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Final Fantasy X-2 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Final Fantasy X-2

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We have a large collection of cheats that includes leveling without doing anything, special dressphere locations and unlocking New Game+. We'll also tell you how you get Tidus in Blitzball.

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We have 62 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Final Fantasy X-2 please send them in here.

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These are accessed between and during battle via Garment Grids. Each Dressphere has 16 different abilities uique to that particular Dressphere. Not ALL the abilities of the Dressphere are available when you get it and must either be learned or another item must be found.
Gunner Dressphere:
You start the game with it.
Thief Dressphere:
You start the game with it.
Warrior Dressphere:
You start the game with it.
Songstress Dressphere:
You start the game with it.
Black Mage Dressphere:
You get the this Dressphere on the bridge of the Celsius when you have completed the mission 'Outrun the Leblanc Syndicate' during Chapter 1.
Gun Mage Dressphere:
You get this Dressphere by completing one of the fol..

Some helpful things

Here is a small list of stuff on Final Fantasy X-2. We have loads more in our user submitted and hints sections for this game.
Hp, Mp and Gil of the Aeons
Bahamut- Hp:8400 - Mp:999 - Gil:1000
Valefor - Hp:8430 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1200
Ifrit- Hp:8829 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1300
Ixion- Hp:12380 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1800
Shiva- Hp:14800 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000
Yojimbo- Hp:22000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1500
Mindy- Hp:9788 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Sandy- Hp:10330 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Cindy- Hp:12240 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Anima- Hp:36000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000

In game reset
Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game ..

In-game reset

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

cat nip

This will only work if you have completed the bevelle part of chapter 5.
Go back to the New Yeavon headquaters where the Kinderguardians have discovered a secret passage way to a feind infested underground complex. (WARNING EVERY 20 CLOISTERS YOU WILL HAVE TO FIGHT A BOSS). You will get a scene when you teleport down into the complex when the scene has ended you can pick up Crimson sphere 6 which will only be a few steps away lying on the floor.(WARNING THE CHARM BANGLE WHICH PREVENTS RANDOM BATTLES WILL BE DISABLED IN VIA INFINITO).The teleporter platforms are not only used to teleport your party from one floor to another it also heals your party, to save teleport back up to the surface and then return to the last explored cloister.

Missing 100% Since Start of Game

Ok. Have you ever got mad because you have did everything but still have 98%? Well I know why. At the Start of the Game, when you are Rikku catching up to Paine and chasing down Leblanc, you know the turns in the path that are filled with crates? They are not for decoration. In one of the paths full of crates, you will find a moogle mascot (really Yuna!) hiding for cover. Go up to "Yuna" and you will recover any lost HP and MP that you lost, plus it will increase your percent in the storyline percent complete, and you will find a twist to the mission when you are Yuna and you get to hand out the ballons in Chapter 1.

Skipping Scenes

-You do know by skipping those extra scenes you cannot get 100% completion......or so I have heard.

Become Extremely Powerful

You need to reach cloister 40 in via infinito which is in bevelle. Once you reach this you will fight an elemental monster which has around 10 thousand hp (its very easy). Once you kill it you will receive an item called 'cat nip' which doesnt sound very good BUT BELIEVE ME if you use it correctly you will beat any boss in the game no problem. With the cat nip equipped, all of your attacks will inflict 9999 damage BUT it will only do this if your hp is below two thirds (hp turns yellow). I had my gunner on trigger happy level 3 so I was inflicting around 13 x 9999 in one round! For the best results I would equip accessories that boost your hp so that you still have around 2000 hp when it turns yellow just incase your fighting a big boss. I killed that creature in bikanel desert with this..

Paine's Special dressphere

Everyone keeps asking the same thing over and over about Paine's special dressphere so here it is. In chapters one or two you will have to go to Malcalania woods. Follow the tree path or the shimmering path until you reach a four way split in the road. Take the top road to the right and find a man named Tromell. Speak to him four times and he will give you the Full Throttle Dressphere.

Infinite gil

Pat of o'kas debt and he will give you a major discount so buy 99 of something then sell it to barkeep for more and repeat it over and over again intil you have a load of cash, simple

Making Money Is Now Easy.

