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Chapter 2: Woodlands Encounter

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Time Limit: 60:00

Victory Conditions: Defeat Frederick

Defeat Conditions: Lissa, Chrom, Rowan, or Darios falls

(Update) Owain falls

Anne’s Condition: Defeat 1,000 enemies

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This is the first Map where you can obtain an Anne’s Memento. You can unlock her shop in this map by killing at least 1,000 enemies. As soon as the battle starts, start hacking your way in the midst of the enemy horde and defeat the three Myrmidons in the immediate area. You have your allies in the same vicinity so they’ll be engaging the other myrmidons themselves. Work with them in eliminating the target units to complete the first objective.

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Next, the W Field Fort gate will open, revealing another horde of enemies waiting inside as well as four Soldier units you have to defeat. These spearmen will have advantage over your sword but you can still deal damage and defeat them though with increased difficulty. The game will give you a tutorial about the Weapon Triangle, which is a core mechanic of the game’s battle system. Take time to read the tutorial pop-up since this will matter in higher difficulties and later maps. Shortly after receiving this tutorial, Lissa will become available as a playable character. She’s not only an excellent axe-user but also a reliable healer. She’ll come equipped with a healing staff with 10 charges. You can continue attacking with your current character or switch to her to easily mop up the spearmen.

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After defeating the soldiers, two separate waves of reinforcements will appear next. You’ll also be able to use the Pair-Up mechanic and the ability to issue orders to your allies from hereon. Pair-up with Lissa then leave the fort. Shortly after, a cutscene will take place and a non-playable ally will arrive to provide assistance to your party. Your defeat condition will be updated as well. (Don’t let Owain fall in battle)

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Circle around the axe fighters in the path northeast of the west fort. There’s a large chunk of enemy foot soldiers here that you can easily plow through and pad your KO count towards the 1,000 target needed to unlock Anna’s shop in this Map. After defeating the two fighters, a sub-mission will trigger, requiring you to defeat three more myrmidons. Switch to Lissa if you haven’t done yet then engage the myrmidons. You’ll also be able to use the Awakening Mode to easily decimate whole crowds of enemies. Prioritize taking out the three myrmidons before heading to the southern fort to deal with the other half of the reinforcement units summoned by Frederick earlier.

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At this point, you should already have 1,000 KOs. Anna will appear in your starting point, southwest of the Map. Head there immediately and talk to her to get her memento.

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Resume your mission and backtrack to the southern fort to aid Chrom and defeat the soldier enemies there. The fort’s eastern gate will open and you have to break through the massive enemy horde to push towards Frederick’s base. Before heading towards Frederick, it’s recommended to defeat all officer units outside his base for more exp and materials. Your other allies will regroup with you shortly after.

Defeat all officer units outside Frederick’s base then head inside his fort to fight him. It will be better fighting him while paired-up so you can take advantage of the Dual Strike, Guard, and Warrior Special mechanics while paired up. Frederick has really high defense and really damaging blows. Make sure to always keep moving and evade often. Use Dual Strike whenever you can to reveal his stun gauge and give you the chance to exploit it. Don’t hesitate to use your Awakening and Warrior Specials as necessary until he’s defeated.

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Second Memento

This will become available after finishing the main story once, and obtainable only by replaying the mission in Hard or Lunatic difficulties.

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Anne’s Condition: Reach Frederick in 5 minutes

Continue with the mission objectives and make sure to kill the enemies as fast as you can. Continue until Owain appears and the reinforcements arrive. Defeat them as well to open the southern fort’s gate that leads towards Frederick’s base. Once that gate opens, run past the enemies outside the base and head towards Frederick to fulfill Anna’s condition. You don’t need to defeat Frederick yet so leave his base and reach Anna who will spawn in the middle of the battlefield, north of the southern forth.

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