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Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

We have 34 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : PlayStation : PC : Nintendo 64 : Gameboy Advance : GameCube : Xbox : GameBoy

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Unlock All Cheats PasswordSelect Cheats from the..

Unlock All Cheats Password

Select Cheats from the Options Menu, and enter the following: backdoor

A sound effect (similar to a cash register) will confirm correct code entry.

Now start a Career Mode game, and pause it. Select the Cheat Menu from the pause screen and press X to select which cheats you would like to use.

Unlock Always Special Mode

Complete 54 Goals and get 3 Gold Medals while finishing Career Mode 12 times.

Unlock Burnside Level

Complete 54 Goals and get 3 Gold Medals while finishing Career Mode 16 times.

Unlock Darth Maul

Complete 54 Goals and get 3 Gold Medals..

How to automaticly beat the whole game

At the cheat menu type in RoadTrip (no spaces)

Backdoor goodies

Now everyone knows the "backdoor" cheat but what ones are the best(like moon physics giant mode tiny mode etc.)
Well I'm here to tell you
pick everyone but these
giant mode
tiny mode
first person
the rest will help you a lot


To unlock the cheat meun enter backdoor.


Unlocks all levels

Perfect File

To get a perfect file enter the following cheats: peepshow yohomies backdoor roadtrip

To unlock main cheats go to cheats in the option..

To unlock main cheats go to cheats in the option menu, type in backdoor in lower case letters. You should hear a money sound if you typed it correctly.

Go to gameplay and hit pause. Cheats should show up on your pause menu. You can choose what cheats you want on or off.

How to hear an S.O.S. call

After doing the Real Captain cheat, wait a while and you will hear an S.O.S. call.

Alright, if you like x-men or star wars like me,..

Alright, if you like x-men or star wars like me, you'll want to knowo how to get darth maul, and wolverine.
All you have to do is enter "YoHomies" in the cheats option. You don't have to win the career mode twice or anything like that. Later!!!

Moon Physics

Then, fly like Niel Armstrong, man!

All levels!!!

Go to options select cheats and enter roadtrip.Now you have all levels!!

All levels unlocked=roadtrip

All levels unlocked=roadtrip

Go boom now

To unlock some charters gust enter watch me expoled

unlock all videos

Type "peep show" in the cheats section

Special characters1.Go into the cheat screen and..

Special characters

1.Go into the cheat screen and type in WeEatDirt , you should hear money

2.Create a new skater (Create-A-Skater)

and put his name as :

Dave Cowling

Grass Patch



Pimpin Frank

Pete Day


Joel Jewett


Rastapopolous (Skate Shop Guy)

Chris Ward

Lisa Davies

Stacey D

Nicole Willick

Riley Hawk

Spencer Hawk

William Pease


When You Click Ok they should change ... pretty alo..

Here's how to get between 100 000 points: Go to ..

Here's how to get between 100 000 points:

Go to cheats (at options menu) and put in:



Yohomies (optional)


*warning! has to be in all caps or all lower caps*

Then go to the airport level and go to the basement. Then do cannonballs or melons over the ramps on the floor above.

This is how you get 300 000-500 000 points:

Do the same thing with the cheats and go to the basement on the airport level.

Do a cannonball or melon over the ramps again but repeatitly press circle!!!

Here are some cheats that I found out about:BACK..

Here are some cheats that I found out about:

BACKDOOR:Unlocks cheats options while in play.

ROADTRIP:Unlocks all levels, medals, goals, and decks.

PEEPSHOW:Unlocks all movies.

YOHOMIES:Unlocks secret characters.

Here are some other cheats I'v got for you guys:

In the create-a-skater option go just enter the name RILEY HAWK(my son) an you will have my son as a skater.

Also enter in the create-a-skater option enter the name:






To receive a cheat menu on the options list go t..

To receive a cheat menu on the options list go to main menu and then go to options.

Go to cheats and type in BACKDOOR.

Now you will be able to turn on and off cheats at your pleasure.

Get all boards and levels

Go to options and go to cheats and enter BACKDOOR.

Compleat the game without playing!!

I found this by mistake with my friend but here it is. Go onto carear mode and select any player and push x on them. Then go back and go to options and goto cheats. Then enter the cheat ROADTRIP and go back to carear mode and find the player you selected and they will have all gold medles, full stats and all decks. I don't know how this happened but it's sweet and a time saver!