It starts out in Chapter One.
Do the mission at the Macalania Agency to find O'aka XXIII. When you finish the mission, Allow him to come aboard the Airship. You will soon find out that O'aka is in need of 100,000 Gil that you may or may NOT have.
In Chapter Two...Go to Guadosalam, and make your way in to the Inn (closest to the save sphere going down) You will find a man at the front desk. Ask "Do you have data?" He will sell you it for 10,000 Gil. Buy it. He will then give you a hint about who will buy it for alot of money. Go to the guy that sold you the shpere for 10,000 and press Square. He will buy it back for 100,000.
Use the 100,000 to pay off O'aka's dept and buy 99 of everything he has. Then sell it at the Gullstore. Repeat this a few times and end up like..

Special Scene

If you rest in the cabin at least once in every chapter you you are rewarded with a special cutscene with Buddy in the negine room where he explains how he and Brother came across the celcius. This will also boos your completed score.

Alternate Endings

To get the alternate endings follow this states how much the percentage should be for completion before you get the ending.

  • Alternate Endings
  • 0 to 25% = Bad Ending
  • 26 to 50% = OK Ending
  • 51 to 75% = Good Ending
  • 76 to 99% = Great Ending
  • 100% = Perfect Ending

Secret scene for perfect ending

NOTE: Read all of writing or will not get the scene.
Get to scene were yuna falls in hole after deafeting ixion in chapter 3. After all the talking any you get the crimson sphers and get to walk around in the for a few second. If you are Contusly pressing x you will be granted with a secret scene. Youll see yuna yell the probally talk again and after that hear a whistle. She will look over see a showdow of tidus and then follow him.if your are continusly pressing x this will work. NOTE:You must do this to get the perfect ending +dont stop pressing x till your sure the scene has ended.

special dressphere locations

Here are the locations and the special abilitie requierments.
Yuna-Flora Fallal
It is on the Djose highroad. You can't miss it in the uniform search mission in chapter 2.
Break hp limit and Break damage limit are only avalible after you get the key items Aurora rain and Twilight Rain in chapter 5.
Rikku-Machina Maw
This Special Dressphere is located in the Bikanek desert. You will not miss it in the water we doing here? Mission in chapter 2.
Break Hp and Break DMG limit after you have collected the key items MAchina Reactor and Machina Booster in chapter 5. This applies to the same abilities of Smasher-l and Smasher-r
Paine-Full Throttle
This dressphere is located in the Macalania Woods in chapter 1 or 2. Go to ..

Full Throttle

Okay this game was not as good as the first but still it's pretty good.
To get 100 percent completion on this then you must get the stradegy guide.
To get Paine's special dress sphere you will have to go to the Makalanian Woods and follow the glitter path to the 4 way intersection when there take the right road at the top and keep going into the back of the place until a scene is triggered.
Yuna will talk to an old friend that you will reconize and when she is done talk to him four more times to get a special Dress Sphere. you will also get a a garmet grid unnering path.
To use the Special Sphere called 'full throtle' you have to change to all the other Dress Spheres on the grid but it's worth it. use the garmet grid unnering path to transform..

How to get Yuna & Rikku

In Chapter 2(middle of Chapter 2)you have to go on the mission to collect LeBlanc's fem-goon's clothing right,so when you go between Mushroom Rock Road & Djose Temple(most likely Djose Temple).
Go south to Djose Highroad and a scene will show 2 fem-goons lost a sphere.
Somewhere in the middle of the road you'll find Yuna's special dress sphere(Floral Fallal).Then you'll fight Ormi,Logos,& a fem-goon.
On the same mission go to Bikanel Desert and talk to Nhadala and tell you there's something wrong in the Oasis.
Go to the Oasis & head to the lake you'll find Rikku's special dress sphere Machina Maw.
Then you have to fight Logos & 2 or 4 fem-goons.

Djose temple fiends

Right now I can't remember the name of the thing but it is a giant dinosaur fossil still half in its rock, any how...
When you are going to Djose temple, in chapter 3 I think, to get rid of the fiends and the aeon that controls them make sure that, if possible, your characters have stone and poison proof abilities, or get one of your characters to use reflect, because this thing won't stop attacking with stone breath and bio/poison

Stats like the good old days

If you were like me in FFX, towards the end of the game you ended up with insanley powerful characters (They each have about 50,000 hp all stats 255 and that sort of thing).
You can do this again but leveling up takes alot longer. There are lso several items you will need to aqquire.
Since you are all so good at this game, I'll tel you how to get a few of them
Enterprise: Break Hp limit, not telling this one
Invincible: Break Damage limit, few the youth league base in kilika through the camera in Ch 1, 3, 5
Iron Duke: Not break anything but doubles Hp and Mp and adds 100 to all stats except luck, which it adds 50. not this one either
Key to success: doubles Hp and Mp +100 luck. Double all (Ap, Exp, gil, items earned, ..

