of cover, this is a doddle. With the room clear of other targets, equip your sniper rifle and take some shots at the Warden. His health won't last long, especially if you use Overload on his shields first.

Defeat Warden Kuril.

You will then be treated to another cut scene showing off Jack's powers, before saving her life. Unsurprisingly, she is ungrateful. You need to convince her that working for you, and Cerberus (who she hates), is the right choice for her. Luckily, faced with death in Purgatory, with the prison about to meet its destruction, she agrees. You have to agree to give her something in return, however. She wants access to all the files Cerberus has on her. You can just lie and say you'll do it and back out later, but at the expense of your relationship with Jack. Note that she can't be a proper romantic interest, and if you have a fling with her you won't be able to have a proper romantic interest with the other members of your squad.

Party Member Acquired: Jack


Back on board the Normandy, Miranda and Jack don't exactly hit it off (as you would expect with Miranda's Cerberus background). Jack will ask you to fulfill your end of the bargain, and you can either give in now or fob her off. Miranda won't be happy if you pass over the files, but you did make a promise and you may want the Paragon points.

You may want to get Kelly's opinion on Jack (your personal assistant) can pay a visit to Jack down at the bottom of the Sub-Deck Stairwell in Engineering (Deck 4).

Catch up with Jack.

Find out a bit about her past, and why she has a very good reason for not trusting Cerberus. You can also pursue her idea to use the Normandy as a pirate ship and go rogue. The Paragon and Renegade choices here should be obvious.

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