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Final Fantasy IX Cheats for PlayStation

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy IX

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Find out how to defeat Soulcage easily, race Hippaul in Alexandria and unlock the Black Jack mini game. We'll also tell you the Pluto night locations.

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We have 97 cheats and tips on PlayStation. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy IX please send them in here.

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Defeating Soulcage Easily

Instantly kill Soulcage during the boss battle by having Eiko or Dagger cast the white spell Life on him.

Unlock Black Jack Mini-Game

Complete the game and when the credits finish and 'The End' screen appears
Press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square. If the code has been entered correctly you will hear a sound as confirmation. To start playing the Black Jack mini-game press 'Start'.

Blue Magic and Stellazio

Here is the listings of all the blue magic and stellazio locations. Kudos please!
Aeris: Dali Windmill
Aquarius: Entrance of Ipsens Castle.
Cancer: Behind the Wheelburrow in Burmecia
Capricorn: Daugerreo Entrance
Gemini: Put 10 Gil in the Treno Fountain 13 times
Leo: Alexandria, Corner of the Neptune Statue room.
Libra: Maiden Sari Fountain.
Pisces: Treasure chest inside the Invincible
Scorpio: Quans Dwelling, By the Hotsprings.
Sagittarius: Lindblum, Across From Grandma Pickles Cart.
Taurus: Behind Treno Item Shop, Get in disk 2 or lost. (thief finds it)
Virgo: Black Mage Village Inn.
The 13th can be aquired after all 12 are found.
Ophiuchus: Get all 12, Go to Scorpios Old Location.

Allyway Jack

After you'v been rat's slave, some one wil come.
Press x when ! comes up if u dont he'll steal gil (the 1st amount is 200).
Now forget about money u might learn about cards {doubt it}.

At the beginning when using Vivi you go down the..

At the beginning when using Vivi you go down the ally and meet Rat Boy he will ask you if you want to be his slave, say no and carry on going till you come to a tower.

Go up the tower and a Moogle will fall on you, then go up the to the top of the tower and ring the bell and a load of decent cards will fall out.

After that go back to the main square then go down the ally again Rat Boy will say do you want to be my slave say yes and the game will continue from there.

To kill soulcage in the lifa tree use dagger or ..

To kill soulcage in the lifa tree use dagger or eikos 'life' spell this will kill it because soulcage is an undead killer

Wow...I got tons of stuff.First things first...T..

Wow...I got tons of stuff.

First things first...

To Lily Shevlin, I'm not sure if you know already but for you others.

The Fire Shrine entrance is South-East of Esto Gaza (On the Ice Continent)

But it's impossible to enter till you go to IPSEN'S CASTLE (Hilda tells you the location, on the World Map) In Ipsen's castle you find the mirrors beat the boss get out of the castle...and evenually back on the Hilda Garde 3 you can enter the Fire Shrine (Note: Only Amarant and Freya enter)

To Sephgaroth:

I think this is Final Fantasy 7...

You're in luck! In the part you're stuck in go to..

For Ben$on: I'm sorry I couldn't give you thi..

For Ben$on:

I'm sorry I couldn't give you this before but now I can answer your question about the Tartarian.

A good way to deplete his HP is to get the Dark Matter (bought at the Treno auction) and use it on him. Then just keep your characters in good health (try to attack, too) and wait for someone to get trance.

Use it on him when he is OPEN. This causes regular damage(he dosen't open only once, but many times). Keep doing this until he is dead. I think you get battle boots and I know you get good EXP and AP. Good luck!

I know that there are some really confusing cheats about Ozma on here, so I will make i..

You dont have too defeat Hades in under 12hours ..

You dont have too defeat Hades in under 12hours to get Excalibur2.

If you play for more than 100hours the time will go back too 0.

So YOU CAN DO all the side quests without worrying bout the time.

In Alexandria b4 its destroyed as ZIdane goes to..

In Alexandria b4 its destroyed as ZIdane goes to save Dagger, b4 going up all those stairs, if you go to the library and in the thirdish shelf down from the stairs, you see an ! and it will ask you if you dare to challenge it.

stupidly say yes and you will fight a book. ive seen the card, i think its called a Tartarian.

Your physical and magical attacks only do about 30 something damage to it, it flicks opens its pages and when it finds nothing which was every time except once.

It deals you some magic on the uglier side of nasty, the one time it opened to a page and it said "found something" a blue head appeared, like on the card, and i hit it for around 850h..