Perfect strategy

Make Paine learn al Beserker abilities, and all Dark Knight abilities, and all warrior abilities.
Then equip her with crystal bangle, and Nactures Lore, which lets you use instinct abilities learned as a beserker.
Also equip her with Pride of the Sword Garment Grid, now she can use Beserker abilities and Warrior abilities.
Finally make her a Dark Knight.

Extra Items

In Chapters 4 and 5 when you are looking for the ten gatekeepers (the little green cactuses), each time you find one you will have to play a shooting game with him. It's a timing have to shoot at exactly the right second to hit him and cost him hp. If you miss, don't worry, you'll get items for hitting the two decoys. (I managed to get an X-potion and a few other helpful items).
Keep in mind that you get a special prize if you win every mini-game with the cactuses, so don't waste too much ammo on the items. If you do waste all your ammo...don't worry, the cactus will still come with you whether you win or lose, and its an easy way to get great items.

Element eaters

You know, if you have those element eater garmet grids likeThunder spawn or Menace of the beast and you go to fight the aeons it will give you health instaed of damage.

Fight angry Mayinu in chapter 1

To fight angry Mayinu you must first go to Bikenal desert and follow Rikku until you pass out then talk to Nhadala and then after you leave and come back go dig in the western exspance aqnd wait until an unidentified object approches when you get close enough it will be angry Mayinu.

Avoiding the fiend with tentacles

There will be a time when you go to the youth league HQ on mushroom rock road wherein some youth league will say that 'pls follow us and we'll clear out the fiends' (or something like that) there will be a big fiend that looks like a big rose bud with 'tentacles' (sorry, I forgot its name) the youth league will say be careful and walk slowly. but you still go forward and Yuna's running.
Now here's the hint:
if you want to fight that fiend and level up, then fight it. if you don't want to fight it and you want to go to the hq, press and hold the L3 button and GENTLY rotate it the desired direction. and that's it! you'll see Yuna walking.
Hope this helps...!

Easy money and megalixers in bikenal island

Make sure rikku or someone else has pilfer gil and master theif or sticky fingers. When you go to a dig on the first place I think there is a super hard monster .the way to tell if he is coming is the guy says unidentifyed object approching.he will be displayed as a red arrow.when you get in a battle with him use pilfer gil and sticky fingers/master thief.u will get at least 1000 gil and a megalixer I think every time.

Hope I helped.

Good combinations of dresssphere

Yuna-moggle,paine-dark knight,rikku-gunner.

How to climb

If you want to climb,press the O button.

Defeat Angry Mainyu

Before proceeding save your game.Next,make sure you have 99 potions and Hi-potions.Have all 3 characters up to level 80 at least.Equip one person as a Alchemist,another as a Berserker, and another as a Dark Knight.It dosen't matter which garment grid you use as long as it boosts speed.For accesories,have Yuna,Rikku,or Paine with ribbons and accesories that raise HP.When you go to battle it,have the Alchemist mix a star,light or lunar curtain to make a "wall" or
"mighty guard".For the rest of the battle have the Alchemist mix a potion and Hi-potion to get a mega-potion to use every time.Tha Dark Knight should always use "Darkness" every time.And for the Berserker, attack Angry Mainyu every time.Don't worry about the fiends one the side,the dark knight takes care of them.

Alchemist mixing list

Here are some item combinations:
Petrify grenade + dark grenade = blaster mine
Bomb fragment + bome core = firestorm
Silence grenade + sleep grenade = blaster mine
Fire gem + ice gem = cluster bomb
Arctic wind + ice gem = winter storm
Lighting marble + lighting gem = llighting bolt
Shadow gem + electro marble = nega burst
Elictro marble + lighting marble = roling thunder
Fire gem + antarctic wind = cluster bomb
Petrify grenade + bomb fragment = brimstone
Bomb core + fire gem = burning soul
Ant arctic wind + arctic wind = ice fall
Ice gem + +electro marble = winter storm
Fish scale + dragon scale = flash flood
Water gem + shadow gem = tidal wave
Shining gem + sleep gem = cluster bomb
Silver hourglass + go..

obtianing the outfit on mt,Gagazat without fighting& see Y,R,P i

To obtain a goons outfit without fighting one of lablanc's goons climb to the about the next area of mt,gagazat and enter to a cave to your left that will trigger a Cut scene easy as that.

