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Gears of War 2 Cheats and Tips

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Lots of cheats for you to check out including how to unlock bonus multiplayer skins, using regular weapons with a boomshield and unlocking a hidden video.

More Gears of War 2 Xbox 360 Cheats and Tips

We have 28 cheats and tips on Xbox 360. If you have any cheats or tips for Gears of War 2 please send them in here. You can also ask your question on our Gears of War 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Use Regular Weapons with Boomshield

Pull out your pistol and run up to a Boomshield. Press B and then quickly press X + Left or Right D-Pad (at the same time) and whichever weapon is on the D-Pad button you clicked is the one you'll use with the Shield. This will not work with the Mulcher or Mortar as they do not occupy an actual weapon slot.

Unlock Secret Gamerpics

Unlock Gamerpic #1

When you clear the campaign on 'Insane' difficulty a gamerpic of Marcus will become unlocked.

Unlock Gamerpic #2

When you earn the 'Friends with Benefits' achievement which is attained by completing ALL the acts in Co-Op on any difficulty setting a gamerpic of Marcus and Dom will become unlocked.

Meatflag with Gamercard

Complete a game of Submission and press 'Y' afterwards to view the game stats. Scroll down to the Meatflag (Chaps, Hanley or Franklin) to see their Gamercard which will have a detailed profile and unlocked achievements.

Unlock Bonus Multiplayer Skins

When the following tasks have been completed on the indicated setting the corresponding skin becomes unlocked in Multiplayer mode.

Unlock Dizzy Wallin:

Complete Act 1 in Single-Player mode.

Unlock Kantus:

Complete Act 2 in Single-Player mode.

Unlock Tai Kaliso:

Complete Act 3 in Single-Player mode.

Unlock Flame Grenadier:

Complete Act 4 in Single-Player mode.

Unlock Skorge:

Complete Act 5 in Single-Player mode.

Unlock Lt. Minh Young Kim:

Find 10 COG tags in the original Gears Of War.

Unlock Anthony Carmine:

Complete Act 1 in the original Gears Of War.

Unlock RAAM:

Defeat RAAM on Hardcore difficulty in the original Gears Of War.

Unlock Golden Gnasher (Shotgun)

When you acheive the highest rank possible on Online Multiplayer this deadly shotgun that�s suited for close-range combat will become available.

Unlock Hidden Message

When you have completed the game and allowed the credits to end you will be able to view a secret message.

Unlock Hidden Video

If you let the game remain idle for several minutes and don't press 'Start' when the 'Gears Of War - Press Start' screen appears a bonus video will begin to play.

Unlock Insane Mode

This difficulty setting becomes an available feature when you have completed the game.

Any weapon with a boomshield

First you pull out you're pistal and hit the boomshield and quikly pick up the shield and change to the weapon of you're choice at the same time. This may take a few trys but it works

The magical hidden toaster

On the level where you fight scorge cole says "man look at all this juise" there would be a little stone thingy in front of you shoot it a couple of times and the loucust toaster this is where the fun is press x to activate it marcus will say WHO WANTS TOAST!


Ok first off I found this and I'm pretty surew no one else has. You must be on a 1 on 1 for all I know.i was playing my bro in the place where there is a giant hole in the middle of the city and the bug thing pops up. Go to the side of the map where you are inbetween the arcade and the empty building where there are 2cars back to back.YOU MUST HAVE A SMOKE GERNADE AND NO OTHER GERNADE! Crouch against the light post so you are facing the 2 carsmake sure you throw the gernadeat the middle of the car as soon as it hits the car sprint towrds it, if done correctly part of your body will be inside of the car and you get up and it will glitch you ontop of the car. And there is no way to get down but at least your friends or family can't chainsaw you=]

Best Place for Horde Hideout

The best place to hide while doing horde is in jacinto in one of the towers.

On wave 1 when there is only 2 or 1 locust left go out and collect ammo or weapons


In the level where you see the locust are fighty each other you are in the right place. First get to the part where you have to kill I believe 4 locust and there is a turret at the end of the path and a staircase leading down to the right go the the bottom of the staircase. (note do not press the lever befor you try to do this glitch) when your at the end of the stairts point towars the corner of the platfor across this small gap keep pressing A forwards and eventully you will jump the gap and be aganst a invisable wall you can jump to the left,right,forward,and backwards but not over thee invisable wall and you can't get back over the gap that I have seen the cool thing is tho that you are in mid air and you can fire anywhere you want

From the founder of the glitch wii nut =]


Here are some glitches in Multiplayer or horde mode that can happen to you when you are playing. One of them is that the enimies are invisible and they can kill you easily but you can't kill them. The second glitch is when the shot gun has it's own mine and start shooting like crazy. The Third glitch is when you use your partner and use him as a meat shield and you can use the shot gun to when you are carrying your partner. The last one is that you can fly. (You don't actually fly) but you are up in the air and you can shoot at your enimies.

The Horde

When you do horde mode there is always a laser room. A room with laser walls, hole up in there and you got a good fighting chance to win. And now you can win on higher difficulties if you get up there and have a great weapon.


