Google+ Unofficial Guide to Gears of War 2

The sequel to Epic Game's critically acclaimed third-person shooter has finally arrived on the Xbox 360 platform with a bevy of new features. In Gears of War 2, Marcus Fenix and the rest of the Delta squad return for more Locust-killing action.

If you need help crushing the Locust Horde, look no further than our complete guide to Gears of War 2! Herein you'll find an expansive walkthrough for the single-player campaign, a guide to finding all 41 collectibles, as well as an overview of the weapons, enemies, and multiplayer modes in the game.

Note: This guide was written based on the HARDCORE difficulty setting. The difficulty level affects the amount of damage your character and your enemies can sustain. All control commands mentioned in the text refer to the Gears of Wars DEFAULT control style.