Take Down Every Boss!!!

When in chapter 5, go to bevelle and into a cave called Via Infinito, which you can get into by a portal in a room in the temple. On floor 40 after the bossbattle, you get an accessory called Cat Nip, which have an effect that when HP is yellow, all hits and all healings do 9999! If you combine this with the gunner jobs trigger happy, you can kill almost every boss in a few rounds!

hints for the game

When your at kilika island go and talk to the man with the video camera. He is on the right hand side of the residential area when you are told reply okay thanks to get a look through the camera lens.The conversation with the camera guy is a prerequisite for entering the youth legue in chapter 5 of the game.
I hope you all find this tip useful

a camera man in kilika

In Kilika island in the residential area you will see a man with a video camera. Talk to him and when you get told to say okay thanks to look through the lens of the camera this conversation is a early way to get into the youth league HQ in chapter 5 of the game.
Hope this helps Smile

Increasing your total completion score

When you arrive at Guadosalam for the first time. You will get another informative voice over from Yuna. Which will increase your completed score.
From the starting point in Guadosalam, head up the narrow bridge at the top of the cave. Yuna will reminisce about her past experiancecs on the farplane and your completed score will be futher boosted.
When you arrive in bevelle, you will be treated to another of Yuna's voice over's, which will boost your completed score. Go to the gate located between Bevelle,Central and New yevon Headquaters. A scene with Baralai will follow which will also boost your completed..

More coins for Sphere Break!

Can't find any coins for Sphere Break?
Go to the Bikanel Desert and dig in the following places..
~Western Expanse.
~Southern Expanse.
~Northern Expanse.
~Eastern Expanse.
There are lots of coins there, and you might find different treasures !

leveling without doing anything

Buy a time controller from a site. This isn't very expensive, I got mine very cheap and it works fine. What you need to do is to put the time controller on record. Now, fight a monster(any monster'll do). Finish the battle and get the XP, then put on rewind. You may think that this will just make everything return to normal, but it doesn't! Appereantly, there is a little "miss happ" in the game code that can't detect infinite loops, which makes you gain as much as XP as you want without having to do anything at all! Neat trick, isn't it?

Get paynes special dressphere, FULL THROTTLE!!!

first you have to stay in chapter 1 or your screwed :( after you fnish the sphere mission with leblanc the one when your on time lmit go to macalania woods and look for tromell till he gives you the sphere

hope i helped-the awesome cookie monster
p.s. add me if u know about ffx and now how to help me get anima and the magus sisters please i need them thank you!!

Treasures on the Treasure Shere

After obtaining the treasure shere in the cave at Besaid.
Take it back to the Celsius and look at it again.
If you look closely at the cliff when the movie begins you'll see a treasure chest at the edge.
Also it looks like there might be another sphere behind the waterfall, unfortunatally I've not quite figured out how to get either of them.
At the end of the movie it shows where another chest is; right below the bridge in front of the waterfall:
To get it go stand between the wall of the cliff and the back of the bridge and run while holding O.
The chest contains a Moon Bracer which generates the Shell effect constantly, it's not very rare.

Easy AP in chapter

I am sure you all have hit the problem that you can't seem to get enough AP to learn all the techineques in a dress sphere quickly so this what you do in chapter 5 go and get the item that doubles everything.
( found in Tobli's home in Guadosalam )
Then go to Luca and play Blitzball. You will notice an item that can be won in a tournament called the AP egg.
Get the egg equip it and the doubler ting to a charachter and watch the AP go ( use the lady luck dress spheres for even more AP.


Blitzball is your friend
The first time I played in chapter 5 i didn't play blitzball because I thought it was boring, but it is NOT I played and got really cool items like the AP egg (AP x3) and the Crystal Bangle (HP x2) and a whole bunch of other things.


When you are versing the Vegnagun with three nodes in the battle make sure you have a person with a long range job (Gunner is the best one) and take out all of the nodes.
Once you have done so defeat Vegnagun and at the end of the battle you will receive three Hero Drinks these will make one character immune to HP and MP damage, all status effects and basically everything else in the game!.
You also get another one of of Shuyin I think you have to steal it off of him so make sure someone in your party has learned Sticky Fingers or Master Thief, Sticky Fingers always steals one item and Master Thief always steals one rare item.

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