Alright that guy needed to know how tohow to bea..

Alright that guy needed to know how to

how to beat Necron.

I sugest a party of

Zidane (who's not mandatory this time)Freya,Steiner,and Eiko.

Have Zidane do regular attacks until his limit break(i've noticed that his Meo Twister and Solution 9 do just as much as his Grand Leathal).

Have Freya cast Reis Wind and

then use Dragons Crest from here on out.

If you have the excaliber or ultima sword have Steiner use regular attacks

during trances and he should down 9999.

When your not in trance use sword art

attacks such as stock break and climhazzard.Eiko should have ..

Defeating Tantarian

Alexandria Castle,when rescuing Dagger. Go to library,(3rd shelf down, you will see a (!) Start by challenging it to a fight.When the fight starts have Freya cast white wind immediatly. Only use 1 attack at a time to get the book to open (if the book opens & you hit it with a physical attack it will automatically close again)never use physical attacks on it. Use Amarrant & Freya as healers only. It's a good idea to have auto-potion equipped as well. Only use Vivi's fire spells & Zidane's thevery tricks on it. When the book opens & the blue head appears use fire spells to hurt it. The book will close again eventually. Use the same procedure to get it to open again. Focus on keeping your party alive & only hit it when you have an opening. Keep doing this until it dies & you will receive a ..

The trick to geting the chest behind that big la..

The trick to geting the chest behind that big lady in the Dali Farm is easy. after you have left Dali for the first time and you go to Terono for the card game.

Leave Terono and go to the gate to the left of it(faceing away from Terono).

Go to Dali and the lady should be out of the way.

P.S. you can go to VIVI's home and bring him so you dont have to fight by your self on your way there.

O.k, this is an excellent cheat but its really h..

O.k, this is an excellent cheat but its really hard to do.

First of all you have to arrange your party to IKO, Quina, Zidane and Vivi.

Play the game untill Iko gets a move called Jewel.

Now go around fighting monsters, and doing Jewel. When you have 1000 jewels go to dagueroo and there should be this dragon statue.

Put all your jewels in and you sould get 10 aquamarines. Now go near the chocobo forest and kill three monsters, and each time vivi has to finish them off. Now call your chocobo then play chocobo hot and cold.

Get enough points for the robe of lords. Now go to the place where you van ..

If you want to know chocograph locations follow ..

If you want to know chocograph locations follow this guide:

01: Southwest of chocobo forest

02: Northwest of Linblum

03: Quite far east of Ice cavern

04: Northwest of Cleyra

05: East of Black mage village

06: East of esto Gaza

07: South of shimmering island

08: Southeast of water shrine

09: Southwest of Fossil Roo

10: West of Qu's Marsh(Eunorus plains)

11: West of chocobos forest

12: Far west of Quans Dwelling

13: Northwest of Gizmalukes Grotto(front gate)

14: Northwest of Evil..

This ain`t really a cheat but, When u are in the..

This ain`t really a cheat but, When u are in the Evil Forest there is a fountain near the big plant monster entrance, go near the dripping water and the ! sign will appear.

Press x and your HP and MP are topped. You can use this trick to grow levels and get billions of Gil( only if have a couple hours to spend).

By the when in Grotto get bells off soldiers and use them to open the doors. See ya !

I heard about your problem Vivi (user) and I kno..

I heard about your problem Vivi (user) and I know how to solve it.

You have to have at least one tent before you and there's a high probability that it will inflict silence and darkness upon him, or it could be your unlucky day and completely heal him if this happens Restart your computer and try again.

When steiner and marcus swing their cage to free..

When steiner and marcus swing their cage to free themselves and crash it.

You can fight an infinite amount of easy battles with lots of ap and exp.

Simply walk over to the ladder on the far side of the screen and wait for the little alexandrian soldiers to come after you.

When you are done leveling up just crawl up the ladder and they will leave you alone.

Look around Treno and behind a forest u will see..

Look around Treno and behind a forest u will see a cave, go in and u will learn

about vivi's past get the treasure in there.

Also go there later when u have a dark blue chocobo, and go to the ledge at the back of the place where u first saw Quan and give your chocobo a dead pepper.

It will jump into some foam and you get loads of top stuff including Tiger Racket for Dagger or Garnet.

To defeat Kraken, use zidane, vivi, steiner and ..

