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Chapter 6: Hoshidan Princess

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Desolate Gorge

Time Limit: 60:00

Victory Conditions: Defeat Hinoka and Sky Knights.

Defeat Conditions: The Allied Base falls.

Anne’s Condition: Defeat 1,000 enemies.

In this Map, Lianna and Lissa will be unplayable for the first time. Also, your team will be composed of Rowan, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, and Frederick. Sakura will be hanging around in your base but will remain uncontrollable. Like before, you only have four slots for controllable characters so choose the ones you want to control. The map also has a lot of sky bridges which can be transformed to rock bridges by activating the dragon veins located in certain maps. To know which fort raises what bridge, open your map and hover the cursor above the fort with the dragon vein and look for the arrow pointing to the sky bridge it’s connected to.

Guide Image

To start off, send your forces to capture the W Wastes and S Wastes Forts. Split them off, preferably while paired. Have one of your allies guard the base and Sakura, preferably a controllable ally so you can switch to him/her when needed. As soon as the battle starts as well, two platoon of sky knights will charge towards the base. Both platoons will pass through the two aforementioned forts so if you have allied units attacking these forts, you can order them to intercept the sky knights instead. Sky knights have really good magical defense so using Robin against them may be troublesome since they’ll block his attacks often. Use other characters or perform Warrior specials to get rid of them quickly. One of the Sky Knights will be carrying the chest key for the treasure chest located southeast of Hinoka’s base which you can get to later in the mission.

Guide Image

After dealing with the Sky Knights, continue engaging and eliminating all nearby enemy officers and forts. Don’t forget to activate the dragon veins in the forts as well. After capturing the first two forts, their closed gates will be opened, giving you access to additional enemy forces and paths.

Guide Image

Continue fighting off enemy officers and wait for the next sub mission to appear. If possible have one controllable ally or yourself attack Midbutte Fort. This will allow you to intercept the Expert Rider that will attempt to call in reinforcements from northeast fort. Keep an eye on his location in the Map. If you’re already near the area, you should be able to catch him as soon as he jumps over the ledge north of Midbutte Fort. Defeat him to complete the sub mission to strengthen the bond with Lucina as well.

Guide Image

After taking over the mid and south forts, you have to work your way to the eastern and southeastern forts. The southern field has a lot of enemy officers so it will be a good idea to plow through them to get more materials and exp. While you’re doing that, another sub mission will appear, involving a rescue to a surrounded mage in the southeast corner of the Map. When that appears, immediately head to the allied mage’s location and defeat all hostile forces surrounding him. The mage is quite squishy so if left alone, he’ll fall in a very short time, failing the sub mission. By the time you reach him, it’s possible that he’s already in critical HP so don’t hesitate to use a warrior/dual special to get rid of all enemies near him. You don’t have any healer in your team yet so clearing the area around him is the best course of action. The archers are specifically targeting the mage so take them out to complete the sub mission. The mage will retreat and leave an HP Tonic. This sub mission will also strengthen the bond with Robin.

Guide Image

Fight your way to the E Wastes Fort then activate the dragon vein there to raise the bridge leading to Hinoka’s base. This will allow you to raid her base and confront her. Before attacking her, don’t forget to loot the chest near the outpost southeast of her base to get a new medicine. Finally, head over to the base to face Hinoka. Like before, the first thing you need to do in raiding the enemy’s main base is to take out their fort captain to deprive them of healing. Next, take out the sky knight escorts for extra exp and materials. Finally, land the finishing blow to Hinoka to complete the mission.

Guide Image

Completing this mission will unlock the Bloom Festal (hoshidan healing staff) with Sakura and Hinoka as playable characters as well.

Guide Image

First Memento

After reaching 1,000 kills, Anna will appear in the field east of S Wastes Fort as shown below:

Guide Image

Second Memento

This will become available after finishing the main story once, and obtainable only by replaying the mission in Hard or Lunatic difficulties.

Anna’s Condition: Reach Hinoka before any Sky Knights infiltrate your base.

This requirement is easily achieved by paying close attention to the notifications during the battle about the appearance of sky knights and their charge towards the allied base. The best course of action is to replay the mission and deploy archers like Sakura, Takumi, or Anna. Even if you only have one archer, make sure to pair him/her up to a flier so you can intercept and eliminate any sky knight as fast as you can. Otherwise, you can intercept them with any other character, as long as you can defeat them quickly.

Guide Image

After getting rid of the sky knights, continue capturing forts as normal until the gates to Hinoka’s base opens. Head there quickly but don’t defeat her yet; just run around there until Anna shows up in the path east of the W Wastes Fort. Head there or switch to a controllable ally nearby to get the memento from her.

Guide Image
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