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Chapter 3: Dragon Valley Temple

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Dragon Valley

Time Limit: 60:00

Victory Conditions: Recapture the Temple

Defeat Conditions: Robin, Cordelia, or Chrom falls in battle.

Anne’s Condition: Defeat 1,000 enemies

You can carry four playable characters in this Map, with Lianna/Rowan and Chrom as the required units and Frederick and Lissa as the other two. Robin and Cordelia will be holding the west and eastern forts in the Temple. Frederick will be your most reliable character in this mission since he’s a mounted unit, allowing him to move from various locations quite fast, and he’s incredibly effective in crowd control.

Have your characters split into two pairs, and charge into the South Shrine fort while the other plows through the enemies in the southeastern section of the shrine. You can also leave two units unpaired then send them individually to assist Robin and Cordelia. Keep one paired unit to engage the several officer units in the lower half of the shrine. If you’re playing on Hard, you can boost a few levels by wiping out these officer units.

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Shortly after, the officers south of the Cordelia and Robin’s positions will move to their forts to engage them. On top of that, there will be a sub-mission where you’ll have to rescue the Curate trapped by the Gristonnian forces in the northeastern section of the shrine. Prioritize this since the curate is unarmed and he will go down quite easily if not assisted immediately.

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After rescuing the curate, continue clearing the enemy officers and foot soldiers within the shrine and take over the forts. You should be able to secure 1,000 KOs easily as well which will make Anna appear in the northern part of the shrine. After getting her memento, continue sweeping the remnant forces within the shrine and take over both forts if you haven’t done so yet to trigger the next objective.

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Validar and the rest of the Gristonnian reinforcements will arrive from the south and eastern side of the shrine and will start flooding the Temple. The enemy officers will attempt to take over the forts. The north and south shrine forts are most vulnerable since Robin and Cordelia will help defend the east and west forts. The main mission now is to defeat Validar but there’s no rush; instead, defend your forts and wipe out the attackers. It will easier to fight them in an allied fort since you’ll get constant HP recovery.

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Frederick and Lissa will be fairly independent because of Lissa’s healing capability and Frederick’s incredible defense. However, make sure to keep an eye on him since he will most likely charge towards Validar himself and get wrecked easily because of his very low resistance. First, order him to take over the Housing Ruins fort to the south then clean up the shrine interior. Once the Temple is cleared, work your way towards Validar while taking out the enemy officers along the way.

Once Validar is the only one left, you can have everyone else except Frederick to take him on. Lissa is the perfect candidate in this boss battle because of her incredible resistance and great STR rating. It’s also recommended to engage Validar while paired. Don’t hesitate to use your Awakening and Warrior specials to defeat him. There are also recovery items from the jars inside his fort. Once he’s defeated, the mission will be complete.

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Second Memento

This will become available after finishing the main story once, and obtainable only by replaying the mission in Hard or Lunatic difficulties.

Anne’s Condition: Rescue Curate without Robin's or Cordelia's HP falling below 50%

Since you can bring anyone in battle when replaying this mission, just bring your strong units and send them both to guard Cordelia and Corrin. Once the Curate’s sub-mission appears a few minutes after the mission starts, head to his position immediately and defeat the enemy unit there to complete the sub-mission. When done correctly, Anna should spawn east of the Shrine’s eastern fort (Cordelia’s position).

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