Noooooooo baird!!!!!! Me and my friend were playing on the level HIVE and I choose the left path with marcus and you boss dude and on the left was dom and baird. And when it came to the part when you have to walk on the ledge where the shield guys pop around it swung the gernade mallet thingy and baird flew to the edge and was laying there and the barrel roled off the edge to the lower levels died on impact and he didnt come back till we got halfway threw the door at the end of the ambush/trap.

Horde hideouts

The best palce for horde is Jacinto in one of those tower.

After there is one or two locust left go out and scan for ammo of weapons

Dizzy hat walkthrough (hat locations)

There are 3 hat all in the Rolling Thunder level there only avalible in insane diffaculty here the locations

1. Its behind you and right on the side of a cabin with a rustic barbwire trim.

2. The secind one is on the opposite side under the big wheel mobile cannon, between the wheels.

3. The last hat is just past the second, on the same side, between the second end of the fuel tank.

Your reward you may be asking you and your whole team will be wearing cowboy hats, later on a locust driving a rig will be wearing a ten-gallon, but the best part is later when you see the corpser pop out of the ground will be wearing a cowboy hat and will go "YEEEEEEEEHAW"


You can get certain Achievements in private matchmaking matches. (Ones that say Any Mode).

- Happy gaming

Superstyle4 (Gamertag ILINI)

Easy way to beat hoard

Ok me and my brother just literaly beat it first off the level selection

Go to avalanche and hide up in the house that has the lighter bricks from level 1-30 now when you beat this it gets alot harder so go to the place where everything is red and then go to the open room on the left(again in the sunlight) and hide up there make sure 1 person looks down the hill and another look down the hill and check the doors to the right to see if any one is sneaking up on them from level 31-40 heres where insanity happense so listen here BIG guys and lots of them so where to go is security next go to the left side and hide behind the piller and wall make sure 1 person looks down the steps and the other looks down the steps and look to the hallway to the left

from level 41-50 and if you ar..

Gaurdian help

In the game mode guardian you have to assassinate the other teams leader. Unlike Halo there is no little arrow/waypoint that shows you where they are. But if you do this one very simple thing finding the guardian will be a sinch. To see a star over the guardians head you simply hold the left top button of the controller *labled LB* to bring up the stat com I belive it's called and look around until you see the bule or red star above thier head, and that means they are in that direction!

Hope this wasn't too long! Smile

How to kill an locist or a gear on missons or a warzone match

When you get shot and when the omen face will pop up. Then start shooting at your target.

How to Dominate a Reaper

What you need is shotgun and you shoot at the Locust guy on top of it. Then you just finish the Reaper off with the shotgun.

When you are going up the mountain in the vehicle, just dash right into a Reaper and it will go down.



INSANE DIFFICULTY Complete the game on any difficulty.

Multiplayer Characters

DIZZY WALLIN Complete Act 1 on any difficulty.

KANTUS Complete Act 2 on any difficulty.

TAI KALISO Complete Act 3 on any difficulty.

FLAME GRENADIER Complete Act 4 on any difficulty.

SKORGE Complete Act 5 on any difficulty.

ANTHONY CARMINE Earn any of the "Completed Act 1" achievements from the first Gears of War.

RAAM Earn the "A Dish Best Served Cold" achievement from the first Gears of War.

LT. MINH YOUNG KIM Earn the "A Time to Remember" achievement from the first Gears of War.

Good help for Campaign

Okay first in campaign from the level Indiginous Creatures I think(The level where you get the sniper)get the Sniper. Okay switch it out for the Shotgun. Okay then practice see it's like any other gun but it zooms in so close you can headshot.It is one of the best guns in the game.

Now headshotting is important on every enemy besides bosses and big people like Flame Boomers,Maulers and Butchers. It will blow the head off and kill the enemy instantly.Basically every other gun except(the Mortar,Hammer of Dawn,Mulcher and Scorcher Flamethrower)can do a head shot but it's easier with the Longshot Sniper.The Torque bow can also get a head shot with the arrow that points out but it's harder.

Okay Act 5 and the level is Free Parking. This level is easy on the easy level bu..

Hidden message

its on the train level when the berseker come go on the other side of the train their will be a box of cookies that says gears crunch

2 brillant hints

First is to get outside the map of river make sure you don't have the updates in one of the house is a boiler with a fence around it tag a SMOKE grenade on it a keep shooting it and when it blows you will be in the boiler

2.on day one map do hoard and get a boomsheild at the stairs you only have to keep drones away because they can kick it down and remeber when the round end s make sure you pick p the boomshield a put it back because it dissapears when you don't keep doing till you grt the 50g

An Insanely Easy Way Of Beating Gears Of War 2 On Insane

This one is very simple. Load up any chapter and set the difficulty to "Casual". Now, when you reach the last checkpoint of that level, quit the game. Then set the difficulty to "Insane". And when you finish the level, it says that you finished it on "Insane".

Hope I helped.

NOTE: This can also be done with the other difficulty settings.

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