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Devil May Cry Cheats

Cheats and Tips for Devil May Cry

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We have a collection of cheats that includes how to beat the dragon and unlock Dante Must Die mode. We also have a code that unlocks everything.

More Devil May Cry Cheats and Tips

We have 13 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Devil May Cry please send them in here.

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Easy modeSuccessfully complete missions 1, 2, or..

Easy mode

Successfully complete missions 1, 2, or 3 while using at least one continue. At the start of the next mission, there will be an option to change the game to easy mode. Note: Once easy mode is activated you cannot return to normal mode.

Hard mode

Successfully complete the game once to unlock Hard mode.

Legendary Dark Night mode

Successfully complete Hard mode to unlock Legendary Dark Night mode.

Dante Must Die mode

Successfully complete Legendary Dark Night mode to unlock Dante Must Die mode.

Super Dante mode

Successfully complete Dante Must Die mode to unlock Super Dante mode. In th..

Unlock All-Star Group PicOn every mission, get a..

Unlock All-Star Group Pic

On every mission, get a rank of S.

Unlock Dante Must Die Mode

Beating the game on the Legendary Dark Knight Mode will unlock this mode.

Unlock Easy Difficulty

Easy Mode will unlock if you use an excessive amount of continues in the first few levels of the game. Basically, the more you suck, the greater your chances of unlocking the Easy Difficulty setting.

Unlock Hard Difficulty Setting

Beating the game one time will unlock this setting.

Unlock Legendary Dark Knight Mode

Beating the game on ..

Super sparda devil:to get this ability you must ..

Super sparda devil:

to get this ability you must be in the 22 or 23 other words the misson were u fight mundis the first time. have the Sparda devil arm in use have some devil trigger gauges full and press R1 u will enter a small cutscene and take a chunck of his vitality.

P.S. you'll have to see how it looks like for yourself.

how to beat the dragon

To beat the dragon when he shoots a fireball out of his mouth time it and just before it hits you use your sword to deflect the attack. It will destroy the dragon. Then you must make the light go over to the mirror and yo have to jump across of each stone block in the air and then get the philosiphers stone this may take a while to get the stone because you can only see the blocks when there is lightning.

Quick Guide Part 1Mission 1 - Curse of the blood..

Quick Guide Part 1

Mission 1 - Curse of the bloody puppits

ok at the start you need to climb up to the castle, on your way take this time to practice and pick up the yellow orb, ok when you get to the castle itself you have to find 45 red orbs (they are scattered around the room) along with a blue orb fragment. ok to get all of the red orbs you need to use wall kick to do this jump at a wall with Triangle then hit Triangle again when your on the wall.

Mission 1 part II

while in this room use wall kick to get up onto the plane in the middle of the room to get your second blue orb, any way in the top right hand corner of the room you will find a sort of button slash it till it lights all up ..

Easy 500 Red Orbs

NEEDED:Vortex for Alastor
In mission 4 I believe, the one where phantom chases you down the hall. Start the mission and head down the hall and get to the part where Phantom starts chasing you. As soon as he starts chasing you go into devil trigger and keep using vortex till he leaves. This'll get you 500 red orbs. Save and reset and keep doing it over and over as many times as you want.

Lots of red orbs

To get lots of red orbs that get items and weapon upgrades with all you have to do is get to mission four BLACK NIGHT.
In this mission there is a secret mission after you beat the giant spider.
The secret mission is called PHANTOM BABY II. All you have to do in it is destroy 100 little phantom babys in the time limit without weapons.
But use your weapons so it doesn't count as killing one. You will still get the red orb kill all the phantom babys in the room.
Making sure that you dont kill 100 in the time limit.
Exit the room it will say secret mission failed so go back in and do it again and keep killing them to get the orbs.
But keep failing so you can go back in this can also be done in secret mission Phantom babys but..

On the save game screen there is a bit that says..

On the save game screen there is a bit that says "Dante " and a number... This number goes up once you complete the game (Dante 00 - Dante 01 etc) IF you continue from your last file - if you complete normal difficulty then the game will automatically take you to Mission 1 on hard difficulty and although you lose all your items (Devil Stars, Holy Water etc) and only get 1 Vital Star you also get to keep all your life, Devil Triggers and weapons (if you continued - if not then you start with only the normal stuff)...

So, to get to the point... Try to get everything (all purple orbs and all blue orbs) before about mission 20 because the price goes WAY WAY up on hard mode and... i can..

how to beat nightmare easily

To beat nightmare quickly when he transforms into the big bio-weapon and you can see his heart (a round ball thing) use the holy water and it should take off around a quarter of his health keep doing that and attack him while in devil trigger state.
Hope I helped.

Get Devil may cry 1 Dante

Beat the game in dante must die mode and unlock dant from devil may cry one with a force edge at level 5


Hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and move the left analogue stick until you hear a voice that says "Devil May Cry" in the main menu. This cheat will unlock all bonus modes, all alternate costumes and gallery.

Devil May Cry

How to Get an S Ranking on Every Level:

Mission Time Needed Orbs Needed
1 6:00 400
2 7:00 450
3 3:00 550
4 4:00 550
5 2:00 100
6 3:30 250
7 3:00 650
8 3:00 585
9 8:00 1500
10 4:30 600
11 5:30 1000
12 4:00 700
13 2:30 200
14 5:00 500
15 10:00 1400
16 6:00 1000
17 7:00 600
18 6:00 900
19 3:30 500
20 4:30 700
21 5:00 700
22 5:00 0
23 7:00 600

Points Earned For Secret Missions:
In addition to earning points for Time and enemies killed, you will earn bonus points for completing the game's secret missions. Point values are listed below:
Critical Hit: 200
Phantom Baby: 100
Phantom Baby 2: 100..

Devil may cry

How can I defeat the dragon with dante and alastor?

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