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Dynasty Warriors 5 Cheats for PlayStation 2

Cheats and Tips for Dynasty Warriors 5


We have 26 cheats and tips on PlayStation 2. If you have any cheats or tips for Dynasty Warriors 5 please send them in here. We also have cheats for this game on : Xbox

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Dynasty Warriors 5 cheats

All Wu Generals:
At the 'Title' screen hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Up, Down, Down, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, Up, Down, Square, Circle, X. Correct code enry is confirmed by the sound of a sword.
Wind Scroll:
Kill Cao Ren in 5 minutes on Battle of He Fei Castle, Wu side.
Way of Musou:
Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, Shu Forces. Defeat Xiahou Yuan and Zhang He within 5 minutes before Cao Cao appears.
Tribal Remedy:
Select Wei forces in the battle of He Fei Castle, then defeat Jiang Qin, Pan Zhong, Sun Shao, and then destroy the rams.
Fire Arrow:
Battle of Ji Province-Yuan Shao's Forces: after defeating Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang, go and defeat Pei Yuan Shao
Art of War:
Battle of Chi Bi-Cao Cao Forces: Defec..

Dynasty Warriors 5 Cheats

Unlock Characters
Cao Cao:
Complete any 4 Wei Musou modes

Cao Ren:
Complete Cao Pi Musou mode

Da Qiao:
Complete Sun Ce musou mode

Diao Chan:
Complete Lu Bu Musou mode

Dong Zhuo:
Complete Diao Chan Musou mode

Gan Ning:
Complete Ling Tong Musou mode

Guan Ping:
Complete Guan Yu Musou mode

Huang Gai:
Complete any 3 Wu Musou modes

Jiang Wei:
Complete any 2 Shu musou modes

Liu Bei:
Complete any 4 Shu Musou modes

Lu Bu:
Complete 1 Wei, 1 Shu, and 1 Wu Musou modes

Lu Meng:
Complete any 2 Wu Musou modes

Meng Huo:
Complete Zhuge Liang and Lu Xun's Musous

Pang De:

Unlock orbs and harnesses

During hard mode only
Fire Orb Battle of Shi Shui Gate-Allied forces: Defeat 200 enemies within 2 minutes.

Ice Orb Battle of Guan Du-Yuan Shao's forces: Defeat Cao Pi with 4 minutes after the stage starts.

Light Orb Battle of Wu Zhang Plains-Shu forces: Defeat Cao Ren, Zhen Ji, and Xu Zhu within 5 minutes after the stage starts.
Shadow Orb Battle of Wu Zhang Plains-Wei forces: Defeat Jiang Wei while Zhuge Liang is still alive.
Elephant Harness Battle of Nan Zhong-Nanman forces: Do not allow the enemy into the main camp. Rescue Wu Tugu, King Duosi, and King Mulu.
Hex Mark Harness Battle of Cheng Du-Liu Bei's forces: Defeat Zhang Ren within 1 minute after he appears with his ambush troops.
Shadow Harness Batt..

storm harness

Battle of guan du cao cao's forces defeat yan liang and wen chou within 5 minutes as soon us the stage starts

Red hare harness

To unlock red hare harness during the Battle of Chang Shan-Yuan Shao's forces: After defeating Lui Bei, Guan Yu, or Zhang Fei, defeat the remaining 2 within 1 minute.

Extra characters

Extra characters
Pang De complete Ma Chao musou mode
Cao Ren complete Cao Pi musou mode
Sima Yi complete any 1 Wei musou mode
Xiahou Yaun complete Xiahou Dun's musou mode
Zhang He complete any 2 Wei musou modes
Xu Huang complete any 3 Wei musou modes
Cao Cao complete any 4 Wei musou modes
Guan Ping complete Guan Yu musou mode
Wei Yan complete Huang Zhong musou mode
Yue Ying complete Zhuge Liang musou mode
Zhuge Liang complete any 1 Shu musou mode
Jiang Wei complete any 2 Shu musou modes
Pang Tong complete any 3 Shu musou modes
Liu Bei complete any 4 Shu musou mod..