The hidden cheats

First enter weeatdirt as a code then go to the character creation screen and you can enter hidden cheat codes at the character name option.These cheat codes unlock secret players in the game.(players so secret they can ONLY be unlocked by a code!)They are not the characters you get by beating the game.Here are the only hidden codes I know. (P.S. I don't know who they unlock but I know they work)
The codes are:
Bo hunter=????
Rileyhawk=tony hawks son
Spencerhawk=tony hawks other son

CHeat Codeschoose "options" from the main menu, ..

CHeat Codes

choose "options" from the main menu, then select "cheats" and enter any of the following codes:

YOHOMIES-Unlocks allsecret pro skaters

BACKDOOR-Unlocks"cheats" option at the "pause" menu

ROADTRIP-Unlocks all levels in the game

MAGICMISSILE-Combines all of the codes above

Well, I guess thats all folks!

SKATE ON A PIRATE SHIPTo skate on a pirate ship(..


To skate on a pirate ship(not the cruise ship)go to the Skater Island level. Above one of the bowls there should be a small building type thing with a few flags hanging on it. Go up to the building and grind on the flag. A message will appear on screen and a hole will appear in the wall. Go outside and you will be on a beach with palm trees and pirate ships and all that stuff. There is also a stat point out there.


To unlock decks, go to the skater selection screen and select the skater whose decks you desire to unlock. Then go to the cheat menu and enter ROADTRIP this will open all the levels to the skater selected and also all of that skaters d..

§All Cheats For This Game Verified§

All of these cheats I'm entering have been verified by an Elite team of about 30 Code Breakers Including Me and we get paid to make sure all codes work. Look for the "§" at the cheat title to know it's been checked by us. All of these Will Work.

Start the game. At the first menu you come to go to "Options”. While in the main options menu go to "CHEATS"(If a cheats work you will hear a cha-ching like noise)
To get the 3 in 1 cheat which is THE FIRST THREE of the below cheats in one typing type in MAGICMISSILE**
Then to get all cheats (To be able to use any of the cheats go in any game ((career, 2 player, free skate, etc.))Highlight the cheat you want to activate and press the X button to activate it.) Enter BACK..

Cheat menu=BACKDOOR

Cheat menu=BACKDOOR

In Canada, to bury the bully, you need to jump a..

In Canada, to bury the bully, you need to jump a cross the ramp you start on, jump on then right hand side, when you jump press up to get across if you jump high enough you will knock a tree that has snow on and it will bury the bully.

In suburbia, to get the tape you need to find the axe which is on one of the rails inside the building site near the skate pool and give it to that man who wants it. he says he wants a key buut he wants the axe, then go inside the place he just unlocked and jump over the wall to the right, jump up the side of the house and go through the window and yhen grind as you go out the other side, then there you go!

When on cruise ship go to where the pool is. No..

When on cruise ship go to where the pool is. Now, turn around and there should be a pipe next to the platform. Grind along this and then you will have drained the pool. This is a good place to get the sick score. Believe me, it is, I managed it.

Trick Tips:-'special' tricks give you more point..

Trick Tips:

-'special' tricks give you more points

-spining when grabbing gives more points

-Hold the L1 and R1 buttons to spin faster

-Try combos for big points

-use manuals to keep combos going on flat ground

-jump while grinding and land back on to multiply your score every time

-nollie and switch tricks give more points

-gap tricks give more points

(some were gotten from the instructions)

Easy Combos

Alright, my secret to getting easy combos-
Rails: use these to get more speed and points
Manuel:this is where the big points come in
Air: to link together bigger combos easily(so you dont have to keep balance on anything
I hope this helpsSmile

All Ways Get High Scores And Win Gold Medals

When the main menu comes up go down to options and press X and then go down to cheats Press X again then enter this code to Unlock all cheats:
BACKDOOR the hit enter you should here a sound then go to carare mode and when the game loads up pause the game and go down to cheats and click rail balance.
Push X then go down to done then play the game when you are playing the game press Up,Down at the same time then keep pressing R2 this does work truse me!

Your custom skater

Although the stats may be bad if you collect the thps3 tokens then the stats will become better then your skater will be just the way you want it

Glitch on tokyo

On the tokyo level go straight to a small holographic square and grind on the circle at speed you should start to grind in thin air

If you want to pull of a big combo and you have ..

If you want to pull of a big combo and you have the cheat perfect manual go into a manual and hit the L2 and R2 buttons together constantly to pivot. Keep doing that until your combo score reaches about 10,000 times 215. Then ollie out of it. You should get about 2,000,000 points.

All Skateboard Decks

To get all the skateboard decks, type in "givemesomewood" in the options menu.

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