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About Mortanius

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Big fan of the "Legacy of Kain" series, the "Onimusha" series, the "Final Fantasy" series (my knowledge of "Final Fantasy VII" is infallable), the "Bloodrayne" series, and the "Dynasty Warriors" series. In order of greatness (and believe me, it's a fine line between them) it goes; "Legacy of Kain", "Final Fantasy", "Dynasty Warriors", "Bloodrayne", then "Onimusha". I can be an obsessive gamer, hence the multitude of games that I refuse to sell due to their replay value.

Best storyline; Legacy of Kain series
(It's one of those series' that could be made into a book, a film, or anything and still be successful due to its utterly fantastic and labyrinthine complexity and also its sheer coolness factor.)

Best Girly; Definately Bloodrayne, without a doubt
(She's just so vicious! And a wickedly sexy vampsta bird to boot (or Dampir if you want to get pernickety). Highly attractive, marvellously intelligent and the way she feeds...I'm sure you know what I mean and, if you don't, let's just say I wouldn't mind her feeding off me!)

Worst in-game graphics, but the best of the bunch; Easily Final fantasy VII, closely followed up by VIII.
(Granted the in-game graphics are abysmal, and the cutscenes aren't the best, and what's with that bra that sephiroth wears? But despite it's many obvious drawbacks, it is simply the best of the final fantasy games. It's storyline is brilliant, we can relate to the characters as though they are our old friends and, quite frankly, if you judge a game purely on it's graphics then you are pathetic. Final Fantasy VII and VIII had a coolness factor unmatched by any other game of it's kind, and let's face it, We love Tifa, Aeris and Yuffie).

One of the Largest set character lists to date; Dynasty Warriors
(let's be frank here, or Boris whoever you want to be, but the point is this; the Dynasty Warriors series is definately one of the most frustrating, angering, wardrobe destroying games I've ever encountered. But what makes a game frustrating is it's degree of greatness and how hard we find it. If at first you don't succeed, break something and then try again.)

Funnest time travel incorporation and easiest character control; Onimusha
(When it comes down to it, in Onimusha 3 the time travel idea wouldn't work since if Jacques changed something in the past then it would have always have been like that in the future, despite whether he had or hadn't done it yet because he always would have done it because it's in the past, hence already happened. However, this does mean that as soon as time travel happens then free will is surrendered...Over your head? if so, don't worry about it, just play the game and enjoy it. The characters are easy to control, but not easy in an "I've mastered this now...getting bored..." more in a "Wow, now at least I can control the character with ease otherwise I would get annoyed and break someone/thing" way.)

Well, that's me over and done with...take me as I am, or don't take me at all. Preferably the latter because I've always liked where I am and if you take me I may become sad. (not sad as in sad-arse, but sad as in upset, distressed, troubled...I suppose saddened would have been a better word to use there...

Fare thee well, and continue with whatever it is you were doing...unless you weren't doing a thing, and you did in fact suddenly appear and be reading this.....But on a scale of 1 to likeliness, that's pretty low.

By the way, (those who have not completed disc one of Final fantasy VII or do not intend to DO NOT READ ON!

You CANNOT bring Aeris back to life. It was originally intended to be so, however, the developers (square) were forced to release the game earlier than expected and the Aeris resurrection part was omitted as a result. The man in the tube/pipe in the midgar slums would be the person who aided you with this (remember, the one with the tatoo). You would have had to be nice to Aeris, through dialogue and by making sure she's okay in Don Corneo's house and choosing her for a date in the Gold saucer throughout the game, after this, the man in the pipe/tube would have revealed himself to be the last ancient, excluding Aeris. His tatoo was a mark that the Shinra had experimented on him, much like Nanaki's. Since the time required for this was gone, the programmers made sure you couldn't get into midgar until later in the game when the man had vanished, hence the burial of the key in Bone village.

The closest you can get to resurrecting her is seeing her ghost in the church in Midgar after getting the key from Bone village.

That's all folks