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Dead or Alive 2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dead or Alive 2

We have 6 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dead or Alive 2 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : DreamCast : Arcade

You can also ask your question on our Dead or Alive 2 Questions & Answers page.

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Unlock Uncut Demo:
Adjust your age to 21 years old or higher at the 'Option', 'Game setting' and 'Others' menus and play Survival mode until your scores are high enough to be in the ranking. Then enter 'REALDEMO' without the quotes as your name and
Return to the Title screen to view the uncut demo.
Unlock Extra options:
During gameplay press 'Start' to pause the game and then press Triangle + X.
Unlock Alternate Stage Positions:
When selecting stages press Square on Demon's Church, White Storm, Burai Zenin, Dragon Hills or Crimson to change the starting position in those locations.
Unlock Random Tag Mode Opponents:
Highlight 'Tag' mode and press 'Start' to randomize the CPU's tag team members and costumes.
Change Winning Pose View:
During your fighter's victory pose press 'Triangle' and use the D-pad to change the camera angle. Press 'Square' to zoom in or 'Circle' to zoom out.
Unlock Expanded Credits:
Complete the game with ALL the characters in 'Very Hard' difficulty setting.
Unlock CG Gallery:
Using 5 characters win 'Team' mode.

Extra Options

To get some extra options, pause the game by pressing start, then press triangle, X.

Hint 1 UNUSUAL TAUNTSOne fun thing to do..


One fun thing to do in this game is that with Zack in his Third costume you can perform the taunt (Down,Down,Tag((Square+Triangle+Cross))) To make The light on his costume come on and perform it again to turn it off. Although this is of no real use it is quite funny. This also works to make Gen-fu take his hat off in his second costume.


Depending on which button you use to pick a character depends on which hairstyle that character has.(e.g. if you pick kasumi with the X button her hair is straight, but if yo pick her with Circle her hair is Braided!! This also works with other Characters although the effects are not as noticeable)


The higher your age is set to in the others section of the options menu depends on how jubbly the women are!. Set it to 99 for most jubbliness.

if their is any Queries please E-mail me at [email protected]

Get BaymanIn story mode, finish the game with al..

Get Bayman

In story mode, finish the game with all the characters.

Play as Tengu:To unlock Tengu in all modes excep..

Play as Tengu:

To unlock Tengu in all modes except story mode - Collect 10 stars in survival mode.

Play as Bayman:

To unlock Bayman in all modes except story mode - Finish story mode with characters on the easy difficulty setting

Or you can finish story mode 30 times with any combo of characters.

Receiving more clothes than the 3rd issimple.Jus..

Receiving more clothes than the 3rd is

simple.Just complete the game with the

carachter you want clothes with in this


1 time:3rd costume

2 times:4rth costume

3 times:5th costume

And so on.However, this pattern doesn't

always work.

Also note that when you have

completed the game once to receive the

third costume,you must complete it 2 more times to receive the 4rth(and 3

more times to receive the 5th.)

About the exeptions:For Tinas 6th costume,Complete the game 4 times with

Bass when he got 4 costumes.

There are other characters who need someone related to them to complete the game to receive costumes.

Zack will need to get 500000 points (I think it was one less zero) in survival mode to get his second alien costume.

Others will need to Co-operate in tag battle.There's one ore thing...Those exeptions may not be right.

Cause I've seen that every time I mysticly received a new outfit,I've been playing for then hours.So you might get these costumes by playing 10,20,30,40,50 and up to 100 hours.

Good luck!

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