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- Jack: Subject Zero

Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Jack: Subject Zero

Jack wants to revisit the prison colony where she was raised and experimented on, and plant a bomb to destroy it. The prison, long abandoned, is located in the Nubian Expanse, on a planet called Pragia.


Enter Facility:

Land on Pragia and move down the rain-soaked metal ramps until you come to be inside the facility. Hack into the Locked Terminal for some credits, and proceed through the door. Listen to the security message at the bottom of the next ramp before disabling it and entering the next room.

Bypass the Locked Storage Crate and move through the circuitous route. As you reach the end of this large hall you will hear a howling, so be prepared to fight some wild animals, in this case Varren. You should be able to take most of them down with weapons fire, but you may have to use Jack's biotic abilities to pick the rest up and stop them from reaching you.

Watch out for the Varren

Talk to Jack about the Old Blood Stains towards the door out of this area, and then head through it. Collect the Med Kit in the next room and investigate the Security Log nearby. You can then move out down the stairs, going past some Varren which have clearly been recently killed – perhaps this facility isn't as empty as we thought. Hack the door next to the Varren to get some Refined Element Zero, and continue downstairs. Through the next door you will come into a more open area, and be attacked by Blood Pack Troopers, Warriors and Pyros.

As always, prioritise the Pyros, as they can kill you in one, and then focus on taking down the Warriors' armour. There will be Blood Pack behind the glass windows and on the balcony above, too. Hack the PDA on the right hand side of the room, behind the windows, and then bypass the door to allow progression.

Soon you'll be ambushed by two Blood Pack Troopers on a gangway above you, but they should be dealt with easily.

Be careful of the Blood Pack ambush

At the bottom of the stairs some Varren will attack. Salvage the Circuit Boards in one of the side-rooms to the right. Follow the gangway in the next room to find a Med Kit. In the next room access the two Security Consoles for log entries. The reveals some information about the facility that Jack did not know about. Hack the Research Terminal and collect the Power Cells before moving on.

In the next room a Krogan named Kureck will engage you. He is being paid by someone to eliminate your team. Kureck has a Barrier, but does not move around much, so you can take out his cronies first, most importantly the Pyros. Use long range weaponry and heavy weapons to defeat the Krogan and his men. There is no more combat after this, so feel free to rinse all your ammo on the encounter.

Tackle the Krogan to gain access to Jack's cell

Find Jack's Cell:

Jack's cell is through the next door, but you will want to hack the Security Container in the main room first.

In the cell you will meet Aresh, a fellow inmate of Jack when she was on Pragia. Aresh wants to restart the program on Pragia, to make all the suffering they went through mean something. Understandably, Jack begs to differ, and wants to kill Aresh. You can intervene depending on Paragon or Renegade points, but Jack is satisfied just to blow up the facility.

On the shuttle ride out, Jack decides to do it and destroy the base, a little close to when your shuttle leaves, but it has completed her loyalty mission nonetheless. Back on the Normandy, she has a fight with Miranda.

Jack is angry that Miranda will not accept the Cerberus involvement in Pragia, but if your Paragon or Renegade score is high enough you have the option to diffuse this encounter. If not, however, you will have to side with one of them.

Play peace maker or choose sides

This does not affect the gameplay in the rest of the game (i.e. in terms of picking team members), but means you cannot pursue a relationship with the wronged team member, and you lose their loyalty – vital for the final mission. A relationship with Jack removes the possibility of romance with another crew member anyway, so picking Miranda to support is probably the most logical choice (unless you just don't like her, of course), if you have to choose.

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Comments for - Jack: Subject Zero

3 comments, latest first.
Sep 2nd 2015 Guest
I pick Jack because Miranda's comment ''You're were a mistake'' went too far.
ID #604817
Apr 27th 2012 Guest
Actually it's not if your Paragon/Renegade status is high enough.

This game uses a scaled morality system meaning the more places you visit the more the scale will increase because of more chances to add to the morality meter. Simply stoping by a location and doing no interactions will scale against you.

Another thing is to explore all conversation branches possible in the "Investigate" option with all squad mates when in conversation with them, especially when on the Normandy.

Doing the loyalty quest of Jack and Miranda as soon as possible will ensure you being able to stop their fight. After Horizon mission I got the first Loyalty quest, which is Miranda's mission. Then Jack's opened up immediately afterwards and I completed it right away which lead to the fight between the two. It was easily diffused.
ID #137469
Oct 16th 2011 Guest
How do you regain jack's loyalty?
ID #80680