Cao Cao's fourth weapon
Play the Battle Of Xia Pi on the hard difficulty setting. Defeat Gao Shun before you get the message that he is guarding the dam. You can get the message that he has begun guarding the dam, but you must defeat him quickly after that.
Then, just defeat Zhang Liao. The precious item box will show up outside the castle just outside the south gate. Because defeating Gao Shun makes the castle be flooded, you must to go in the castle from the north gate and go through to the south gate. Then, just attack Lu Bu. You do not need to defeat him; if you do not defeat him fast enough, he will get bored and run, then and his troops will turn on him and capture him, making you win the stage all the same.
Cao Pi's fourth weapon
Play the Battle O..

Two cheats

Enter at the title screen
All Wu generals:
Correct code entry will be confirmed by the sound of a sword.
Unlock game art:
(may not work on the EU version of the game, sorry)

unlock lubu

To get lubu beat a story from each group.

Tip on Xiao Qiao's 4th Weapon

First Xiao qiao weapon is at the battle of Jing Province
Hard Mode
Best Items for this mission ARE:
Dragon, tortoise, tiger, peacock amulets, way of musou, red hare harness (A MUST), Ice Orb.
The trick is to defeat Cai Mao and Lu Gong before Sun Jian gets Ambushed.
Ignore any other persons way of getting it cause this IS the best way. First you should not go up to either Cai Mao or Lu Gong if you do this that way you'll eventually fail.
The easiest way is when the level starts immediately rush up to Huang Zu, when you are going up to him there should be at least several messages before he challenges Sun Jian by the time he challenges Sun Jian You shoul be at least 3/4ths of the way there (if you have the red hare harness; if you don't have then ..

Elephant harness

One of the only items not mentioned on here is the elephant harness
Here is how to get it.
Battle of nan zhong on nanman forces
1.prevent enemies entering you're main camp (get a body guard 2 hold out there.)
2.Kill bo zhang, zhang liang and zhang bao before your officer near them dies
(basically rescue them, but you can do this before they use their magic)
3.Capture both neutral bases.
If you think uve done something wrong, just keep on going.
It appers on the poison marsh
If you don't think it appears then check the battle log.
Glad 2 help
Happy gAMING

Recently, a dynasty fan asked this question.....

The question was," How do I get too the [Battle of Tian Shui]; the answer is play on hard (thats what I truly believe hard mode) mode and play every last level,on the level descrpition page. Important. PLAY ON MUSOSO MODE. (Please excuse my spelling). However, you should indeed play with the stragist of Shu, Zhuge Liang.
Hope that helps you out,

Master of Cheats

How to Unlock the 4th Weapon (Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires)

1. The 4th Weapon can only be unlocked in Empire Mode.
2. Just upgrade the Blacksmith skill in the weapon you are using to level 4.
3. Then go to a stage and get 500 kills and you will get the 4th level weapon after you finish the stage. This is a easy setup for anyone that want to get the 4th weapon:
1. Get the strategy police: EXTEND TIME (will extend the time limit by 10 minutes)
2. Go to a stage (Empire Mode) with lots of Officers that have lots of troops.
3. Send all your allies to defend your main camp.
4. Do not capture any enemy officer or enemy base. Now just keep killing the enemies until you have 500 kills.

Orbs ( easier ways to get them)

Orbs they are hard to get.
To get them the difficulty must be on Hard mode.
I say be on a horse to get the time limit orb challenges.
Ice- At the Battle Of Guan Du. Yuan Shao's forces. Be your stongest and fastest character be on a horse and go straight to Cao Pi.
Fire- Battle of Si Shui Gate. Allies forces. Kill 200 enemies in 2 mins ( Be on a horse goto an area where enemies are mostly at and destroy them all!!!)
Light- Wu Zhange Plains. Shu forces. Kill Zhen ji , Cao Ren, and Xu Zhu. ( Yet again be on a horse)
Shadow- Wu Zhang Plains. Wei forces. ( I havent gotten this one yet it's very hard) Be on a horse and be prepared.