To defeat Kraken, use zidane, vivi, steiner and dagger. First, have vivi use thundaga on all its body parts.

This causes it to use waterga on itself,

and sometimes uses ink or water gun afterwards.

kill the tentacles, this stops it from using ink and water gun, and its only two attacks now is a tentacle attack and waterga, it uses waterga most often, sometimes to heal itself.


Use thunder attacks and this battle should be easy.

In Treno there is a woman named Queen Stela, She..

In Treno there is a woman named Queen Stela, She requires 12 Stellazzio Coins. These are found throught the World:

Aquaries-Ipsens Castle






Libra-Madian Sari



Scorpio-Quan's Dwelling

Taurus-Treno(in order to get this coin, when you first enter Treno you will see a Fountain in the top left corner. If you throw a coin in the fountain 13 times you will recive the Tarus Coin.)

Virgo-Black Mage Village

1. Ok...My first tip is that wen you hav a chan..

1. Ok...My first tip is that wen you hav a chance to se your party members always pick Vivi and Steiner because Vivis magic is more powerfull and teiner can do sword magic.

2. When you are inn Lindblum make ue you go int the synthesis shop and get an Exploder which is Zidanes most powerfull weapon !!

3. This is very usefull when you get to the lifa tree...DO NOT use Vivis fire attack on it even though it seems a good idea but if you do the boss f the lifa tree will use firepin whick mostly k.os you.

4. The final tip is LEVL UP YOUR CHOCOBO. When you levl u yor chocobo in certain ways it changes colour...The higest colour is red and when you have a red chocobo you can travel to dirffrent islands b..

Where all the stellazio are found

This is where you will find all the coins i know it works
Aries Dalis windmill
Taurus behind trenos item shop in the slums
Gemini throw ten gil into the fountian at trenos entrance 13 times
Cancer behind the overturned cart near the entrance or bermecia
Leo near the statue of neptune that transports your partie to alexandria harbor
Virgo in black mage village inn
Libra right side of maidian saris fountian
Scorpio below the hp/mp restoring spring in quans dwelling
Sagitarrius left of the ghishi pickle cart in lindblum ( during reconstruction)
Capricorn in the waters to the right of daggerios entrance
Aquirius right hand cheast at the entrance to ipsens castle
Pisces c..


When you get mobile, with the little ship, and your able to get on islands, go and fight Grand Dragons, Make sure you have auto reflect though, and make sure you have high HP and guard against stop, poison slow and blind. Just put it on autoreflect and the protect the rest of your parts cause he'll mostly use Thundaga and if he uses on all four of your party members if you have auto reflect on it will cast it back at him and damage him for a total of 9999. Do that a couple of times and keep your health up there and your levels will be flying by you. I was at level 100 in no time with all of them. Enjoy

When vivi is laying in bed before you talk to hi..

When vivi is laying in bed before you talk to him climb up the bunk bed and get the gil then go down and talk to him.

Start off with the magemasher

When you first fight baku with marcus cinna and blank keep trying to steal from him and eventually you'll get the mage masher

Boss + Steal = Good Rewards

You might be thinking "Oh no! Not another boss!"
This game seems to have a boss fight ever few minutes, but some people don't know that the bosses carry weapons that you normally can't purchase yet.
Make sure you steal every Boss blind before sending them packing with a strong spell or slash. You get weapons that you normally can't buy until the next town or so, and that gives you more time to equip them and learn the new abilities that accompany each one. It also saves you a TON of money.

Stupid stone monsters

Those stupid stone monsters are annoying, you don't give too much physical damage and it is murder in Olivert so before you go into Olivert stock up on sofy you don't get exp but you still get AP it is great on thoes stupid monsters that can summon your party to kill you.

...yo ppl!Here is some cheat for changin` clothe..

...yo ppl!Here is some cheat for changin` clothes...I tried that cheat from Mechanical-E (or something) and it doesn`t work!So it goes like this...When you fight against "BlackWaltz 1." defeat "Sealion" first without using "Dyne" only "Attack",I couldnt do this but I heard it working...yo are suppost get key use it on some thing in Inn in "Dali"!

When You Are In Your Chocograph Menu Press Selec..

When You Are In Your Chocograph Menu Press Select And It Will Give You An Extra Hint.

If any body has deatails on how to get the 18th treasure then.

Ni Hao (hello)Something new to play the black J..

