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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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There are two loyalty quests available on Tuchanka, as well as a small selection of side-quests. It is well worth a visit, moreover, as the Krogan homeworld and a place where both Mass Effect games put much importance in terms of storyline. To get there, head through the Mass Relay and plot a course to the Krogan DMZ.

Team Selection:

As Grunt's 'home' planet, it is worth taking him with you (if you have access to him) to get a reaction from those on Tuchanka.

Upon arrival, you may notice the Krogan and his Asari girlfriend from Illium have come to Tuchanka. If this is the case, your effort to keep the two together was evidently successful, and the Asari is still being regaled with the poetry of her partner.

Once you reach the bottom of the ramp you will be intercepted by some Krogan. They tell you that their clan leader wants to met you. Follow the corridors until you come into the central area of Tuchanka.


Clan Leader:

The clan leader, who, depending on choices in the first game, may be Urdnot Wrex, a familiar figure, or newcomer Urdnot Wreav, is located to the right, up the slope from where you come in. He can give you all the information you need about the two loyalty quests, and if it is indeed Wrex, is a great chance for some reminiscing.

Speak to the clan leader to get all the information you need.

Ratch's Wares:

This is the first of two shops on Tuchanka. It sells upgrades primarily, and is owned by a Krogan who could use your help with a pyjak-vermin problem. If you oblige, you will unlock a discount at his store as well as enjoying a fun minigame. Accept his offer to open-up the Killing Pyjaks side-quest (see below). One more piece of fun related to Ratch is to be had after killing some pyjaks. You can then buy pyjak meat from Ratch's store. Feed this to his pet Varren and it will follow you around the hub every time you visit! You can pet the Varren without getting any meat (which is free, incidentally), but it's not the same as having a killing-machine lovingly following you around.

Make the Varren fall in love with you, or not.

Killing Pyjaks:

This is a fun minigame located next to the chief scout's barricade. You must use turrets to destroy waves of monkey-like pyjaks as they run at a shopkeeper's food stores. For more information, see the Killing Pyjaks minigame below.

Varren Pit Fighting:

Just before you come to the pyjak minigame and chief scout you will find the Varren Pit. You can place a bet of 100 credits on one of the Varren to kill the other. You will be treated to a movie-sequence of the fight in progress. It's pretty much a 50/50 chance, so pick your favourite colour and you can increase your initial stake fivefold.

Fortack's Database:

Over the other side of the town, near the mechanic, is a scientist named Fortack. You can get information out of him about the role of Krogan scientists, and there are opportunities for Paragon and Renegade conversation options. He also has a shopping terminal which you can interact with for some important upgrades. No discount is available. Be sure to punch the pyjack standing on the crate in the corner of the room too. You get nothing out of it but the satisfaction of whacking the vermin is worth it.

Nakmor Ambassador:

The Ambassador is located on the upper level of the compound. There is also a Shaman nearby, as well as Uvenk's men. You can only speak to the latter with Grunt in your party at the start of his loyalty mission. The Ambassador, however, gives you the low-down on opinions on Urdnot and the clan leader's master plan.


Killing Pyjaks:

Speak to Ratch who owns the first shop you come to on Tuchanka. He wants your help to remove the pyjak problem that blights his food supplies. To lend a hand, head past the Varren Pit and to the chief scout who you may have encountered in Mordin's loyalty quest. Use the terminal nearby to activate the pyjak minigame. It is a little like missile defence, where you must use rockets to kill the pyjak as they run at the food stores. There are tyres in the way, and the weapons alternate from launching from left to right, so you must get used to the direction your shots are coming from to avoid these obstacles. In reality it's pretty easy, as you don't even have to hit the pyjaks to kill them, or indeed to stop every one from reaching the food. With three waves defeated, you unlock the discount on return to Ratch.

Help Ratch with his pyjak problem, and have some fun in the process

Combustion Manifold:

Speak to the mechanic by the truck on the far side of Tuchanka. He is missing a Combustion Manifold which was lost in the field and is having to build one from scratch – a three day job. To help him out, keep a watch for it during Mordin's loyalty quest. The location of the device is just before entering the Blood Pack facility, and is detailed in the main loyalty quest walkthrough in this guide. Return to the mechanic when back in Tuchanka to complete the quest.

Missing Scout:

Speak to the chief scout by the pyjak barricade and he will tell you that one of his men went mising in the Clan Weyrloc and Blood Pack base. Coincidentally, this is where Mordin's loyalty quest takes place, and indeed, you can find the missing scout in one of the rooms of the base. You have to convince him to return to the Urdnot clan using Paragon or Renegade conversation, and for more information you should read the quest walkthrough for Mordin: Old Blood.

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Apr 6th 2013 Guest
Actually there is a discount to the krogan scientist wares.Do grunts loyalty mission and go back to fortak and he says member of clan urdnot yada yada yada and you get a discount.
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