Unlimited Musou Rage

While playing, press Right, Right, Down, Left, Square, X, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Right, Left, Down, Up, Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Right, Right.

How to get the 4th Level Weapons

1. Just upgrade the Blacksmith skill in the weapon you are using to level 4.
2. Then go to a stage and get 500 kills and you will get the 4th level weapon after you finish the stage.

Easy way to get 500 Kills

This is a easy setup for anyone that want to get the 4th weapon:
1. Get the strategy police: EXTEND TIME (will extend the time limit by 10 minutes)
2. Go to a stage with lots of Officers that have lots of troops.
3. Send all your allies to defend your main camp.
4. Do not capture any enemy officer or enemy base. Now just keep killing the enemies until you have 500 kills.

An easy way to get better is go to the battle of..

An easy way to get better is go to the battle of Hei Fei castle on hard difficulty and fight through it and I think it is easy because you get a wide selection of attack and deffense

Teamate Enemy ON the the battle of Tian Shui sh..

Teamate Enemy
ON the the battle of Tian Shui shu forces, any difficulty go directly to Jiang Wei and he should be sparkling. Then start fighting him and soon he will start saying stuff and his name is highlighted in blue. Last, when he finishes that phrasehe will begin a new one with his name in red. Weird Huh?

Most Efficient Power-Up Level

Guan Yu's escape, on Guan Yu's team. Normal setting.
If you do this, then you receive level 4 of every item you receive from a general (defense or attack), except for life +10, which you receive from Xiahou Dun. There is also a musou +10 before the third gate in one of the pots on the right hand side of it, and in the many boxes are many weapons and items of varying greatness as you keep doing the level. (If you combo the generals for 23 hits or more when they're dead. Then the items will be level 8 rather than level 4.)
Also, by virtue of it being Guan Yu's escape, the level is fairly swift and so you power up much quicker.
You can do the level on hard and receive level 8 items from the generals even if you do not combo them, I believe the musou and life..

To get your character's experience,attack,defenc..

To get your character's experience,attack,defence,life and mosou bar higher just play on the free mode and do as many battles as possible.

Some cool cheats.

If no one knows how to get the Hex Harness and the Red hare harness then you better read this. Redhare Harness- I forgot the level but heres who you have to be to get the level you must be LuBu to get the level. To get the harness you must kill Zhange Fei Guan Yu and Liu Bei in a certaint amount of time.
Hex Harness- On the level where you take over shu ( where pang tong is ambushed and killed) Be pang tong then go through the forest and you will be in an ambush as fast as you can kill the leader of the ambush and boom the box willl appear in the level.
Ice Orb - If you want to get the ice orb you must goto the level Battle of Guan Du ( or something) be on yan shao's forces as fast as you can kill Cao Pi ( probobly 5 mins from when you start). Just some cheats. Sub..

zou ci

To get zou ci's best weapon simply kill lu bu on hard, if you do find it hard simple get his 3rd weapon in light or medium with good attriutes like health and atk buy 10 and so on, then get a mousy range and go a head and kill him you may lose life so run away and find some.

Help on 4th weapons

FIRST don't expect me to give the actual ways to get 4th weapons-use the one already on here.
NEXT I havent got every 4th wep(but I nearly do)i just tell you the easy ways to do this.
Lets start with one of the toughest.
May seem hard it is but it can be much easier.
1. Take you're time! Deng ai don't appear until someone from you're team goes through a enemy supply base, so you can try to wipe out the south area of enemies. 2. Interim save. Use this at the right time as you only have 1 on hard mode.
This saves LOADS of time trust me I did it.
3. 2 player helps to stop deng ai legging it coz it does.
Kill zhang he first coz when you kill xiahao yuan cao cao appears fast.
1 player i..

Easy kills

Go to Bai Die Castle and go to one of the points that you can't walk in and men keep coming it's so tight I got 1559 kills.

Get orbs and harnesses

To get the orbs and harnesses you to do certain things in missions, like kill people within so many minutes.

Submitted by: Darth Jez

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