Ni Hao (hello)

Something new to play the black Jack Minigame Beat the game normally and allow the Credits to end press r2 l1 r2 r2 up x right O down triangle l2, r1, r2, l1, square square during "the end"

Excuse me Curbehan, but I think you're in the wr..

Excuse me Curbehan, but I think you're in the wrong gamecheats. In FF9 You can only catch one chocobo throughout the game.

You have to make this chocobo change by digging up all the treasures; sometimes a fog comes out of the chest and it will take you to the chocobodreamworld.

There the fat chocobo changes you so you can dig up treasures in other parts of the world. See?

The 13º Stellazio Coin:First you have to get all..

The 13º Stellazio Coin:

First you have to get all the 12,and give them to queen Stella then she talks to you and give you all your Stellazio.

Then go to Quan´s dwelling and search where you found Scorpio.

Dead pepper:

Dead pepper is used to catch secret treasures with your chocobo.In quan's dwelling there is a place that has one secret treasure.

Hi...I am on Disc 4 and had a few questions.Wher..

Hi...I am on Disc 4 and had a few questions.

Where is the birds-eye lagoon chicograph (#10)? It is ment to be west of eunorus plains qus marsh but I cant find a qus marsh that is on eunorus plains so far I have found 4 qus marshes.

I can't get to the treasure box on the second level in the windmill in dali I think it has the aries stellazzio in it.

How do you get the mayors key to open the door in the wind mill as I have not talked to him.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me. .

I got a list for all cardspart11 goblin ..

I got a list for all cards


1 goblin MONSTER

2 fang

3 skeletion

4 flan

5 zaghnol

6 lizardman

7 zombie

8 bomb

9 ironite

10 sahagin

11 yeti

12 mimic

13 wyerd

14 mandragora

15 crawler

16 sand scorpion

17 nymph

18 sand golem

19 zuu

20 dragonfly

21 carrionworm

22 cerberus

23 antlion

24 cactuar

25 gimme cat

26 ragtimer


You can defeat trance kuja realy easilyall you h..

You can defeat trance kuja realy easily

all you have to do is press triangle to go into the main menu and then hold down the L1 L2 R1 and R2 buttons.

You can now defeat him in 6 attacks as every attack will do 9999 damage and your HP will be 9999 for all charicters.

P.S trance kujas HP is 55535 and not 60000

In the start of the game when you are acting swo..

In the start of the game when you are acting swort-fighting

tick all the orders direct when it apears (don't make mistake's)

now you have 100% and you will get 10.000 gill, that's cool

when you fight Leo before that use only SFX

but for Zidane you have to do something else.

let him Atack-sfx-atack-sfx until they are defeated

let him first atack those Bizons( forgot there name's) and then Leo

USE NO POTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it will be mutch esiear to act-fight after that.

if you are some further never use SFX anymore

it has no use

and never sell items

Questions and AnswersQ. Can you get Alexander?A...

Questions and Answers

Q. Can you get Alexander?

A. No, he's only for FMV.

Q. Can Vivi learn Ultima?

A. No, but Amarant can.

Q. Is there a 13th Stellazio?

A. Yes, but I'm not telling you where.

Q. Eiko's and Garnet's ultimate weapons are the same, can they both have one?

A. V un4ch, no.

Q. Can you get a 'Pumice'?

A. Yeah, synthesise 2 Pumice pieces in Hade's synth shop thing.

Q. How do get into Mognet Central?


First of all the boss of the game is called Necr..

First of all the boss of the game is called Necron to the stupid idiot who said his name is is Ozma or what ever.

If you want to know how to kill trance kuja.

have vivi on level 70,zidane level 80,dagger level 80,and stiner level 90. have vivi use reflect on the party.

have zidane use attack dagger summon. stiener attack. then have vivi use flair on the party and rupete this methad trust me i beat 7,8,and,10,and i am on Necron! and FINAL FANTASY GAMES NEVER EVER SELL THEM OR GIVE THEM AWAY!!!

I heard somebody wanted to know what you do in s..

I heard somebody wanted to know what you do in some points in memoria where there is a ! above your head.

Well if you go to these points and press X you will look around but if you press square a phantom will challenge you to a card battle.

heres where to find them.

1 near the start there will be a place going round a clock pendulum at the start of the area go left and one should be there.

2 After Kraken goto the area with the

huge clock there should be one round about the balcony.

3 where it starts to rain go to the far left upstairs there should be one there.

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