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- Thane: Sins of the Father

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Thane: Sins of the Father

No combat is involved in this one, so feel free to take some of your less used characters on the quest. Thane has not seen his son for many years, but has learnt that he is now on the Citadel and has fallen in with a bad crowd, becoming an assassin like Thane. We need to travel to the Citadel and prevent Kolyat, Thane's son, from making his first kill. Use the section on exploring the Citadel later in this guide for more information if this is your first visit to the station.


Enter the Zakera Ward straight ahead when you dock, and enter the C-Sec Offices to ask Captain Bailey if he has heard of this Kolyat. Indeed he has, and informs you that he has been hanging around with a criminal known as Mouse. Bailey appreciates Thane's willingness to help out his son, and states that he will offer any help he can once Kolyat's intentions are discovered.

Find Mouse:

You can find Mouse on Level 28, near the steps up to this deck, so head there next. Mouse is leaning against the wall near Rodam Expeditions, looking conspicuous.

You can use a Renegade interrupt to get your answers more quickly, or Paragon or Renegade conversation to convince Mouse to tell you what you want to know. A man named Elias Kelham has given Kolyat his first shot at being an assassin. With this information in hand, return to Bailey and see what he knows about him.

Talk to Bailey:

Unfortunately, Elias has Bailey under his thumb, but the C-Sec boss still agrees to bring him in for interrogation, as long as you don't let slip that Bailey was behind it. You can work on a plan with Thane, such as a good/bad cop routine, but it is not strictly necessary (though helps for getting more Paragon/Renegade interrupts depending on your position).

Interrogate Elias

Elias is difficult to get any information out of, unless you use the early Renegade conversation option or take the Renegade or Paragon interrupts offered to you multiple times throughout the interrogation (depending on whether you are the good or bad cop – note that the neutral cop has renegade interrupts too). If you are forced to justify yourself to Elias's lawyer, just state that you are a Spectre and he realises that he has no jurisdiction over you. Eventually you will learn that Thane's target is Joram.

Bailey knows Joram, a Turian who promises to eradicate crime on the Zakera Ward. He happens to be a racist, but this does not stop the fact that we must prevent Kolyat from throwing his life away with the assassination. Bailey provides a car to take you to the 800 blocks.

Thane is the expert at espionage, and suggests you track Joram and his krogan bodyguard using the maintenance walkway above the street. Thane will follow below, staying in the shadows and relying on your updates as to his position.

Track Joram:

Note: Ensure you save your game before this section, as it can all go wrong resulting in Thane's lost loaylty.

From where you begin, spot Joram standing next to his red krogan bodyguard in the street below using A (Xbox 360 control).

Follow Joram from your position up high

Note that Joram will not spot you above him, but if you fail to update Thane, Kolyat will succeed in killing Joram with Thane not able to intervene in time. This results in Shepard not gaining Thane's loyalty.

As Joram is talking to the voters, hack the pad on the desk for a weapon upgrade. Follow him when he moves off, by going through the set of doors ahead. When he stops to talk to the next set of voters, update Thane again, before following the gangway and moving through more doors as Joram sets off. He will emerge round the other side and stop, so update Thane. His krogan stops in Aquila, before re-emerging and jogging off down the street with Joram. Make sure you keep up, and pass through the doors as they go into the next section of the street.

Soon they will enter the club across the street. Move over the gangway and inside. Spot them when they stop by the bar. Pass through the next set of doors when they move again. After Joram meets the mercenaries, enter the next door. A human will intercept you in here, and you can either charm your way out of the situation or use a Renegade interrupt to get it over with quickly. You need to make sure that you get through this room in time to see Joram in the next room, when a cut scene will play.

Kolyat misses his initial shot thanks to Shepard shouting a warning (though his krogan bodyguard is not so lucky). He then runs to Joram's apartment to finish the job. Everyone arrives on the scene shortly after. You can use a Paragon interrupt to distract Kolyat and take his weapon, choose to wound Kolyat, or kill his target, Joram, with obvious moral repercussions. Eventually Bailey talks to you about Kolyat and Thane. Thane appears to be responsible for some Citadel murders a decade earlier, but you can convince him to ignore these. Then the matter of charging Kolyat emerges. You can either suggest he does community service using a Paragon conversation option, threaten Bailey to land him a private job, or leave it up to C-Sec, which will send Kolyat to prison. Whatever you choose, you now have Thane's loyalty.

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May 1st 2012 arbi and the cheif
if i could get a video showing me where to find these "doors" that i cant find after the robot up on the catwalks
ID #138710
May 1st 2011 Guest
I could not figure out how to "update Thane". No instructions. No buttons work. What the heck!?
ID #40958
Jul 14th 2015 Guest
idk if you found the answer but on XBOX 360, when you select your team, for a mission, hit the "Y" button before you select your team
ID #584529